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Your Morning Dump… Where Steve Pagliuca better be a lucky bastard


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

How is Celtics co-owner Steve Pagliuca doing these days?

“Just trying to feel lucky,” he said with a laugh Friday.

His team is hoping for just that after it announced that Pagliuca will be representing the Celtics at the NBA draft lottery May 20 in New York.

Tom Heinsohn represented the Celtics at that (2007) lottery, and Celtics fans hope Pagliuca can bring them more luck this time around. As a good luck charm, Pagliuca said he’s planning on wearing a tie that Celtics patriarch Red Auerbach gave him in 2002 when a group that included Pagliuca bought the team.

It’s an older tie, Pagliuca said, perhaps from the 1950s, and it’s blue with a green stripe.

“I think it even has a little leprechaun on it,” he said.

Pagliuca said he’s also open to any suggestions.

“I’m excited,” he said. “It should be fun.”


Nothing against Steve Pagliuca, but I was hoping the Celtics would get creative with their representation at the draft lottery.

There was a big push on social media for Louis Corbett – the New Zealand boy with a degenerative eye condition who was flown to Boston recently so he could see a Celtics game – but I never thought the Celtics would give him serious consideration.

The legendary Bill Russell led our online poll, followed by Mike Gorman and Rajon Rondo.

Here’s the problem – this organization makes use of its legends better than any other. We see the likes of Russ, Tommy, JoJo, Hondo, Max and Dave Cowens all the time. There aren’t many surprises left.

So we’re stuck with Pags and his lucky tie.

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On Page 2, the Blazers Damon Lillard is a cold-blooded Rockets killer.

Props to Lillard for drilling that series clinching jumper, but he was way too open for my liking.

The best part of that video clip? Dwight Howard’s frown. Suck it, bro.

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  • KGino

    Dwight is easily the most overrated player in the league

    • Dustin Chapman

      lol… bet you wouldn’t say that if sports media didn’t exist

      • KGino

        That’s exactly my point tho haha… The media vastly overrates him and in turn the mindless drones that are NBA fans think he’s on the same level as Shaq, when in fact he’s not even freaking anywhere close. If the best big man in the league and the best shooting guard in the league were really on the same team, would they have been eliminated in the first round? I don’t think so

        • Dustin Chapman

          Well in fairness they lost to a team with arguably the best PF in the league and one of the best point guards in the league. Besides, this was the first year they were together. Everyone wants to write every great player’s legacy in the middle of their careers. Dwight is 28. Anyone expecting him to be as dominant Shaq is out of their mind, but just because he isn’t THAT good people use it to bash him so much they forget how good he actually is and has been his whole career.

          • Dustin Chapman

            People just love to hate on him because of the stuff that happened with the Magic and all the off-court hoopla has made so many people take his talent for granted just like they did with LeBron. Starting to do it to Durant too, at age 25. Except now they can’t do it to LeBron because he’s winning. Dwight still has a chance to win and shut people up.

    • Brad P

      He had a productive series. The most overrated is ‘All-Star’ Roy Hibbert

      • KGino

        “Productive series” is not good enough for his hype. He’s not even close to a dominant big man. He missed countless important free throws that cost Houston the series

      • KGino

        And Roy hibbert? Everybody is on his ass right now, no way he’s overrated cuz ppl know he sucks lol. No one is calling hibbert the best big in the league never mind one of the best bigs… He’s not in anyone’s conversation. Dwight has no jumper, can’t shoot free throws, his post game at this point in his career is a joke… All he can do is dunk, rebound and play above average defense

    • eddysamson

      Dude was the most consistent in the series on both teams. Wtf more do you want from him?

      • KGino

        they bill him as the best big in the league, he can’t even carry his team past the first round. I’ll take Aldridge over Dwight that series any day

  • dk

    Bummed they didn’t get more creative. Atleast it’s not ML Carr

  • dk

    Feel bad for Mchale but it was always weird seeing him as a coach for the rockets for some reason to me. I was never much impressed with that team. And agree Howard is soo overrated. Paint your face clown!

    • Brian Pahlm

      Harden’s lack of D, and the fact that they didn’t have a PF, is what did them in. Looks like they could use a Brandon Bass type of guy. Someone who can play good D, hit the open J. Osik isn’t a PF but he would make a great center for us. If the Celtics draft Aaron Gordon I am going to root for the Wizards next year. Nobody beats the Wiz….

  • Brian Pahlm

    Yikes.. .yea Steve going doesn’t do much for me. The Blind kid would be my first choice. Considering how horrible the C’s played when he came up they owe it to him.

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  • eddysamson

    Honestly think Lillard is the best PG in the league that isn’t Rondo or CP3 and its only his 2nd year, this dude is nuts. That also wasn’t the first clutch shot he hit in the series, but definitely the best.

  • zippittyay

    Lillard and the Blazers definitely got the benefit of the hometown clock keeper. That clock didn’t start until he was up in the air. It should have been very close.