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Weighing the contenders in the mix for Kevin Love


The NBA blogosphere is buzzing with stories about Kevin Love. As Yahoo reported yesterday, the Celtics have a legit shot at trading for the Wolves power forward.

ESPN is reporting that Love likes the Warriors and Bulls. The Suns, Lakers and Knicks (never happening) have also been mentioned.

Let’s get a sense of what bloggers are thinking about their team’s chances at landing Love.

Lakers – Silver Screen and Roll:

In terms of how this relates to the Lakers, with limited assets other than what could be a middling lottery pick pending the results of Tuesday’s lottery, it ‘s hard to see how general manager Mitch Kupchak could assemble the most attractive trade package for Love out of these rumored suitors. Even if they are making their lottery pick available in an offer for Love it would still appear as though the only way that he could end up in Los Angeles via trade is if he makes it clear that he will not re-sign anywhere else and scares off other suitors.

Bulls – Blog a Bull:

Where the Bulls fit in is more on the ‘quantity’ side of a package to entice the Wolves than the potential quality that a top-5 pick in this draft would produce. The Bulls have picks #16 and #19, plus future non-lottery obligations from Sacramento and Cleveland.

If the availability was equal, pursuing Kevin Love is better option for the Bulls than Carmelo Anthony. Love is a better player, younger, would command a lower salary, and plays a position the Bulls can deal from (i.e., losing Taj Gibson isn’t a big issue if Love is the return). I don’t think Minnesota is at the point yet where they’d consider what the Bulls can offer, if they’re looking at all right now it’s probably for a top pick in this draft. But these reports are a step forward, if a small one.

Suns – Bright side of the Sun:

The Wolves likely won’t want anyone who could leave in a year, and probably don’t want Bledsoe either because they have Rubio up for a contract in a year. Acquiring Bledsoe could make Rubio leave too, which would be double-disaster.

Let’s just say the Wolves are ready to rebuild, and would take (for grins) the Morrii and their three best first round picks between the 2014 and 2015 drafts. That would leave the Suns with a cupboard of youth down to just Alex Len, Archie Goodwin and their own late first rounders in the coming years.

Not devastating to the Suns if Love leaves them in a year, but that package is still pretty light for a player of Love’s talent.

I just don’t see the Wolves taking two bench players (the Morrii) and three #1 picks with only one of them (the Lakers’ in 2015) likely higher than #14.

ESPN throws out Harrison Barnes and David Lee as potential trade bait in a deal for Love. I didn’t find much reaction on Warriors’ team blogs. I’m not even bothering with the Knicks bloggers.

The bottom line in the Love sweepstakes: Danny Ainge can just about outbid any team.

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  • bill_nair

    I’d like to see him on the Bulls. Milotic, Gibson both firsts this year and future picks is probably the second best package behind what we can offer.

  • LA Flake

    I can’t see Love wanting to join us. He’ll be following the footsteps of KG, coming here from ‘Sota, being named Kevin, being a PF, etc, etc. KG changed the culture of this franchise and helped us raise a banner. Would KLove be willing to follow in his footsteps? You can bet he’ll bitch and moan each day someone brings up the comparison. Not sure if I want that.

    • Curt Hays

      Kevin McHale, Kevin Garnett, Kevin Bird, Kevin Pierce, Kevin Russell, Kevin Auerbach, Kevin Cousy. It seems like there were a lot of them.

      I still say that the Kevins would be the best team of all time. Might as well bring them all here.

      • pierce Hart

        Who’s Kevin McHale, heard of the others not him?!?

        • Curt Hays

          He is a coach. That’s all I know.

          • pierce Hart

            Really, must be some nobody of a coach

          • Curt Hays


  • CFH

    Nothing to do with this, but I love that Suns fans/media call the Morris twins the Morrii.

    It’s funny how much overlap there is between potential buyers in the 07 Kevin Garnett sweepstakes and the 14 Kevin Love sweepstakes. It makes you feel like history could repeat, which is ridiculous/dangerous considering what a freak occurrence that 07-08 Celtics team was.

  • Brad

    The only way Love doesn’t end up in Boston is if the Celtics don’t want him (for reasons related to him signing a long term deal). The only advantage either of those teams have is LA can afford to play the home team card & entice him away from others.

    • WardenOfTheNorth

      the Warriors are a legitimate threat in the West. Love would put them into Spurs-status for contention. When healthy, the Bulls are the 3-4 seed in the East. Pair Love and Noah with a healthy D Rose (wishful thinking), they could be a 1-2 seed.

      The Lakers and Celtics, though they have some pieces in place, are no different than the T-Wolves right now. All three teams are in the rebuilding phase. Difference is, T-Wolves have been using that excuse ever since KG left. There’s no need to address the reasons why someone would rather live in LA over Boston but he is from the Southern Cal region and I imagine he grew up rooting for the Lakers and the idea to play for them is probably a “dream come true” for him.

      I think the only way Love ends up in Boston is if Danny can bring in another piece, prior to negotiating with the T-Wolves (similar to trading for Ray Allen which lured in KG). If the C’s can make a splash and bring in a true shooter/scorer (wing player), I think it would put them on the list of teams that Love would consider. I don’t think the idea of playing with Rondo and a bunch of 2nd-3rd year players is enough to persuade Love to sign on long term. It’s too similar to his current situation.

  • Fitzy

    For me the only drawback is that I think Minnesota will want the 2018 brooklyn pick. I’m fairly certain that will be a lottery pick. Does anyone know if we could add protection on that pick? or is it via original trade conditions.

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