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Your Morning Dump… Why I don’t like Aaron Gordon for “this” Celtics team


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Aaron Gordon
Boston Celtics (25 – 57)

Odds of winning lottery: 10.3 percent

Analysis: The Celtics could go a lot of different ways here, but most of those ways duplicate something they already have. The team would love to get their hands on Embiid, as he would help them with one of their biggest needs. But Gordon is intriguing here. He’s a hybrid forward, but his athleticism and motor allow him to thrive at both the three and the four defensively. He adds toughness and does all the little things coaches love. I think he’d be a great fit on this Celtics squad.

ESPN Insider

ESPN’s Chad Ford has the Celtics selecting Arizona’s Aaron Gordon with the 5th pick in the NBA draft.

According to his scouting report, Gordon is a freakish athlete, explosive leaper, and excellent defender. The only flaw in his game is he can’t shoot. He can’t shoot from 3 or from mid-range or from the free-throw line. He cannot create his own shot.


Do we really want Michael Kidd-Gilchrist Part II?

Yes, there’s value in having a guy like Gordon. You need a player who can defend explosive wings.

But Gordon doesn’t fit on this Celtics squad. You can’t pair him with Rajon Rondo and Avery Bradley. The Celtics would never score.

Maybe I’m too focused on the Celtics keeping the Rondo-Bradley backcourt and finding an offensive minded wing player to complement them. Maybe I haven’t accepted the fact that the Celtics might have to draft a rotation role player with their top draft pick. Damn those who overhyped this draft class.

My draft motto remains, “If the pick isn’t top 3, set it free.”

On Page 2, Jared Sullinger’s summer focus will be conditioning.

As Sullinger readily admits, Stevens went at him hard in the meeting, mapping out a work schedule for the summer designed to improve the forward’s conditioning.

At this time last summer, Sullinger was recovering from back surgery, and hadn’t regained his fitness by the start of training camp. Sullinger’s conditioning then became a season-long issue.

So Sullinger has a grueling summer with team fitness and strength coach Bryan Doo to contemplate.

“It went well,” Sullinger said of his exit meeting. “Coach told me what he saw. Coach told me what I could do better, and coach was really honest. Now I know what he’s looking for. Sometimes you can’t say stuff during the season. You don’t want to change what’s going on during the season. But once the season was over he came at me and told me what he wants, what he needs from me. Now is the time to change.

“He just said what he wants at the offensive and defensive end. He showed flashes of telling me that during the season, but not like he did during the exit interviews. Once my conditioning comes into (form), everything else will follow suit.”


This is a big summer for Jared Sullinger. I’m not expecting him to come into camp looking like Karl Malone, but he needs to replace the baby fat with muscle.

Remember when Kendrick Perkins had a doughy physique?

And finally… A Rajon Rondo sighting in Kentucky.

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  • bill_nair

    I really don’t want Gordon. I think he’ll be a better player than MKG but that’s not what we need. I prefer Vonleh but I’d still rather Danny trade out.

    • pierce Hart

      he does have a very large tongue though.

    • Curt Hays


    • LA Flake

      There’s got to be a stud in this draft not named Parker, Wiggins or Embiid. In just about every draft, there’s a player(s) who flies under the radar and gets drafted late only to kick everyone’s ass once in the league.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Celtics at #4 or 5……No Randle, No Peace!

    “Chiseled” Sully = Karl Malone
    “Chubby” Sully = Glen Davis

  • pierce Hart

    What if Gordon does a Paul George though. With a taller bigger frame he could really dominate.

    If we ended up with the first pick id probably go with Embiid over Parker or Wiggins. If you can make a trade for Kevin Love, you would have a dangerous front court. Surround that with Rondo Bradley and perhaps a trade for MKG you would have a special Defense, a go to guy, height. Plus all the future picks for good rotational players. I like that thought. As Ainge said about the big 3 they all complimented each other.

    • LA Flake

      Kevin Love is not a go to guy. He’s a workhorse, sure. But as KG has shown, and even Pierce when matched up against him this year, Love can be easily taken out with tough defense.

      • pierce Hart

        Really I think he has the clutch gene always wants the ball in his hand. He does it for the wolves all the time

        • kg2128

          Love shoots plenty of shots in the clutch, he is a good shooter. What LA Flake means is Love isn’t a dominant 1 on 1 player who can create his own shot at will. Comparing Love to Dirk for example, Dirk is better in the post and a better shooter. Dirk also has the unblockable fadeaway, Love doesn’t. When you give the ball to Love at the end of games the chance of something good happening is not so high.

  • Curt Hays

    Look at the size of those HANDS.

  • zippittyay

    Aaron Gordon is everything the Celtics lack, which is length, athleticism, defense, toughness and motor. That being said, anyone who can’t hit half his free throws scares the hell out of me. I would be happy to have him at the 5 pick or lower. I believe him to be an impact player right away and will only get better.

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  • BostonBakedCeltics

    2013 Michael Carter-Williams 11th overall, 2012 Damian Lillard 6th and Andre Drummond 9th overall, 2011 Brandon Knight 8th, Kawhi Leonard 15th, Kenneth Faried 22nd, Chandler Parson 38th overall, 2010 Demarcus Cousins 5th, Greg Monroe 7th, Gordon Hayward 9th, Paul George 10th overall, David West 18th overall in 2003. Now lets look at some all time greats such as Paul Pierce 10th overall 1998 Danny Ainge 31st overall 1981 Clyde Drexler 14th overall in 1983 Charles Barkley 5th, John Stockton 16th overall in 1984 Chris Mullin 7th Karl Malone 13th overall in 1985 Kobe Bryant 13th overall in 1996 Chris Bosh 4th D Wade 5th overall in 2003, and last but not least the guy everyone is drooling over Kevin Love 5th overall in 2008 if that doesn’t prove the stupidity of “if it ain’t top three set it free” I don’t know what the f*ck does, glad you’re not the guy who makes that decision!


    Trading a pick just because it’s not top 3 is like cutting off your nose to spite your face. Now if we can trade the pick for someone who will be an instant contributor, i.e. proven scorer, by all means. But I think folks are still too stuck in Wiggins, Parker, Embid or nothing. Chances are we’re not going to get one of those 3-as much as it sucks & I hate it. But still hoping against hope for those ping-pong balls to bounce our way….

  • Nick Knudson

    I’d ussully agree but I like gordon yes he’s needs to learn the whole book of MJ Larry Bird and Karl Malones offfense but he’s a high motor already strong defecively and the youngest player in the draft yes he won’t be a first year dominator but he’ll be key for are future

  • Suarez

    It isn’t fair to compare Gordon to Kidd-Gilchrist. Gordon actually isn’t a terrible shooter from the field, but he is an awful free throw shooter. He was 35.6 percent from three last season, which isn’t great but it does indicate he has at least a decent jumper. The mechanics on Kidd-Gilchrist’s jumper, meanwhile, are very bad and seemingly unfixable.

    Gordon’s terrible shooting from the line prevented him from having a more involved role in the Arizona offense. The big question from teams thinking about picking him: can he significantly improve his free throw shooting? A 42 percent rate is unacceptable for an NBA wing. If he can improve it by 15 or 20 percent, he could be a star.