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Jabari Parker declares for the NBA draft

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) April 17, 2014 Draft 14 Comments on Jabari Parker declares for the NBA draft

This draft’s big 3 are now in…

Jabari Parker made the announcement to SI (as you can see in the video above) and he further explained his decision in a written piece on SI.

I haven’t consulted many people during this process. I talked to my parents, though. They simply said it was my decision and they would stand behind me either way. They just want me to be happy.

Ultimately, I boiled my decision down to two simple questions:

Which environment — college or the NBA — offers me the best opportunity to grow as a basketball player?

Which environment — college or the NBA — offers me the best opportunity to grow and develop off the court?

The answer to both questions is undeniably the NBA.

There is something else. My father, Sonny, played in the NBA. I know firsthand that the career span of a pro basketball player is finite. The lucky ones play until their mid-30s. With that perspective, I shrink my professional career with each year that I remain in college. It’s ironic, but true.

Parker is my personal choice of the 3.  I know Embiid has a ton of promise and Wiggins’ ceiling might be higher, but I think Parker will be ready to contribute more quickly.  I think he can be the high-scoring wing of the future.

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  • CFH

    Excellent. He was starting to worry me with the way he dragged his decision out like Doc Rivers in a contract year. Even if the Celtics can’t get Jabari, his being there for someone else to grab means there’s a better consolation prize (or bargaining chip) left for the C’s.

    • Curt Hays

      What I thought upon reading your comment: “Excellent, Smithers!”

  • bill_nair

    I really hope we get Jabari. Wiggins or Jabari. We need a dynamic wing.

  • BillRussell

    Parker would absolutely be my 2nd choice. Could absolutely contribute right away. But unless Embiid has severe back problems (which unfortunately is a huge possibility) , he is absolutely my #1 choice- he is a talent and body that literally comes along once every 30 yrs- he played soccer, so he has great footwork for his size. Bigs usually have horrible footwork. Great hands, already is doing a little dream shake in college. and he is HUNGRY, he isn’t content or satisfied. If he is healthy and continues to work, he could keep us in contention for the next 10 years-

    • Kevin

      Parker is my #1 because Embiid may be a once in a lifetime talent, but he may also be completely overhyped. After the Oden debacle, I have no reservation of drafting a guaranteed all-star forward over a potentially injury prone big man with the possibility at the HOF. Also, Embiid only really started playing basketball a couple years ago so he lacks many of the fundamentals that makes others such as Duncan so great. He’s much more of a rich man’s Serge Ibaka for me.

      Given what Steven did at Butler, doesn’t need a HOF to win. What Parker has shown me at Duke is that he’s going to be a true leader with great, unquestionable character. That will give this team the stability and identity to build on for the future, much like what Pierce has given us.

      • BillRussell

        I really hope we get one of them- cant go wrong- so nervous about our pick- we are lucky to be tied with Utah- seems we always get the shaft in Lottery-

  • RedsLoveChild

    Hmm….play ball for many, many millions $$$ or continue to play for free?

    Yeah, it`s easy to see why that was such a difficult choice.

    • LA Flake

      Well, you know, OTOH, there’s nothing like getting laid in college…

      • RedsLoveChild

        That`s the “amateur” option.

        The “pro” option—–Rolling in a stretch limo, on Las Vegas Blvd., with a few friends named Tiffany or Crystal, a magnum of Dom P., while radiating all sorts of Benjaminness.

        • LA Flake

          You win.

          • Parish345

            jabari is mormon

  • Jaedre

    I hope we get top 3 pick sooooo bad

  • zippittyay

    We should have some prize for the person who can guess both our first round picks….

  • CoachAJ

    If we get shut out of the 1-3 selections I think DA asks how much does Brad, like CJ. I say this because though we do need a rim protector, we also need a bigger backcourt. And IF CJ can slide back to the two, then we could select someone another team wants for their “unwanted” rim protector. CJ is going to cost us less than a draft pick, and already knows our system. Remember that not all SGs are great ballhandlers, so with Rondo and Pressey there CJ doesn’t have to handle it at all. Then at we take another SF, to back up or take Jeff’s spot, though I think Green isn’t going anywhere. And it might be worth taking another look at the Steimer, too.