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Your Morning Dump…Where combine prospects have good things to say


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump. 

Noah Vonleh:

[The Boston interview] went pretty well. It was real quick and brief. They told me they want me to come in for a workout and they’ve been watching me since high school. I’ve been watching Boston growing up [in Haverhill]. I’ve lived in Boston my whole life. It would be great to play back at home in a great organization. They’re not a championship team right now, but they’ve had a lot of championships raised over the years. [Stevens is] a great coach. I watched him when he was at Butler. Now he’s at the Celtics. I think I would fit pretty well into his system.”

Aaron Gordon:

“The [Celtics] just asked about my personal life. They pushed away basketball, then brought basketball back and asked questions about just certain aspects of my life. I got a really good vibe from the Celtics. They seem really family-oriented. They seemed like really good people that have my best interest at heart. I got a good vibe from them. We talked about [Gordon’s position]. We just went over my strengths and my weaknesses. We talked about what I can bring to the game every single night. Nothing too unusual [for questions]. It was pretty straight forward. It’s not like it was uptight. It was very light. It was relaxed. People were smiling. I got one question [from another team] about how many pennies were in $1 million dollars. I got it right in 22 seconds. They timed me. I made a joke to stall it so I could think a little bit more and I came back and answered it correctly.”

Nik Stauskas:

My interview with [the Celtics] was actually very short, but it was all positive. I lived in Boston the last few years of high school [while attending St. Mark’s in Southborough, Massachusetts] and Danny Ainge was telling me he actually saw me play a few times in high school and AAU because I played against his son [Cooper]. So he’s seen me for a while. And Brad Stevens is obviously a great coach. He’s also very close to my assistant coach at Michigan, LaVall Jordan — they were at Butler together. [The Celtics] just had a lot of good things to say about me … they questioned my defensive ability, that’s kinda been the main thing with every team.

Julius Randle:

[The interview with Boston] went well, just getting to know those guys, their coach, and it just went well. The Celtics have a lot of tradition, and it was just an honor to be talking to those guys. A lot of teams are just trying to get to know me as a person. They’ve heard a lot of good things, as far as my character and things like that, and they obviously know me as a player and what I have the potential to be. They just want to get to know me and my family as well. The Celtics are a young team, [Stevens] is able to relate to young guys and he kinda knows the adjustment, because he’s making that adjustment as well, making that jump from college to pros.”

Draft hopefuls give glimpse of C’s interviews

Nice to hear everyone’s getting good vibes from their combine interviews with the C’s. Unfortunately these are all guys we likely wouldn’t be drafting ’til the five-spot or later. Still, if we do miss out on a top-four pick , it’s good to know they’d be interested in playing here. Say we did land at the five-spot, and Wiggins, Parker, Embiid and Exum were gone, who’d you take? Getting a wing scorer would be best in my opinion, but Ainge already hinted towards drafting the best available talent. In all likelihood, that’d be a power forward (Vonleh, Gordon, and Randle). Gordon fits into the tweener category of being a PF or a big SF, but he’s indicated interest in guarding the league’s best small forwards. Personally, I’d probably take a chance on him and hope Ron Adams can work on his shot this summer (like he did with Rondo). Not to mention, his 39-inch vertical at the combine was the third best all time for a power forward/center. Who’d you take?


On Page 2, the C’s passed on Birdman ’cause of his tattoos and mohawk

For instance, in January 2013, the Celtics were in the process of making one final run with Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. Only they desperately needed another big man. A long, athletic rim protector to spell KG and bolster an undersized bench. They needed Chris “Birdman” Andersen, a free agent at the time, and the front office knew that. The only problem was that Birdman has a freaky mohawk and a body covered in freakier tattoos. That didn’t sit well with ownership, and the Celtics passed. Shortly after that, Andersen signed with Miami and neither has looked back.

