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Your Morning Dump… Where Danny Ainge predicts 2015 as Rondo’s best year of his career


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“I think Rondo’s going to have a great year next year,” Ainge said. “I think he’s going to have the best year of his career. Watching Rondo right now and watching him develop as a player I feel like he’s headed towards the best year of his career.”

Rondo has been mentioned several times in trade rumors this season. When asked if there was a good possibility Rondo would be with the Celtics next year, Ainge said, “Of course.”

When asked if he has spoken with Rondo about the guard’s long-term future in Boston, Ainge said: “Listen, I tell everybody the same, whether it’s KG [Kevin Garnett], Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo, whatever, I really love and respect all the guys but I can’t ever promise anybody that [a trade] won’t happen. That’s not my job. My job is not assure them [they’re staying] but to do what I think is best for the Celtics. I don’t have an intention or plan [to trade Rondo] but I can never make that sort of promise.

“I don’t know who’s going to be in a Celtics uniform. We have a lot of work to do this summer. I think Rondo is our best player.”

With the Celtics missing the playoffs, Rondo will get some extra time to rest before working himself into premium condition for next season. He also has said he will reduce his off-the-court obligations.

“I think Rondo would have felt bad and probably wouldn’t have come back as early as he did had our team been winning a lot of games. It’s hard for a player not playing the way that they’re used to and he’s a great player with great pride. But I think in his mind and what I see on the court, he’s gotten over that. I’m really excited about next year for him.”

Boston Globe – Danny Ainge sees huge year ahead for Rajon Rondo

As with many of Ainge’s quotes, they can be interpreted a number of ways, but Ainge could very well be correct in his prediction.  Rondo will be in his prime while having a full summer to heal, recover, train and prepare for a new season.  So logically, you could expect him to have a career year.  Oh yeah, there’s also that huge variable in the “Best year of Rondo’s career” equation called: ‘contract year.’  You better believe that Rondo is aware of what’s going on inside and outside of Boston and he is human like everyone else, so you can definitely expect him to have a career year next year.  Everything is lined up that way, anyway.  So when Ainge says all this, he’s aware of it as well.  At this point, the team and the league is aware of his game and everything that comes along with it.  But like everything else that involves the Celtics team currently, it all depends on where those ping pong balls land on May 20th.

Like it or not, such is their reality and reading between the lines of Ainge’s quotes, you can come away with this understanding when he says he can’t guarantee that anybody will be here for sure.  Ainge knows what he is doing and what he is saying, and chooses his words and actions carefully.  Rondo is unquestionably their best player and most valuable asset.  I’m guessing Ainge and Wyc will once again revisit the contract extension discussions with Rondo and his agent after midnight on July 1 of this year.  And while the offer will be slightly better than the one they offered this year, it’s still not even close to what Rondo could max out with if he waited until July 1, 2015.  But again, that comes with the caveat that he stays here, because the C’s can offer him more years and money than any other team.  With one game remaining, there’s plenty to ponder over, along with plenty of time to do so.  Enjoy the NBA playoffs for about a month until you actually have anything tangible to start thinking about.

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  • Curt Hays

    OK ok ok, I’ll get NBA League Pass one more time…don’t let me down. I’m looking for Rondo, Kelly, Sully, Stevens, and Humphries to make next season worth it again.

    • Someguyinsac

      Same here. Kind of figured from the get-go that this was going to be a lost season, but I’ll still stick it out for one more LP season and hope things get better next year.

    • John Smith

      Let’s not turn into those fans of mediocre teams who blindly support their non-playoff team, constantly talking about how ‘next year it’ll all come together’. If next year, all we have is a pass-first point guard passing to Humphries and two players at the start of their careers, then it’s not going to be much better. I don’t think Ainge will let that be the Celtics again next year, hopefully not anyway. Sully and KO can’t co-exist on a good team either, so kill that pipe-dream.

      • bill_nair

        How do you know Sully and KO can’t coexist on a good team? Can I get the lotto numbers for this week too?

        Some fans have optimism even if others are completely miserable. It’s sports. We want our teams and players to succeed. If wanting a few more than 25 wins next year is a pipe dream than so be it, I’ll buy that dream rather than the nightmare this years been.

        • John Smith

          I know that, because lack of rim protection is why the Celtics have been so awful this year, and neither of those guys can protect the rim; they play like stretch fours, even though they’re not great shooters.

          What are ‘a few more wins’ going to do? Isn’t the goal a championship for a team like Boston? If there’s no direction, then what’s the point? That’s why these useless wins to put us further down the lottery have been so annoying.

  • Brad P

    It would interesting to see Rondo go “all-out” in a regular season. Normally he’s been going through the motions until the playoffs (when he turns into a absolute fiend)

  • Herman Bubbert

    Considering that Rondo’s post-return play has eroded his value, I wouldn’t expect anything else from Ainge. Should be good news for the Rondo-o-philes: He’s untradable.

    • tvor03

      he just got back from reconstructive knee surgery. Did you honestly expect him to play like Magic Johnson?

      • Curt Hays

        Quit being a Rondophile! You’re such a fanboy, homer, Rondo-lover, biased, opinionated fanatic! You know…I wonder if “fan” is short for fanatic…maybe it’s okay for people to be irrational regarding the players that inspire them. Nah, this is a business, and if anyone is inspired then he’s an idiot!

      • RedsLoveChild

        RR is now playing like Magic Johnson….unfortunately, Magic Johnson is now a morbidly obese, 54 year old man.


    for a Mormon, Danny is certainly quite a bullsh*t artist!! When he was a kid in school and forgot his homework, his stories & excuses must have been priceless. Danny would trade his entire family never mind Rondo for another ring.

    • Someguyinsac

      Are you bagging on Danny because he’s a Mormon that happens to work as a GM for a pro team or are you bagging on him because he’s a GM for a pro team that happens to be a Mormon?

      He’s doing his job as far as I’m concerned and even if he belonged to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, I wouldn’t care what his religious views are or aren’t as long as he’s doing the job.

      • BIG_HITTA1

        I was attempting (and failing?) to make a lighthearted joke. I truly could care less about his religion also. But my underlying point is that Danny is a bullsh*t artist and I LOVE IT!!! People are stupid to take stock in anything any GM says in public (regardless of the sport). And I believe he would trade Rondo for a reasonable offer. Danny will talk up RR in the press and hope to bump his trade value.

        • Curt Hays

          Thanks for clarification. It’s all good, but it probably isn’t the best way to make your point on here.

        • Someguyinsac

          What Curt said. 😉

  • jason benn

    Can we for once stop with analyzing the next season before this one is even over?!?!? We just had a historically crappy season sure who cares let’s let these guys rest and get they body and minds right for next season. Then when next season starts with rondo as the pg then you can start with the over analyzing . Our players are under the impression we are the best fans to have so let’s not start getting down on next season already like a heAt or faker fan would. Boston strong people where has that gone I for one don’t see it.