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Your Morning Dump…Where Tankapalooza ends tonight


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

 With the Lakers’ triumph over the Jazz on Monday, Boston has a one-game cushion on both sides with a single game to play. With a loss on Wednesday against the Washington Wizards, the Celtics would assure themselves of no worse than the fifth position.

The final-day schedule: The Celtics host Washington; the Jazz visit the Minnesota Timberwolves; and the Lakers trek to meet the San Antonio Spurs.

If Boston finishes in a tie with Utah for the fourth-worst record, the two teams would split the lottery probability for those two spots — meaning each team receives 103 pingpong combinations (out of 1,000). One extra combination is awarded to the team that wins a random drawing, and that team will also pick first if neither team vaults to a top-three pick.

Likewise, if the Celtics and Lakers end up knotted for the fifth-worst mark, the two teams would each receive 75 pingpong balls and draw for the extra combo and the tiebreaker

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 7.25.02 AM

EPSN Boston – Down the stretch they come

Well, this is it. Funny how you can single out any one victory this season, whether it be Jeff’s game-winner in Miami, the blowout at MSG, or even Saturday’s win against the Cavs — and know that any of those could determine so much in the future. In many ways, the NBA is an odd league and the draft lottery is definitely one of those ways. Regardless, this is where we stand: Either a tie for the fourth or fifth-worst record, and a chance to draft anywhere from first overall to ninth overall. Basically, even after all this worrying about tanking, we’ll still have to wait until May 20th (Ping-Pong Night!), to see just how much our season of terrible-ness was worth it. Later today, Duke’s Jabari Parker will announce his decision to either stay in school another year, or turn pro. Even if he chooses to turn pro and the C’s get stuck with the eight pick, a sort of trickle-down effect should still help us land a better player than if he stays at Duke. And of course, if we luck out at the lottery, he’d be a prime candidate for us with a top-three pick. So to recap: We’ve still got some waiting to do, but today’s a pretty big day.

Page 2: Where losing didn’t sit well with the ’96-97 squad

It was an afternoon home game against the Toronto Raptors, and it was to be the Celts’ 67th loss of a season dedicated to the draft lottery pursuit of Tim Duncan. The players gathered in a huddle in the hallway outside the dressing room, as was their tradition. There would generally be a word of encouragement or inspiration and some type of “1-2-3 — Celtics” sendoff.

But on this day, there was silence as the lads came together and put their hands in. After a quiet beat or two, a voice of perspective rose from the pack. A voice that sounded an awful lot like that of Rick Fox delivered the Sunday sermon:

“Let’s get this (expletive) thing over with.”

And with that, the Celts took the floor and took their 125-94 beating from the 30-52 Raptors.

“There were probably a couple of huddles like that,” said Dana Barros, the local guy who’d signed on as a free agent the year before. “We were looking forward to that season being over.”

It’s fair to say the Celtics who gather at the Garden this evening will be longing for the offseason when they take their satchel full of losses out for a final spin against the Washington Wizards. But as difficult as this planned plunge of a season might have been to experience, it’s really nothing like the dive taken 17 years ago.

“What a strange year that was,” said Fox, who went on to win three championships with the Los Angeles Lakers. “It was just awful — and strange.”

Boston Herald – Celtics Beat: The bitter end

A pretty interesting read from the Herald’s Steve Bulpett. The article goes on to further quote Rick Fox, who said he had games where he’d score 30 points in the first three quarters and then sit on the bench, where he’d realize it wasn’t about winning. On a happier note, he also admits that this year’s Celtics squad is in a much better situation than his squad in 1997: “It’d help if they can get lucky in the lottery, but they’ve got some really good players and a bunch of picks down the line, too.”

Yes, some luck would be nice.

And finally, Jared Sullinger still undecided for tonight’s game

The left ankle sprain Sullinger suffered on Friday against Charlotte has been slow to improve, resulting in him missing Boston’s last two games.

Last season Sullinger underwent season-ending back surgery, which capped his season at 45 games.

And while he won’t rule out playing in the season finale at home against Washington on Wednesday, it’s not looking all that promising at this point.

“It just depends,” Sullinger said. “Right now, the swelling has gone down but not as much as it needs to be. We’ll see. I don’t know.”

