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Stephen A. Smith: “Knicks snubbed a trade that would’ve brought Rajon Rondo to New York”


According to Stephen A. Smith of ESPN, at some point this year, or last year, or whenever, the Knicks “snubbed a trade that would’ve brought Rajon Rondo to New York.”  A little background here: in the story, Stephen A is going off on the Knicks for bumbling the Steve Kerr hiring which leads to several things that their star player, Carmelo Anthony is monitoring.  One of them apparently, along the way, included some vague “snubbed trade” for Rondo.

Performing his due diligence, Anthony is paying attention to everything. Just like he has become more and more educated about what the Bulls, Lakers, Rockets, Clippers and others may have to offer as a future destination, he’s also paying attention to what the Knicks have to offer.

Melo knows the Knicks had a chance at LaMarcus Aldridge and blew it. He knows they snubbed a trade that would’ve brought Rajon Rondo to New York or Kyle Lowry in a separate deal. All year long he sat around, played hard and averaged 27 points per game, while the Knicks stood idly by and did nothing — primarily because Dolan wouldn’t allow them to, telling the team in multiple meetings that the players weren’t going anywhere.

And since he has hired Phil Jackson, who can say matters have gotten better?

There were the rumors earlier that Carmelo was trying to recruit Rondo to the Knicks, which their high school coach vouched for.  Of course, rumors are rumors and you can believe what you want.  But let’s entertain this even for a moment that there was some sort of trade that the Knicks (specifically owner Jim Dolan, as intimated by Stephen A) had decided not to make.  What exactly do the Knicks have that the Celtics would want?  Danny Ainge covets draft picks and friendly contracts at this point in the rebuild and the Knicks have neither.  He has also made no secret that they need rim protection, so perhaps Ainge has an affinity for Tyson Chandler.  But is Chandler, along with maybe Iman Shumpert or Tim Hardaway, Jr. enough for Rondo?  Would you be happy with that?

Sure, as Celtics fans we could all be over valuing Rondo but looking over that Knicks roster, along with the dearth of draft picks, it’s difficult to imagine such a viable scenario.  Keep in mind though, that Stephen A is the first and only one that predicted LeBron James would take his talents to South Beach.  He was also the first to report the crazy-at-the-time rumors of Doc “getting traded” to the Clippers.  Still, I’m skeptical that Ainge is enticed by anything New York has to offer, especially since he’s continually set the bar extremely high on any potential Rondo trade.

Like everything else in the C’s world, it all hinges on that first domino that is the NBA lottery on Tuesday.  Once they know where they’ll be selecting, then Plans A-Z can begin to take shape.

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  • bill_nair

    I call BS. SAS is a Knicks fan so I’m guessing it’s him trying to talk Rondo to NY. They have nothing of value (no picks means Danny has very little interest). I’d much rather see Lin and Asik than two overrated NY sg’s and a center on his last legs.

  • tvor03

    Stephen A. also guaranteed that Kobe would ask for a trade two years ago. He, along with Skip and few others at ESPN, are some of the most intellectually dishonest people in media. They purposefully say controversial things that almost always aren’t true simply to drum up ratings, page hits, readership, whathaveyou. IMO, it’s a disgusting practice.

    And the first premise of the article, that NY fouled up the Kerr hiring, is in itself false. Kerr didn’t want to move east. His whole life and family is on the west coast. NY can’t help that. I don’t like defending the Knicks, but I won’t listen to outright fairy tales spun up by a snakeoil salesman and his partner.

  • Rich Jensen

    I can believe that the Knicks would call about Rondo.

    I can also believe that DA would take the call. And I can believe that DA would’ve put a price on him that not even Billy King would agree to, and the Knicks would’ve said ‘No thanks’…..

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  • frickenWaaaltah

    I wonder when the ‘Rondo to the Knicks’ faction of Knicks fans will realize that Phil Jackson is running the Knicks now? Would Rondo really be the sort of player Phil would prioritize for the triangle? A big feature of the triangle is that it doesn’t need an elite point guard like Rondo.

    Not that he couldn’t play in the triangle. Rondo is a smart guy and fierce competitor and he could succeed in a lot of different systems, but I just doubt Phil is willing to pay a premium to get him as it wouldn’t make much sense to do that, given the features of his preferred system.

    Phil will want shooting range and/or height + on ball defense. A handle enough to bring the ball up is fine. The sort of smart and sound passing and decision making the triangle needs from its point guard is the same smart and sound passing and decision making it needs at every position. So there should be a bunch of bargain players to go after, all those ‘short 2 guards’ a lot of teams struggle to integrate well into their rotations.

    Hmm actually, I wonder if he’ll go after Avery Bradley? Also Jameer Nelson might get waived by Orlando; his ~8 mil isn’t fully guaranteed. The Magic can waive him by mid July and only pay him 2 mil.

  • RedsLoveChild

    The vagueness of this remark “screams out” that Screamin` A. Smith pulled this one right out of his ass.

    Where are the details? Suddenly this blow-hard is too shy to reveal who Boston was to get in return for Rondo?!?

    • Rich Jensen

      He didn’t give any details because his source didn’t have any details, and that’s because his source only knows that the Knicks called about Rondo—because of course they called about Rondo. I bet half the league called about Rondo.

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