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Your Morning Dump/Recap..Where K.O. Led Boston Over The Cavs

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Boston Celtics v Cleveland CavaliersBehind a career-high (tied) 25 points from Kelly Olynyk, 25 more from Avery Bradley & a 13 assist night from Phil Pressey, Boston obliterated the Cavaliers in Cleveland last night 111-99. Don’t let the final score fool you-this game was never close and Boston led by as many as 33 points. A 41 point fourth quarter from Cleveland, the biggest quarter by a Boston opponent all year, helped the Cavs make the final score appear respectable. K.O. also had 12 rebounds and 3 assists, the latter putting him in elite company as far as Celtics rookies go.

From Gary Washburn’s Globe Sunday Notes:

Olynyk had three assists Saturday night to reach 101 on the season and become only the 12th Celtics rookie, and first since Paul Pierce in 1998-99, to record 500 points, 300 rebounds, and 100 assists. The list includes Bob Cousy,Frank RamsayTom HeinsohnDave CowensLarry Bird, and Antoine Walker

The Celtics were without Rondo, Bayless, Sully & Humphries due to various ailments, which meant Boston had just 8 healthy bodies for last night’s game. It was a great opportunity for Olynyk to get some serious playing time in a starting role. Kelly logged 39 minutes, the most he’s played all season. Sure, you can say that the Cavaliers played some lackluster defense, but the kid definitely deserves credit for a solid game. I’ve liked a lot of what I’ve seen from Olynyk this season, and as a rookie, of course he’s had some “not quite ready for the NBA” moments as well. But I’m convinced the guy they call “Klynyk” has the potential to be a consistent contributor for the Celts. I also strongly believe that some time in the gym/weight room will benefit Kelly immensely. He’s got great hands, a soft touch & decent footwork, but needs to get stronger.

DownToBuck put together this clip of Kelly’s 25 pt, 12 reb & 3 ast night:

And in case you missed it, Phil Pressey (9 pts, 5 rebs & 13 asts) used every last bit of his 5’11” frame to get up for this impressive put back dunk:

Page 2: Celts drop to 5th in draft lottery odds

Boston’s win over the Cavs coupled with Utah’s loss to the Nuggets drops the Celtics to 5th in Tankathon’s draft lottery standings. The C’s, (25-55) Magic, (23-56) Jazz, (24-56) & Lakers (25-54) are all separated by just 2 games or less. We won’t know the Celts’ exact draft odds until the regular season ends on Wednesday night.

Tankathon   NBA Draft Tracker

The rest of the links:

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  • swissflix

    Guess this rebuilding crap is not going to be done in just one summer with a sixth pick or worse. Expect lots of trading with guys like Sully, Bass or Olynyk.

    • RedsLoveChild

      Ainge & Stevens = Dumb & Dumber

      3 likely wins in final week = 6th pick, blown opportunity, wasted season

    • Skibum

      What a disaster. We blow all year only to win a few late season games and lose out on valuable lottery position. What are we doing?

  • Double D

    Well if you go by Lottery history and not Lottery odds then the 5th worst record is where you want to be. They pulled a top 3 pick more times than any other team outside the 3 worst records. 5 #1 picks 5 #2 picks and 4 #3 picks.

    • hj

      proves the lottery is rigged.

  • John Smith

    Imagine if Utah and LA get top 3 picks now and Wiggins, Embiid and Parker pan out. Then let’s say Bradley leaves, Green and Olynyk get traded and others inevitably leave; the Celtics rebuild ruined by a bunch of guys who were barely even Celtics. This has to be some of the most depressing stuff I’ve ever seen.

  • Scott

    they sat rondo sully bayless & hump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what else you want them to do people?????? they tried

    • KWAPT

      Exactly. Some of these comments are hilarious. Professional athletes being blamed for winning against a sorry ass team that could’ve been beaten by a D1 team. What do they expect Stevens to do? Instill a losing attitude in his players? Not too mention it’s percentage points we’re talking about odds wise. I want them to have the best lottery odds too, but I’m not going to be mad at players for doing what they’re paid to do: compete.

      • Mike C

        I’ve been following Celtic basketball for 30 years and I cant remember a time when our fans actively argued for the team to throw games. Its a Disgrace! Do these so called fans understand the term ‘Lottery’? Its ‘Random Chance’ People! Go back and read Johns previous article… 3.6% difference. When we get a top 3 pick from the 5 spot, I want apologies posted from everyone who thought we should have followed in Philly’s footsteps. Yes, that means you ‘Reds love child’!

        • John Smith

          It’s pretty easy to get pissed at players who’ve given little effort all season (JEFF GREEN) and probably won’t be Celtics beyond next season, for taking us out of good draft position. Obviously it’s irrational to be annoyed, but being a sports fan is all about acceptable irrationality.

          • Mike C

            I hear what your saying. I just think its ridiculous how much faith some fans have in a ‘Random Chance’ outcome. It makes me wonder how many of them have ever been to vegas? If we get lucky on draft night…Great! If not I have faith that those in the front office will make the trades we need to be competitive again very soon. In the meantime, I personally will never root against any Celtic team for showing some pride and fighting till the end. What would ‘Bird’ do if faced with the same scenario?

          • John Smith

            Have they really showed much pride though? Before the win against Charlotte they were 1-14 over their last 15, if you’re really putting that much effort in, that isn’t the type of stretch you have. I believe that Stevens is doing everything he can to win, but when guys like Green, Sullinger and Rondo give poor defensive/overall effort/performances, what can you do? Rondo just doesn’t try on D anymore, and Green gives the most inconsistent effort I’ve seen.

      • John Smith

        No one is blaming them for winning, it’s just a little annoying that this whack team can’t buy a win after the all-star break, and then they go on a 4 game win streak down the stretch.

  • Lee in Oregon

    I didn’t think Phil Pressey could touch the rim, much less dunk. Nice effort Cleveland….

  • Brad

    I know tanking logic says otherwise, but I’ll gladly take a win on the road keyed by 2 rookies.

  • Brad P

    We’re 2-8 in our last 10 games. We had a 14 road game losing streak. People are acting like we’re the hottest team in the league.

    • John Smith

      Still, it’s going to be depressing if Utah gets the first pick, and drafts someone who has a HOF career. This also slows the rebuild down considerably. I’m sure the T-Wolves would have taken Exum and Sullinger for Love.

  • GreenbirdCro

    NBA Regular Season Stats – Totals
    Season Team GP GS Min FGM-A FG% 3PTM-A 3PT% FTM-A FT% FIC OFF DEF Reb Ast Stl Blk PF TO Pts
    1993-1994 BOS 80 47 2303.0 491-942 .521 0-1 .000 226-301 .751 833 191 386 577 114 70 67 276 149 1208

    How ’bout these stats (for a rook everyone seems to forget)?


    Stevens #1 flaw this yr was not playing Kelly O 30+ mins EVERY game. very disappointed in Stevens for his lack of playing time. Praying for a 4th worst record finish for the C’s!!!!!!