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Who should the Celtics send to the draft lottery? C’s fans speak up


It’s only been two weeks since the C’s closed the doors on their 2014 season (feels like 2 months).  Since we’re still a good 20 days away from the NBA’s draft lottery, I decided to have an impromptu Twitter poll asking fellow Celtics fans whom they’d want to send to the lottery to represent the Celtics.  There were quite some suggestions, and one extremely kind follower suggested that I go.  I appreciate the look, but I think they would be luckier sending Marty Conlon than if I went.  There were some interesting suggestions, especially many coming from the 2008 team (LEON!!!!).  Lots of nostalgia from the 2000’s teams, amazingly.  But the winner via Twitter vote, is Rajon Rondo with a three-way tie for second place between Mike Gorman, Bill Russell and Louis Corbett.  C’s fans are awesome by the way for voting for Louis.

Below are the results, along with a poll for the readers to vote on the top three.  If I had the choice, I would go with Louis Corbett but that might understandably be difficult.  Otherwise, I’d go with Bill Russell.  What do you think C’s fans?

Representative Votes
Rajon Rondo 6
Mike Gorman 5
Bill Russell 5
Louis Corbett 5
Larry Bird 2
Danny Ainge 2
Antoine Walker 2
Walter McCarty 2
Brad Stevens 2
Leon Powe 2
Cedric Maxwell 2
Themselves 2
Kevin McHale 1
Robert Parish 1
Bob Cousy 1
Tommy Heinsohn 1
Rick Pitino 1
Scal 1
PJ Brown 1
Gerald Green 1
Red’s Cigar 1
Dan Gilbert’s son 1
Brady Stevens 1
Keith Bogans 1
Jerome Moiso 1
Kedrick Brown 1
Joseph Forte 1
Santeria priest 1
Jo Jo White 1
Andrew Wiggins 1
Donald Sterling 1
Acie Earl 1
Dino Rajda 1
Gary Tanguay 1
Paul Pierce 1
Scot Pollard 1
John Havlicek 1
Statue of Red wheeled in by Lucky 1


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  • sdsf

    LMAO @ Gary Tanguay

  • bill_nair

    Whoever suggested the statue of Red wheeled in by lucky is on to something.

    But seriously it should be Corbett. Rondo will have another chance next year and my first choice would be Russell, but would he really wanna go? It would be an opportunity of a life time for that kid.

    • tvor03

      heck, the team owes it to him after mailing in the game he was able to attend.

      • adam

        plus would the NBA really deny a kid the number one lottery pick? i mean they have it to gilberts kid.

  • Jester00

    Jerome Moiso Spit out my bloody mary reading that

  • KGino

    Bill Russell… cuz the guy hardly knows losing

  • Mencius

    I like the idea of Mike Gorman going. He’s been actively part of the Celtic family for longer than anybody but Tommy, and Tommy’s already been. Plus, Mike seems like he might be lucky.

    • CFH

      Mike would do that jinx thing he does when the other team is shooting free throws. Tommy would be watching at home yelling “Salem University witch doctor!”

      It would be great.

  • RedsLoveChild

    First find out if Cleveland`s Dan Gilbert is willing to rent out his kid

  • LA Flake

    Alright, I’ll go.

  • dk

    I like the idea of that kid Corbett going–nice touch. I love Tommy but it can’t be him–he was there in 07 when we lost. I would love Russell but I doubt he’d come–and Hondo has been there before I think. I’m going with Statue of Red wheeled in by Lucky–or Red’s daughter.

  • Lee in Oregon


  • LA Flake

    Leon Powe!
    Leon Powe!
    Leon Powe!

  • swissflix

    Molly Mcgrath or Emily Austen. Cuz the ping pong balls would be attracted.

  • Mike C

    Maria Menounos…No Contest! If I’m going to be disappointed on draft day at least give me a smoking hot chick to look at.

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