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Barkley disses Jared Sullinger on TNT

During last night’s Pacers/Hawks game, Jared Sullinger poked some fun at Charles Barkley and Shaq:

TNT aired the tweet and Barkley fired back:

And Sullinger took the high road:


When the hell is TNT going to get rid of Shaq? His “analysis” is brutal.

(h/t Jay King)

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  • eddysamson

    Oh god listening to Shaq at halftime of the Rockets game was just sad.

  • CFH

    I was just glad TNT thought Sully was important enough to put the tweet on the air. If Barkley had really wanted to slam him, he would have gone the “I don’t know who that is or who he plays for” route.

    Shaq is… not good at that job. He’s not even good at the non-analysis, messing around part because he can’t take a joke about himself, in sharp contrast to Barkley.

  • Chris Jones

    Shaq really is an turrrible analyst.

  • tvor03

    Shaq is a goofball, no doubt about it. But he isn’t quick-witted enough for live television.

  • LA Flake

    Shaq ruined the chemistry of that show. The show was SO MUCH better with just Ernie, Chuck and Kenny.

  • aquateenmusic

    (Raises hand) I like Shaq…