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Recap: It’s all over

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) April 16, 2014 Recaps 11 Comments on Recap: It’s all over



“Just look at the flowers, 2013-14 Celtics.  Just look at the flowers”

Isn’t this the way this was supposed to end?

No grand, heroic Celtics finale to show off for the home crowd.  No Rondo triple-double.  No Jeff Green 40 point explosion.

No.  These Boston Celtics ended their season with the whimper it deserved.  There were bright spots.  There were tight spots.  But in the end, the Celtics did what they’d set out to do for the entirety of this 82 game season:  work hard and lose. 

82 games have now come and gone.  The last ended the way 56 before it did.  With a loss.  The Celtics ended their season with 25 wins, good for no worse than 5th in the final lottery standings.

As far as tonight went, Phil Pressey, in possibly his last game as a Celtic, had yet another double-digit assist game… dropping 10 dimes to finish off an impressive final month.  Jeff Green, in possibly his last game as a Celtic, had 20 on 6-15 shooting, finishing the season on a positive note.  Brandon Bass, in possibly his last game as a Celtic, had 16 points and 7 rebounds to go along with his well deserved Red Auerbach award.  Avery Bradley, in possibly his last game as a Celtic, had 18.

Kelly Olynyk had 24 to lead the C’s tonight, but I expect him back next season, so I didn’t want to put him in that last paragraph.

That’s it.  That’s all.  The season is over.  Now we’re on to the real fun stuff.

So with that in mind I want say two things.  First, those of you who are new to our site. rest assured that this is where we actually will pick up the pace a bit.  As we get closer to the lottery and draft, we’ll have more coverage and analysis.  So don’t think we’re going dormant.  We’re just getting started.

And to all of you who read, even through a shitty, 25-win season:  thank you.

We may not all agree on what’s happening, or what the best course of action is.  But we appreciate that you’ve chosen Red’s Army as part of your Celtics experience.  We are truly grateful for those of you who read the site and follow us on Twitter.

Thanks one and all!


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  • bill_nair

    I’ve had some great discussions on here this season. Its a great place to discuss the C’s and the best Celtics blog on the web.

    Glad the season is over though. I cant say I didn’t want only 25 wins or less, but its difficult to watch 57 losses. Here’s to a quick turn around next season and some draft luck. I think the Bball god’s are being heckled by Red to finally give us some luck.

  • Brad

    Thanks for another great season! Even for a 25 win stinker, you guys made it enjoyable.

  • Brad P

    Well for all the draft junkies, Jazz won tonight so we end up tied with them in the final standing. I’m convinced that Danny has a nice surprise planned in the offseason.

  • Lee in Oregon

    I’d bet that Avery Bradley and Green will be back. Anyways. lets hope that’s as rock bottom as we get. Sully didn’t exactly make me feel great about the future with his “maybe”. speech. Props to the Jazz for going double OT and knocking off Sota, that ties them with us. Time to start feeling lucky, Go C’s!

  • art

    All in all a pretty good night for the Green. Utah won in 2OT and allowed the C’s to tie them for fourth place in the Ping-Pong ball lottery. The Fakers will draft behind the C’s unless they get lucky. And our guys, PP and KG, have moved in to the Miami Defeat’s bracket and are now on a collision course for a Brooklyn-Miami second round match-up. Not a bad night at all. Actually a pretty good one.

  • Jester00

    Walking dead funny dam this has been hard on my liver can’t wait till next year

  • John Smith

    KO made me believe down the stretch. All around, he’s a better player than Sullinger; better shooter, scorer, hustle and he’s got the size. Definitely hope he’s still here next year.


    Thank you everyone for reading, commenting, debating, disagreeing, berating Heat & Lakers fans, cursing out trolls and for being the most educated & dedicated readers & fans around. You all get a Tommy Point as far as I’m concerned.

  • Mike C

    Just wanted to say “Thanks” to John, Chuck, & KWAPT for all the great posts this season. It really says alot about Celtics fans when we can still discuss view points… even during a season as frustrating as this one. Everyone keep in mind this summer, we can only go up from here. Looking forward to the C’s being in playoff contention soon!

  • Pete Luscombe

    Love the Walking Dead analogy lmao

  • Jess Thomas

    I had a blast reading your blog for the second part of the season when I was introduced to it in January! Great material and very humorous and interactive. I look forward to your future posts.

    I have my own recap and update blog that I began a few months ago. Check it out here:

    Thanks! Great work.