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Your Morning Dump… A must-read on Brad Stevens’ rookie season


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“The players see his work ethic, they see his integrity, and they see his intelligence, so I think he’s earned the respect of the team in a really difficult situation this year. And I know he’s going to get better,” said Danny Ainge, the Celtics president of basketball operations. “He’ll be better next year, and he’ll be better the next year. He’s a sponge.”

“When you first get the job,” Stevens said, “the tradition and the history kind of overwhelm you. But once you get into the job, it’s a job. What did impact me was the support this team has, not just in the city, but all over the country as we go into different venues. These fans are amazing. I’m not just saying that to say it. This is a unique fan base. And I told our guys that demands unique attention to detail. I kind of know how gripping it all is when on Opening Day, I’m on the road, and my wife calls me and my son comes home from school and says, ‘Turn on the Red Sox. It’s Opening Day.’ And we’ve been here since August.”

Grantland:  The Rookie

I submit this with minimal comment because you’ve probably read all of my thoughts on Brad Stevens 20 times this season and I’m not going to bore you with them all over again.

This is a nice piece on Stevens and his first season with the Celtics, and it’s not a 5,000 word epic like some Grantland pieces.  And it was written by Charlie Pierce, which makes me feel like I’m sitting on a porch listening to an uncle tell me the story of great coach he once knew.

As for Stevens, I feel comfortable with him at the helm for the future.  He’s growing into his role at the same time the Celtics are growing into their next iteration of greatness.  Unlike past versions of the Green and White, there is little angst heading out of a terrible season.  There’s virtually no sick feeling of “oh my GOD how are we going to fix THIS mess????”

I like this situation.  Very much, actually.  If I was a corner man watching a fighter, the Celtics would be nodding at the ref after a standing 8 count.  Knocked down, but now standing up, lucid, and confident that they’ve figured something out.  I’d be confident too, because I think these guys are set up to win the fight in a few rounds.

Of course, rounds to us mean years, but they are years of growth behind Stevens and Danny Ainge.  And I’m very comfortable with that.

Page 2:  Jeff Green really is a good sport

Boston Celtics forward Jeff Green finished second in voting amongst his peers for the 2013-14 NBA Sportsmanship Award.

Memphis’ Mike Conley took home the honor with a total of 2,335 points, while Green was second at 1,971. Phoenix’s Channing Frye (1,915), Washington’s Bradley Beal (1,897), Portland’s Damian Lillard (1,881), and Chicago’s Mike Dunleavy (1,832) rounded out the voting among divisional representatives.

The NBA will make a $10,000 donation on behalf of Conley to his charity of choice, the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, specifically for research pertaining to sickle cell anemia. The NBA will make a $5,000 donation to each of the divisional winner’s charities of choice, including the Cleveland Clinic Foundation on behalf of Green.

ESPN Boston:  Green finishes 2nd for sportsmanship award

Green owes the Cleveland Clinic his life, basically, so it’s nice to see them benefit from this.

It’s a nice award for Green, but I can’t help thinking that many fans wish he was enough of a prick on the court that he wouldn’t be in contention for something like this.  Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m betting there’s a segment of the fan base that sees this award as a negative… almost a “see, that’s what’s wrong with Jeff Green… he’s too nice!”

I’m not going to go there, though.  This is nice, well deserved recognition.

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  • Nick Ault

    Jeff green is so nice, he can’t even win a sportsmanship award

    • bill_nair


  • NE_Celt

    I like the thought of a coach learning and growing as the team does…it has the making of a legacy that he can leave behind if he is successful and is a bright spot in C’s history…there is a lot of work and along way to get there, but Stevens has started things the right way.

    And that is a nice honor for Green, congrats to a guy that honestly sounds like a nice guy. And he really is a mystery; who knows if it is his attitude that plays into his inconsistency on the court, or if its just an issue with overall drive. Maybe there is something similar to his game like Rondo, where certain opponents, certain games, or certain arenas get him going and other nights he is fine with being a normal/average player. If he is around next year it will be interesting if he chooses to work on being a more dominant-type player; I know he mentioned he is going to work on his “swag” over the summer…but I have my doubts. He is what he is basically, a good player that can go off and have monster games from time to time.

