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The Bad Boys 30 for 30 is worth your time

ESPN’s newest 30 for 30 film, “Bad Boys,” is flat out awesome.

The Celtics/Pistons rivalry is a big chunk of the film. You get to relive the epic games and fierce battles through the eyes of Isiah Thomas, Joe Dumars, Dennis Rodman, Rick Mahorn, John Salley and Bill Laimbeer.

To this day, my greatest Celtics memory is Larry Bird’s steal in Game 5 of the 1987 conference finals. The goosebumps are enhanced when you hear the Pistons talk about the heartbreak from losing that game. It’s glorious. Isiah admits he panicked and still appears hurt.

Thomas and his teammates express much respect for the Celtics. Isiah said they were scared to death of Bird and that his mother-in-law nicknamed Legend’s jumper, “Silent Death.” The film also dissects Dennis Rodman’s racist comments about Legend that had the backing of Thomas. 25 years later and Isiah still refuses to admit regret over the comment. Stunning.

I will say this about Isiah, he was a phenomenal baller. The man dropped 25 points in the 3rd quarter of an NBA Finals game on severely sprained ankle. He’s underrated today for one reason; his skills are overshadowed by his a-hole personality.

Speaking of a-holes, Bill Laimbeer is still a smug prick. Knowing that he grew up a spoiled rich kid only enhances my disdain for the man.

The physicality of the game in this era is staggering. The Pistons literally beat up Michael Jordan. Imagine if LeBron James had to deal with that type of play?

Check out Bad Boys, you’ll love it.


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  • dk

    NIce to see a post about this–I DVR’d this but caught the last hour at the gym–the whole time I was cursing all the Pistons out–especially that Jerkoff Laimbeer. Can’t wait to watch the first half about the Cs

  • RedsLoveChild

    Good documentary, saw it this morning.

    People can`t change…Thomas remains the exact same insecure “smiling snake” today.

    Seeing Bird excel never gets old….but, a tinge of sadness knowing this was the absolute tail end of the “jaw-dropping great” phase of Larry`s career, and the depressingly painful final 4 years was about to begin.

  • Mike C

    This right here is EXACTLY why Lebron is SO overrated when you compare him to all the greats. Before they instituted the anti-flopping rule for the 2012-13 season, Lebron was regularly sent to the line 20+ times a game. Doc even brought it up after one particular playoff game loss. Pointed out how its pretty hard to win a game when ONE player is sent to the line more times than your entire team. I believe the number was 26, that night. Lebron James and Wade are the ones directly responsible for the anti-flopping rule change. I dont remember ANY rules that had to be created back when Bird, Magic, and Jordan were playing to make the games fair! All of Lebron’s stats prior to the 2012-13 season should have a huge asterisk next to them. Not Valid! Disregard!

    • LA Flake

      I agree 1,000%. I lost all respect (that I never really had) for him when he turned himself into a full time flopper.

  • jrleftfoot

    is it wrong that I still enjoy the chief punching lame beer in the back of the noggin?

  • Double_Up

    Lebron does have to deal with physical play, the guy is physical. But they have flagrant fouls now. Think McHale would’ve lasted his way if they’d have called flagrant fouls? Rambis, Ivaroni, and others would never have gotten a sniff at a job. Who on Detroit couldn’t ball? One you could pick on was Mahorn, but he could defend, move, and rebound. Everyone else had strong skills in at least two areas.

    After the Pistons the NBA created their own Jordan rules. If Jordan misses a shot, it’s a foul. If Jordan does anything wrong, swallow the whistle. As much as that helped Jordan it turned him into an egomaniac (cases in point: his HoF acceptance speech; game vs the Knicks where he dribbled the ball off his own foot and screamed at the refs for 15 minutes after the game that it was a “foul”)