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Your Morning Dump… Where Ray Allen got the best of KG and Paul Pierce last night


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Playing against his former Boston teammates Pierce and Kevin Garnett for the first time in the playoffs since signing with Miami, Allen finished with 19 points and three assists, including four 3-pointers after hitting all of five 3s in the first-round sweep of the Bobcats.

It would’ve made for a fantastic tale had Allen credited Pierce and Garnett’s mere presence as the reason for his scoring outburst. But he insisted his opponents are “blank to me, regardless of who they are.”

And the Heat teammate who probably knows Allen best, Rashard Lewis, also said Allen wasn’t driven by any bitter feelings toward his former teammates.

“A lot of people are probably going to say that it’s extra for him going against KG and Paul Pierce, but Ray Allen is strictly professional,” Lewis said. “He comes to help us win ball games.”

It just so happened the Heat, before Tuesday’s Game 1, watched a 2009 playoff game between the Boston Celtics and Chicago Bulls in which Allen scored his career playoff-high 51 points in triple-overtime. LeBron joked that watching the game might’ve “juiced up” Allen a little bit.

ESPN – Daily Dime

My first reaction to this story is… the media talks to Rashard Lewis? I guess the ball boys and sausage vendors were unavailable for comment.

Lost in all the Pierce/KG vs LeBron drama is the fact that nemesis Ray Allen is still knocking down threes for Miami.

He may be old and one of the biggest sports frauds this town has ever seen, but the guy can still shoot.

As for Brooklyn, KG was held scoreless in a playoff game for the first time in his career and the Truth managed a meager 8 points. As I stated yesterday, if Deron Williams is going to churn out weak ass stat lines like 17 points and 4 assists every game, the Nets are going nowhere.

For some unknown reason, the tiny soft spot in my black heart has emerged this morning. Let’s look back on Ray’s 51-point performance vs Chicago in 2009. Those shots at the end of the 2OT were ridiculous. KG’s knee cost us a title. Even if we had the current version of KG on that 2009 Celtics team, we’d have another banner.

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  • NE_Celt

    I just hope they get their heads out of their arses for the next game because they cant let the Heat just blow through them like they were the Bobcats. The only ones I have faith in on that team are KG and PP…and I have no faith in Kids “coaching”, because he seems to sit them for long periods of time at the end of games.

    • LA Flake

      Yeah I don’t know what Kidd is doing. He did a great job during the regular season but he’s gone insane with his rotation in the playoffs. And last night he gave up with his team down only 13 going into the 4th quarter. Bad coaching. Terrible coaching.

  • KGino

    we were such a fun team to watch from 08 to 09 when KG got injured… The ball movement that team used to have was incredible

  • CFH

    Bitter CFH: So Ray Allen juices up by watching a game where he was dominant but his team lost? That figures.

    Sane CFH: That 08-09 team was unstoppable until KG’s knee gave out. The long winning streak they went on during the first half of the season was amazing. They dissected all comers even with the defending champion target on their back. Even post-KG, they wouldn’t quit. Rondo was freakishly amazing against the Bulls… and so was Ray.

    • LA Flake

      Stay bitter, CFH. Let the Bitter You take over!

      • KGino

        those were the days, when we’d start every season 29-5 haha

  • zippittyay

    Can we just have a gif of Mario Chalmers getting knocked on his ass by Paul Pierce?

    • LA Flake

      Or Ray Allen getting his ass knocked down hard by KG’s perfect screen?

  • Mike C

    I dont care what Allen did why he was a Celtic, they better NEVER retire that traitors jersey. He doesn’t hit that three in last years series against the Spurs, and Miami never wins the Championship! Biggest TRAITOR in Celtic history. “Hey Ray, go choke on that ring you SCAB!”

    • ElderKing

      See the difference between how Ray Allen is treated by Celtics fans and former Celtics and how Mike Miller is treated by Heat fans and the Heat organization. The difference is CLASS.

      • Mike C

        Its called Honor and Loyalty! A simple concept that Heat fans wouldn’t know the first thing about! I’m glad you got “Scab” Allen, there’s no room for a player like him in the Celtics organisation. Pierce and Garnett left with honor, and the respect of all Celtics fans… unlike Allen who slithered down to Miami like a snake in the grass! Reminds me of another ‘snake’ who slithered his way out of Cleveland! I’m seeing a pattern develop here! I guess all the ‘Dirtbags’ eventually wind up playing for the Heat!

  • art

    I repeat: Ray Allen hit that shot last year because Greg Popovich is a moron. Miami got multiple rebounds while San Antonio’s hall-of-fame rebounder, Tim you-know-who, was sitting on the bench. “Because that’s what we did during the regular season” so said Mr. Popovich. Miami should have sent Pop a huge thank you present for gift wrapping a title that the Miami Defeat should never have won. Somebody was bound to hit that shot with multiple attempts and it just happened to be the Fraud.

    • KGino

      that and being down 3 with under 10 seconds and not FOULING when you’re over the limit and the best FT shooting team in the league. HEY POP, THEY CAN’T SCORE 3 POINTS WITH 2 FOUL SHOTS! For all his genius, you’re right, that game he looked like a freakin rookie. Spurs woulda been champs if I was coaching the final minute for cryin out loud

  • bill_nair

    It’s funny to me that people still can’t get over Ray leaving.

    • art

      No – we can’t get over the fact that he turned into such a fraud. I’m pleased that he left. No desire for frauds wearing green.

    • LA Flake

      I used to be his fan, Bill. I even understood that he no longer wanted to be a Celtic since it was Danny who tried to move him every year. BUT…Going to Miami and helping them win? That’s where he lost me forever. F*ck Ray Allen.

      • art

        For half the $$. Double F*ck Ray Allen. There’s good reason PP and KG want nothing to do with him.

      • Mike C

        100% agree! There were 28 other teams he could have gone to, but he decided to go to the Celtic’s fans most hated rival. That says everything about his REAL character! Guy’s a Dirtbag!

        • eddysamson

          AND it was after sucking HARD for us against them in a close ECF series.

  • dk

    Love how Ray is can’t miss now and injury free–seemed like the last few years with the Celtics he couldnt hit $— and was nursing some injury. Seems like he could play another 2-3 yrs. Paul too. I think KG retires after this year.