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Should the Celtics be in the mix for Greg Monroe?


With Stan Van Gundy calling the shots now in Detroit, there’s speculation that he’ll try to move restricted free-agent Greg Monroe. The 6-11 Monroe, who averaged 15 and 9 last season, will likely seek a max deal.

Sean Devaney of The Sporting News thinks Charlotte, New Orleans and the Lakers will have interest:

“If anyone is going to find a max deal for Monroe, it is David,” the GM said. “They will be aggressive and try to find something in the early stage of free agency. Remember, he was the agent for a guy who is now a team owner. It’s just a matter of whether the Pistons can get something back.”

That would be Michael Jordan, owner of the soon-to-be Charlotte Hornets. It’s possible that Charlotte will create enough cap space in the offseason to make a max offer to Monroe and pair him with Al Jefferson up front. That might be a defensive nightmare for coach Steve Clifford, but offensively, it would give Charlotte the East’s most potent power forward-center combo.

The Lakers are the other team most frequently mentioned among league executives when it comes to Monroe. If L.A. does not make any splashy moves around the draft, and if the Lakers are ready to concede that Carmelo Anthony is not coming, then they figure to target young, second-tier free agents—and Monroe is at the head of that list.

A max offer from the Lakers or Bobcats could be trouble for the Pistons, because it forces a stark choice: pay Monroe the max or lose him without return.

Van Gundy’s priority will be to work with Monroe and Falk to find a sign-and-trade deal, allowing Van Gundy to address the big weakness on his team—perimeter shooting, a vital aspect of Van Gundy’s offensive approach. The Pistons shot 32.1 percent from the 3-point line, which was 29th in the league last season.

Multiple league executives said that New Orleans, where Monroe is from, would be on his list, and it is easy to imagine a pairing of Monroe with young star big man Anthony Davis.

The knock on Monroe is defense. For a man nearly 7-feet tall, he averages a mere 0.6 blocks per game. I don’t think that qualifies as the “rim protection” Danny Ainge is seeking.

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  • KGino

    If there is any one player in the league you guys could trade for, who would it be (you can’t say Durant, and I don’t respect you if you say Lebron)? I might say Anthony Davis.

    • tvor03

      If it’s any player, it has to Davis. He’s the next big superstar. He’s gonna win at least one, probably more, MVPs in his career.

    • bill_nair

      Agree which you and Tvor, AD is the next elite player and his defensive abilities puts him above any of the next tier of players. Taken his age into consideration too it’s a no brainier.

    • eddysamson

      Are we talking someone to put at the Center spot or just anyone? Centers for me I would go AD, either of the big Als, Vucevic, Pek, or Dieng. Dieng is nice since 2013-14 was his rookie year and yet he showed some serious potential while Pek was out.

    • Fitzy

      Anthony Davis isn’t being traded for at least another 5 years. you can take that to the bank.

      • KGino

        hypothetical only, and anybody in the league eddy.

        • Fitzy

          yes makes sense but no point in getting our hopes up! 🙁

    • Curt Hays

      I also like AD…Andre Drummond.

  • bill_nair

    All the whining about needing a rim protector that goes on in C’s nation, I really don’t want Monroe.

  • adam

    How much better would it make them?

  • Curt Hays

    No, we should not be in the running for Monroe. A max deal for a 15 and 9 guy? dumb. Max deals all but guarantee you won’t win a championship. You need all stars who WANT to play together, not guys who are chasing money.

    Monroe is not nearly worth it.

    • Fitzy

      Depends how much the Pistons like Jeff Green. Danny could sell him on playing the 3 and shifting Josh Smith back to the 4. Jeff spaces the floor well. Depending on the contract Monroe gets we probably wouldn’t need to add much more. Future first and an expiring maybe. Just thinking off the top of my head, not sure if that gets it done though.

      • Curt Hays

        Valid points, but if we pay Monroe max, then I’ll be pissed.

        • Fitzy

          The max is a bit of a misleading term in this case. Monroe is coming off his rookie deal (if i’m not mistaken) and I believe he can only make an additional 30% annual salary on top of that. I used to know these rules but haven’t really looked them up since the new CBA. I would also venture to say Greg Monroe would be a fantastic pick-up depending on who we get in the draft, that’s what I’m waiting on to see what direction this team can take in the future. That’s the hook Danny’s waiting on in my opinion.

  • art

    What has this guy done to deserve max deal? No way Jose. Danny wouldn’t waste his brain cells to even consider it.

  • bill_nair

    How much is a max for Monroe?

  • Johnnie

    great offensive big, but we have decent offense with olynyk and sully. we NEED rim protection. i’ve got nothing against monroe, but there’s no fit on the team considering he’s more a power forward rather than a center.

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