CSNNE – Sullinger: We’ll see about status vs. Wizards

Sure, it’d be nice to see Sully finish the season on a high note, but it’d be far nicer to see this team lock up the tie for fourth. The Wizards are still positioning themselves in the Eastern seeding, so I’d imagine their guys won’t be resting much. Let’s wrap this thing up with one more #CompetitiveLoss and forget any of it ever happened.

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  • John Smith

    Why are they still starting their strongest team? Surely with nothing to gain from a win, and no way to really upset the Wizards season, you just start Babb, Pressey, Johnson, Olynyk and Anthony? The only thing to gain is player development, so start the players who rarely play, and don’t risk injuries to players who actually have value.

  • NE_Celt

    As much as I want this painful season to end…I hate not being able to watch the C’s play a few times a week. Also going to miss being able to come on here and read great articles on the C’s! I read more articles on here then the everyday news haha.

    May 20th is def marked on my calendar for the ping pong show…err…I mean the lottery 😛

  • bill_nair

    ” Since the weighted lottery system introduced in 1990, only three teams
    with the worst record went on to win the lottery while only four teams
    with the second-worst record have won the lottery.”

    3rd worse and 5th worse have won the lottery 5 times each (more than any other position). Im perfectly fine where we are. I think we’ll finally be dealt some good luck.

    • swissflix

      I agree! For some reason i think we will be rewarded for not tanking on purpose like back in `96!

    • Roy Sanchez

      Right there with you. I was afraid of ending with a bottom three record because then we would get screwed again. Hopefully we got some good luck and just end up with a top three pick.

      • bill_nair

        After watching the awful bobcats the past few seasons get screwed in the lottery I never wanted to be the worst. It all depends on the luck of the draw but it seems like being the worse team is actually, well, worse.

  • RedsLoveChild

    The goal was never to get the #1 pick….it was to get a Top 3 pick, which we now have no legitimate shot at getting.

    That`s on Brad Stevens…..He proved way too sensitive about starting off his pro career with a crappy W-L%. He`s still coaching every game as though it`s the NBA Finals! He came here with a “Boy Wonder” rep, due to him winning 77% as a collegiate coach. Winning only 30% as a Celtic kills him, as his spotless/flawless rep has ended.

    We should`ve tanked away the season in earnest, not in a half-ass fashion. All that BS talk about trying to create a winning atmosphere {with occasional wins this season} is total nonsense. When we won the title in KG`s first year, did anyone care that we won 24 games the previous year?!? When we won a title in Bird`s second year, nobody gave a crap we won only 29 just 2 years earlier.

    • eddysamson

      go read what Bill Nair posted.

      • RedsLoveChild

        He`s talking about getting the Top pick…we need a Top 3 pick.

        We have a 91.2% chance of NOT getting the Top pick.
        More importantly, we have a 71% chance of NOT getting a Top 3.

    • KGino

      waaah our chances dropped a whole 2.5%. Chill out man. It’s called “lottery” for a reason. This aint the NFL

      • RedsLoveChild

        Good math skills, Einstein.

        Utah has a 37.8% chance of getting a Top 3 pick…Boston has a 29.1% chance…..that`s an 8.7% differential {not 2.5%}.

        • KGino

          Was referring to the article, dropping from 103 (out of 1000) ping pong balls to 75 is just about 2.5%.

          • RedsLoveChild

            Going from 103 balls {out of 1000} to 75 balls is a 2.5% decline???

            Guess again, “Mensa Boy”….it`s a 27.2% decline!!

          • KGino

            yea you better edit your stupid stupid comment.

    • tvor03

      you are the worst person to visit this site. I literally hate every time I see your name in the comments section.

      • RedsLoveChild

        Who is holding you at gunpoint, forcing you to read my comments?

      • KGino

        I’m not even sure a championship would make this guy happy. One of the most pessimistic people i’ve ever come across.

  • swissflix

    Did anyone notice what kind of strange shorts Rick Fox is wearing in that picture in the Boston Herald?

    • dk

      i think those were the 50th anniversary NBA uniforms during the anniversary season.

  • adam

    Here is hoping to a top 3 pick.

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  • Mike C

    Thank God this season is over! It was just hard to watch the C’s lose all those games. Still proud of our guys for putting up somewhat of a fight this year…
    Unlike Philly. Hope karma bites them in the ass on lottery night!