CSN – Sports perception and reality

This quote comes from a pretty good Rich Levine piece, which he wrote after Aaron Hernandez was indicted on another (double) murder charge this week. Maybe the C’s did miss the boat on signing Birdman last year, but I’m not sure it really made a difference for us either way. Also, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, and a million other NBA players are covered in tattoos, so I’m not sure that would ever be a determining factor in adding a guy who can help you win.

Perhaps Ainge has mohawkaphobia.

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  • LA Flake

    I can definitely see Wyc passing on Birdman because of his looks. But I couldn’t care less about Chris Anderson. What stings the most is when David West was almost here but then slipped through our fingers and landed in Indiana. Now that would’ve been a game-changing move for this franchise.

    • zippittyay

      IMO, Anderson put Miami over the top. not long after they got him they went on that ungodly streak.

      • Curt Hays

        Valid, but they also have Ray.

        Sadly, I believe that Spoelstra’s knowledge of how to use the pieces he has is the reason they are winning so consistently.

    • RedsLoveChild

      We were led to believe that West was a done deal, then suddenly he vanished. Celts pretty much threw in the towel after that.

      Birdman is very disturbing to look at, and we needed a lot more than him to put us over the top.

      • Curt Hays

        We’ve been screaming for a healthy big, rebounder for years. How can Birdman not be a HUGE contributor? He’d have been the icing on the cake two seasons ago. Rondo and Birdman tandem…letting West go was the biggest mistake, but this one is the second biggest.

        • RedsLoveChild

          You serious, Curt???

          Forget the fact the NBA suspended Birdman for 2 years for violating it`s drug policy…forget the fact that he looks like he should be pumping iron, under the hot sun, in the prison workout yard at San Quentin.

          He`s old…Birdman is only 9 months younger than Paul Pierce! Plus, if he was really good…he`d be averaging a lot more than 5 pts./5 boards in his career.

          Chris Andersen was never gonna be the cure-all.

          • Curt Hays

            Don’t go all Donald Sterling on me talking about the relevance of someone’s appearance! 🙂 I’m just picking on you. But seriously, I am a little surprised that his appearance has been relevant to so many people. I personally never really cared about his hair or tattoos. I was embarrassed a little bit by Deshawn Stevenson with his $5 bill tat on his neck and his blonde hair but not when the Mavs won the ship.

            I don’t think he’d have been the cure all, but I think he’d have been the difference between winning and losing the ECF. Based on his performance for Miami, he’d have been MUCH smarter of a choice than Shaq and JO. Also, allow me to restate (because I probably did jump the gun as a result of too much coffee).

            I think he’d have been a huge value for what he’d have cost in addition to actually making a difference for the team.

          • RedsLoveChild

            If you turn back the clock, and Boston signed Andersen the day after Denver waived him in July, 2012…we definitely would still be searching for Banner 18.

            Not being “Sterling, Jr.” here…..Magic Johnson had no say in his skin color. Birdman had 100% say in covering 80% of his body in tats.

          • Curt Hays

            That’s right, it WAS 2012. My bad. I was thinking it was early 2011. Okay, okay. I’m wrong. But for $1.4M, I’m still mad we don’t have him.

            Also, that’s hilarious. You’re totally right about the ‘choice’ — valid point. I was watching the ~2006 dunk contest recently. Andersen had flowing hair and no visible ink. He looked more like Pistol Pete than anything. Such a change.

          • RedsLoveChild

            Andersen`s excessive tats are a serious “cry for attention”.

            For a team to put up with that requires that the player has HOF talent, like Dennis Rodman.

            The Texas Rangers were willing to put up Josh Hamilton`s drug addiction and tats {far less than Birdman has} because he also came with super-star talent.

            Birdman? No super star talent.

          • Curt Hays

            Also, Birdman’s PER this season is higher than anyone on the Celtics…for the record.

  • zippittyay

    22 seconds to come up with 100 million?

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  • Curt Hays

    I didn’t know that Gordon was THAT athletic. Geez. If Ron Adams can make him shoot, he’d be like a Blake Griffin. I’m not opposed to that. Randle worries me that he might not hang with the big guys. He might be a Paul George type player though. Too many CHOICES!