    • bill_nair

      I really hope Brad continues to grow and sticks around long term, but heres a serious thought:

      What if the situation turns into the one similar in OKC with Brooks at the helm? I believe they need a new coach who can better manage the talent on the court than what Brooks is doing. Hes developed and helped grow KD and RW into the stars they are, but it might be best for both sides to separate so OKC can win. He runs absolutely no offensive sets and cant make in game adjustments. It might be better for him to coach a new team and improve his coaching skills (i think hes a good coach but he might not be the right coach to get OKC over the hump)

      Good things come to an end and if Brad is still in the league id be happy, but Id also hate to see him move on just like Id be upset if i seen a young draftee move on to a different team.

      Just my 2cents.

      • Curt Hays

        Idk if I’d go so far to say that Scott Brooks is the problem for OKC. There’s also the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat to consider…

        • bill_nair

          Serious question Curt, have you watched the series? Hes made NO in game adjustments. He runs iso for RW and KD every other play and lets them make the decision. Its not all on Brooks but just like Vogel in IND he needs to instill an offense for his players to succeed. He hasnt done it and anyone who goes back and watches film on any of their playoff series will see it.

          And not to sit here and burn Brooks cause RW and KD havent helped at all either. Cant blame KD when TA has been in his shorts so far but theres no reason KD posts TA once, scores on a easy layup, and literally doesnt post up the REST of the game. That ones on Brooks.

          • Curt Hays

            I was unclear. I’m not saying that he deserves no blame. In part, I was saying that in jest…because Poppovich and LeBron.

            I haven’t watched the series, but I did watch the season. You’re totally right about the plays calls. I get quite annoyed by teams who just go out there and run it. If Brooks is failing that badly during the playoffs…well, you and NE_Celt make a decent argument.

          • bill_nair

            I understand what your saying Curt, apologies if I came across the wrong way. I just can’t believe a team with that much talent can’t run a simple “scissor” play and get there stars easy layups. 53 shots for 2 players to score 60. Not good.

          • Curt Hays

            I’m with you, man. You’re right. I did like the fact that you assumed that I must not have watched if I didn’t immediately support you, haha. Obviously you know what you’ve seen in the series!

          • bill_nair

            Lol I got money on this series so I hope you can understand my frustrations.

      • NE_Celt

        Only time can tell…I am not familiar enough with Brooks’ coaching to comment specifically on it…but it seems like so far Brad is good at coaching different talents and getting them to fall in line with the system he wants (although admittedly, the system is still a work in progress). But a good point to bring up nonetheless and something to keep an eye on as they move forward.

        I dont know who Brooks has as his coaching staff either…but I like the fact we have a senior coach in Ron Adams giving good advice from his years of experience…and Brad seems to be very good at listening and learning and practices developing his craft each day; so that will only help. Overall I think we have a good setup in place right now…and it will be up to a lot of individuals to take advantage of the position we are in for a good rebuild and for the team to be successful as a whole.

  • bill_nair

    Even if Green was a KG level d-bag he would get crucified. He cant win here. Hope he goes to a better situation.

    • Curt Hays

      wait, I’m taking my upvote back because you called KG a d-bag.

      Otherwise, I’d upvote. 🙂

      • bill_nair

        Lol KG is a d-bag I dont know what world were in if he isnt. Imagine if he wasnt. We’d be looking at Channing Frye 1.0.

        • LA Flake

          KG’s not a d-bag. He’s just an a$$hole. A big, mothaf*cking a$$hole.

          Now, someone like LeBron…that’s a d-bag.

        • Curt Hays

          I’m with LA Flake.

          I have always used Definition 2 of the term…definition 1 fell out of use sometime around 2001, I think.

  • Curt Hays

    John has a point. Of the guys in the list for the Sportsmanship Award…how many championships?

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