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Unless D-Will wakes up, Nets have no shot vs Heat


A silver lining of the Great Rebuild of 2013-14 was knowing that Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and the Nets could challenge the hated Heat.

But I have serious doubts about Brooklyn. Not because they lost Brook Lopez during the regular season and not because Jason Kidd still looks clueless on the sidelines. It’s because Deron Williams is playing like crap.

In the do-or-die Game 7 vs Toronto, Williams delivered 13 points and 4 assists. For the series, he averaged 16.9 ppg, 41% FG, 29% 3FG and 5.6 apg.

Pitiful numbers for a franchise player with a $100 million contract. D-Will’s mediocrity had me thinking:

Rondo’s playoff brilliance aside, Williams must elevate his play (see Paul, Chris) if the Nets are to have any shot of beating the Heat. I can’t stomach the thought of that punk Dwyane Wade riding LeBron’s coattails to another championship:

“We thought when we played them in Boston we thought we buried them,” Wade said Monday. “Then we got Ray, Doc left and we were like, yeah, here they go.”

The Big Three helped break apart the Celtics, but Garnett and Pierce aren’t extinct yet. Now in a new landing spot, they’re the ones trying to end Miami’s dominance. “That’s why it’s the perfect storm right now,” Wade said. “They had their reign on top. We was able to overcome. We’ve had our reign on top now and now they’re trying to overcome. They’re trying to get back to the championship. This is a kind of a battle, a match that you want to meet in the Eastern Conference finals when you talk about the bad blood. But there’s other bad blood out there, too. This is going to be a very challenging round. You wouldn’t want it any other way. You want to feel like you’ve earned it, towards your way trying to get to the finals. I think both teams would want this matchup.”

Elevate your game, Deron. I’m begging you. Celtics fans are begging you.

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  • KGino

    “They had their reign on top. We was able to overcome (thanks to cowardly joining forces and plenty of help from the refs).”

    • LA Flake

      Don’t forget we were shorthanded, too, due to injuries.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Net`s only hope is if they catch Miami looking ahead to the ECF—-vs. Washington

    • LA Flake

      The Nets have a chance. The Heat don’t rebound well and there are mismatches everywhere for the Nets. DWill can easily abuse Mario Chalmers and Norris Cole. Shaun Livingston can shoot over any of their guards. JJ has a huge size advantage at his position. PP and LBJ is a toss up. And Miami has no answer for Blatche’s scoring prowess.

      It’s gonna be an interesting series and I firmly believe the Nets control their own destiny in this series.

      • bill_nair

        I really hope your right but there’s 3 concerns for me. 1 the nets are terrible at rebounding so it’s not like they can take advantage of miamis lack of size. 2 JJ is not gonna get the same looks he got last series. It’s gonna be tough for him so PP and others really need to step up. 3 Dwill has been done since his 50 point game in NJ. If he doesn’t play like Utah Dwill they stand no chance.

        Here’s to a nets and wizards matchup

      • jrleftfoot

        Actually, Chalmers and Coles will do fine against Disappearing Williams.As for PP and LBJ being a tossup , I`ve probably been a Celtic fan since before you wereborn , but COME ON

    • bill_nair

      I’d much rather see the Wizards than the pacers in the ECF. Indiana is just absolutely dreadful to watch on offense.

  • bill_nair

    Ya they had nothing to do with endin the celtics era. I really used to be a huge dwade fan but ever since he teamed up with his boyfriend he’s become an arrogant douchebag (thanks for the proper definition curt lol). Unfortunately they have to rely on Dwill and that won’t work out well.

  • Mike C

    No one wants to see the Heat fail more than me, but the Nets have zero chance of winning this series. In fact, every team that went seven games in the first round is done. Sportscenter gave the stat: Only one team has gone seven in the first round and then gone on to win the championship. 2008 Boston Celtics. Sorry for the reality check guys. That leaves the Wizards & Blazers with the only REAL chance at stopping Miami. Unfortunately, both of those teams lack playoff experience. Still, Im keeping my fingers crossed that the Wizards bounce out the Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals.

  • Mike C

    Question for you guys? Does Lebron James fall down more than any other 6′ 8″, 270 lb man in the history of sports? FlopKing James perfecting his playoff form! I like how he got a call reversed in his favor by demanding to the refs that the nets hit a ball out of bounds when replay clearly showed he touched it last. Refs are ramping up also to hand deliver another title to Miami. Sickening to Watch!

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  • art

    DWill plus all of the Nets need to play better, much better. The Toronto series should not have gone 7 and the fact that it did was a warning. Let’s hope the team as a whole steps up and that J. Kidd suddenly becomes a coaching genius. Does anyone know why KG plays so few minutes?