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Your Morning Dump… Where the NBA Combine can simultaneously help and hurt


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

It certainly did for Sullinger two years ago.

One NBA executive with a team that had a lottery pick (top-14) in 2012 said that Sullinger’s medical report was the biggest knock that kept them from drafting him.

“You look at his game, his body of work, we all knew he had lottery pick talent back then,” the executive told “But the back was a major concern. Because even with surgery, you didn’t know if it would flare up again. So for us and a lot of other teams obviously, it was a gamble we just didn’t want to take.”

Even with the Celtics holding on to the No. 21 pick and Sullinger still being on the board, they too had some concerns about drafting him.

Danny Ainge, Boston’s president of basketball operations, said there was ” a lot” of internal discussions about Sullinger once his medical reports were obtained.

“There were concerns by everybody,” Ainge told “But we thought that with Jared, we weighed his talent and his potential and thought that it was definitely something we should roll the dice on.”

Sullinger appeared in 45 games as a rookie prior to having season-ending back surgery, something the Celtics anticipated he would need at some point.

CSNNE – NBA pre-draft combine can hurt top picks – just ask Sullinger

With the news that the projected top three picks in this year’s NBA draft (Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker, Joel Embiid) were all passing on the combine, we get an interesting reminder of how it can help, and hurt.  In the case of Jared Sullinger it hurt him in the short-term due to the back issues that were discovered.  But in the long-term, it worked out brilliantly for the Celtics as a team, as well as Sullinger.  Sure, as Sherrod points out, he didn’t get as much money as higher lottery pick would up front.  But he’ll get it in his second deal at his rate of improvement.  The combine isn’t all that interesting, at least to me.  I mean if you enjoy seeing how high these guys can jump, how fast they can run, how many random obtacle courses they can complete while juggling three basketballs then sure, it’s awesome.  It gives a small, first glimpse at these guys in a pro setting.

It does provide an all-encompassing access for the front office of each team and allows them to interview each player.  But as you can see, it can also sway opinions both ways.  The Celtics lucked out that not one, but several NBA executives were afraid of Sullinger’s back.  Could it happen again?  Absolutely.  Until then, as fans let’s enjoy watching these guys leap from a standing position to swipe at some bars high above.  It’s truly riveting.

Page 2: Bob Cousy to get honorary degree from BC

Now that’s he back in Worcester, Cousy doesn’t plan to leave home much other than to dine Thursday nights at Worcester Country Club with his friends and attend Mass at Blessed Sacrament Church. Cousy said receiving his honorary degree from BC “may be fortunately for the world the last time they see old No. 14 in public.”

Worcester Telegram – Bob Cousy legend, widower to make rare public appearance

Excellent piece by Bill Doyle on the legendary Bob Cousy.  It’s tough to read about him struggling both emotionally and physically but based on his circumstances, it’s understandable.  Cooz didn’t watch many C’s games (basically said he watched two games) but his analysis is spot on.  It makes sense because he was always a great TV analyst.  If it is indeed the final public appearance for him, then we should all be truly thankful to have had Cousy in green for so many years.  Get well, Cooz!

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  • Curt Hays

    “as Sherrod points out, [Sully] didn’t get as much money as [a] higher lottery pick would up front. But he’ll get it in his second deal at his rate of improvement.”

    This is true, but this is because of his skill. Had he not gone to the combine, he would’ve been drafted higher, gotten more money to start with, and then even more money in his second contract. He was going to be great, regardless. The combine does NOT help the better players. It definitely hurt Sully.

    • Fitzy

      That’s not necessarily true. I’m sure teams would have still put him through physicals when they brought him in to work out which would have lead to them leaking that report. I do agree it certainly hurt him, but there’s no doubt in MY mind that the reports would have came out all the same.

  • KGino

    One week til doomsday

  • Rich Jensen
  • bill_nair

    I’ve met Cousy a few times at worcester country club and had some thoughtful discussions with him. I drive past his house everyday too which is hidden but from what I have heard is beautiful.