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Pierce thinks Lebron tried to lure Doc Rivers away from Boston


SI’s Chris Mannix has some interesting facts/theories into why Paul Pierce doesn’t like LeBron James:

Much was made of Paul Pierce’s request to defend James before Game 2, and make no mistake, James was keenly aware of it. There is no love lost between Pierce and James, bitter rivals who have done this dance before. Pierce, the Celtic, was responsible for ousting James from the playoffs in two of his last three years in Cleveland. When James moved to Miami, his Heat bounced Boston in two consecutive years. Pierce claims there is nothing personal between the two stars, that his disdain for James is limited to the time the two spend battling on the court.

But Pierce and James will never work out together like James and Kevin Durant, or discuss teaming up when both hit free agency next summer. James’s constant complaining irks Pierce, as does his belief, league sources say, that James once tried to recruit Doc Rivers to Cleveland when Rivers was coaching the Celtics.

Steal our coach? Oh no he didn’t…

Gotta respect Pierce’s old school mentality here. He refuses to suck up to LeBron like most of the current stars in the league.

Brooklyn is toast following last night’s 102-96 Game 4 loss to Miami. Despite LeBron’s heroics, the Nets still had a chance to win this game. Unfortunately, Jason Kidd ran two isolation plays for Joe Johnson (against LBJ) with the game on the line.

Pierce needs to get the hell out of Brooklyn. Kidd is clueless and Deron Williams is not an alpha dog.

KG should retire.

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  • Curt Hays

    “Pierce needs to get the hell out of Brooklyn. Kidd is clueless and Deron Williams is not an alpha dog. KG should retire.”

    Yep, yep, and :'( yep.

    • NE_Celt

      I agree on all…especially the sad face.

  • dk

    Agree with all of those sentiments. Pierce still has some fight in him, and I was thinking how good he would have been for the Clippers instead.
    I was watching the game last night and I kept thinking this team is so poorly coached and makes terrible decisions down the stretch. All they do is jack up threes. The Nets should have won that game. Another easy series for the Heat again. All I can say is I’m so glad we have like all of their draft picks over the next few years. Cant wait to see this team implode

    • LA Flake

      Yup. The Nets should’ve won the game last night for sure. I understand LBJ scored 49 points but he made a lot of lucky shots he normally misses and he was bailed out by three of his biggest fans in stripes ALL.NIGHT.LONG. You just can’t win against 8 playerefs in any NBA game.

      And I really, really love that Pierce hates LBJ for his constant whining. That f*cker is 6’8″ and 250 lbs yet routinely gets knocked around by guys much smaller than he (He FLOPS, that’s why). And when he doesn’t get a call, it’s like the end of the world for him.

      Three things are certain after watching the Pierce vs LBJ rivaly over the years:

      1. Pierce is a warrior and plays like a true pro.
      2. LBJ can’t stop the Truth. He couldn’t stop the Truth when the Truth was in his late 20s/early 30s and he still can’t stop the 36-year-old Truth.

      3. LBJ is a bitch.

      • Randy

        I’m a Celtics fan here, but come on. “LBJ can’t stop the Truth. He couldn’t stop the Truth when the Truth was in his late 20s/early 30s and he still can’t stop the 36-year-old Truth”? LeBron is on the brink of winning his third consecutive series against PP and KG, and he certainly DOMINATED last night.

        • LA Flake

          He made a lot of shots he normally misses. He was good but last night was one of those games where you live with LBJ taking jump shots and letting him score 50 while minimizing his teammates. And one of those early two fouls that took PP out of the game was totally bogus. And the refs took PP out of the game early in the third quarter, too, with more bogus calls. It wouldn’t be so bad if the refs would ever call it both ways but that wasn’t gonna happen last night.

          • LA Flake

            LBJ’s line from last night:

            43 minutes

            16-24 (many uncontested layups)

            3-6 shooting 3s

            14-19 at the FT line

            6 defensive rebounds

            2 assists

            The refs bailed him out and let him gain his rhythm at the line. The rest is history. Oh yeah, 6 rebounds and 2 assists. Who he think he is, Mr. Honey Nut Cheerios?

  • adam

    Pierce back to the Celtics for 6th man of the year.

  • eddysamson

    I was just talking about Pierce + LeBron with my roommate the other night. They are true rivals. They hate each other to an extent, but they also love playing against each other and trying to beat each other. I thought of it after watching Pierce and Lebron get tangled up and where Ray Allen and Alan Andersen turned the exact same situation in to a full team scuffle, LeBron and Pierce untangled themselves with a pat on each other’s backs and kept competing. They act like that because they would rather beat each other with their play than a silly scuffle that could cause a T or ejection. LeBron even refers to Pierce as his rival when the question is thrown his way (its not KD).

    • dk

      yeah its just too bad that Pierce wasn’t a few years younger…as stated above, its pretty tough for a man who’s 6-7 years older on the downside of his career to match up against an NFL fullback who’s the best player in the NBA

  • KGino

    At least we can say Pierce got the better of him when he was in his prime and Lebron was entering his… Asking Pierce to still counter Lebron 6-7 years removed from his prime is too much.

    • Mike C

      Agreed. That was a mismatch last night, even though Pierce has the heart of a warrior. LA Flake is right on the money AGAIN with the five against eight comment. I know some of the Celtics fans on here dont agree… its come up many times before. Its nearly impossible to beat Miami when the refs “GIFT” Lebron with 20 free throws. YOU LITERALLY CANNOT TOUCH HIM. The refs have been a total disgrace in recent years. I understand the league wanting to protect their ‘Cash Cow’, but come on its ‘Basketball’ not ‘Figure Skating’! My nickname for him, from this day on…”No-Touch Lebron”!!

      • LA Flake

        How about those two early fouls for PP in the first and third quarter that took him out of the game? The refs last night were shameless with their bogus calls. Shameless.

        • Mike C

          Too bad Bird, Jordan, & Johnson cant replay their careers with the NBA’s current ‘NO-TOUCH’ policy on supersrars. They each would have averaged 50 points per game/ careers! Plus, Bird would have saved alot of wear & tear on his body, since he could rely on the refs to PAD his average with an abundance of trips to the foul line… just like they do for “No-Touch” James!! Why even have a playoffs? Just mail the trophy to Miami if your going to ‘RIG’ the games in thier favor anyway! I swear, every year I ask myself why I still watch the NBA? Sadistic…I Guess!!