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Truth & Ticket help Brooklyn get by the Raptors

Look closely at the very beginning of this video from GD’s Highlights. Notice how nervous & anxious all of the Raptors players are, and check out Truth. Cool, calm & collected and ready for another Game 7. As Celtics fans, we witnessed the greatest performances of Paul Pierce’s playoff career. From 2002 against the Nets, to 2008 against the Lakers & many more. Well today doesn’t quite rank up there with those moments, but it was a solid performance none the less.

Paul finished today with 10 points, 4 rebounds, 2 steals and one huge block. With time running out, Pierce blocked Kyle Lowry’s floater attempt, and the Nets escaped Toronto with a 4 games to 3 victory in the first round of the NBA Playoffs. Paul’s partner in crime, KG, notched his 86th career postseason double-double, with 12 points & 11 rebounds. The Nets now move on to the second round to face the Miami Heat. This is all bittersweet for me-watching two of my all-time favorite Celtics continue to build on their NBA legacies in black & white jerseys. But I’ll support these guys for as long as they play, and I’d absolutely love to see them shock the world and somehow eliminate the vile Heat and shut up their annoying and lame “fans”. Game 1 of the series is on Tuesday night in South Beach. Until then, check out highlights of Paul & Kevin’s series clinching win over the Raptors…

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  • LA Flake

    Watching the Raptors reminded me of Pierce’s first ever postseason. In his first ever playoff series, Paul dominated Iverson and his Sixers who had gone on to the NBA Finals the year before. Unlike these alleged “Up and Coming Superstars” like DeRozan, Lowry and Ross, Pierce alone led the C’s to victory over the Sixers by dominating the series. And in Game 5 in a win or go home situation, the Truth scored something like 46 points to send Iverson and Larry Brown home.

    Nobody gushed over Pierce being a superstar back then. No one ever gave Pierce respect as he went on to dominate his competition year in and year out even as the management gutted the team around him. 9 out of 10 of Pierce’s former teammates are out of the league now. Allen Ray, Orien Greene, Mark Blount…just to name a few.

    That’s why The Truth is an ALL TIMER. One of the most dominant wings to ever play the game. The ONLY player in the league responsible for sending Kobe and Lebron’s ass home and coming out on top.

    • bill_nair

      *standing ovation*

  • frickenWaaaltah

    On the previous play, up by 1, shot clock off with ~8 to play, Brooklyn botched the inbounds pass and Terrence Ross read it, got a hand on it, and then caught Pierce with the Ewing maneuver (ball going out of bounds, he got a hand on it and redirected it just enough to bounce it off of Pierce before going out to save the possession). Raps fought hard and got themselves their one last chance but just didn’t convert it. And as usual, Pierce didn’t mope or anything at all, just kept his head in the game.

    Also, Hubie (may he broadcast forever) caught it and pointed it out on one of the replays; Kev funneled Lowry right to Paul. They don’t count that in PER.

    • bill_nair

      Yup, KG and Paul’s chemistry was on display the last play. Paul knew Lowry would drive KG guided him right into Paul.

      If we kept these guys and waltzed into the 8th seed we would’ve beat the pacers.

      • LA Flake

        I am a firm believer that we would’ve contended for at least another year had we kept those two legends around and added some solid pieces to round out the roster. It was never PP and KG’s fault that they lost SO MANY vital teammates to injuries and trades during their epic run 6-year run. And they’ve shown that even with all those injuries, as long as PP and KG are guiding our team, we always had a chance. But I think the owners and Danny were ready to cash out. They looked at history and understood where they were. It’s no fun to root for PP and KG in anything other than green though. Man, it’s tough!

        • dk

          Totally agree–I was saying that last year–thought it wouldn’t have been so bad with just keeping them for 1 more year until their contracts run out (you get asses in the seats a competitive team and you can start from scratch the next year anyway). Obviously we wouldn’t have had 49 draft picks like we do now but still..

          • LA Flake

            Close your eyes and think about Jabari in green next year.
            Or Embiid. Or Wiggins. In green. Imagine…

      • frickenWaaaltah

        I guess the Pacers haven’t looked so hot lately so maybe. But heck, with how bad the East was this year, it could easily have been #3 Raps vs #6 Celtics instead of Brooklyn, or #5 C’s playing #4 Chicago.

        I kind of don’t want to dwell on it too much. Another run with Doc and co. could have been fun if they were having fun, but they were all pretty frustrated and unhappy with being a long shot team. And the way things went this year, it does look like Danny got a nice deal at maybe the last chance to get a nice deal.

        But also with their contributions this series, clearly now Nets fans who were judging the deal a bust before the playoffs were judging the deal too soon. It’s too bad about Lopez but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Brooklyn bring Paul back, maybe tweak a little of this and that, and try again next year.

        • LA Flake

          “But heck, with how bad the East was this year”

          How long have we been saying this? For over a decade for sure.

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  • NE_Celt

    “But I’ll support these guys for as long as they play, and I’d absolutely love to see them shock the world and somehow eliminate the vile Heat and shut up their annoying and lame “fans”.”

    Amen brother, Amen.

    • LA Flake

      The Heat have fans? Where?

  • KGino

    Pierce crushing that tool Drake’s dreams makes me like him that much more

    • KGino

      and to think the Heats path to the finals was very close to being Bobcats, Raptors, Wizards… that would have made me throw up

    • LA Flake

      I cannot f*cking stand Drake. What a douchebag.

      • KGino

        Back on the Heat bandwagon he goes… front runnin’ b*tch