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Can you play 30 minutes tonight for Brad Stevens?

If Hump sits, Stevens will have 8 bodies for tonight’s game vs Cleveland.

Pressey, Bradley, Green, Bass and Olynyk are likely to start. They’ll be backed up by Johnson, Babb and Joel Anthony. 

Two questions for you: How is your jumper and can you get to Cleveland by 7pm?

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  • Matthew Diehm

    I’m suiting up right now, got the ice packs on the knees and the pre-game meal of 8 PB&J’s ready.

    • Chulinho

      Got any extra ice packs? I’ll need a few after I show you guys some moves out there. Lol

      • Matthew Diehm

        Well, looks like they didn’t need us out there tonight. I was screamin’ ‘put me in coach, I can handle that rock’ lol Then I strained my quad…

  • Astarot

    Well, it’d be quite tough from Poland unless you have Concord in your backyard 😀
    All jokes away 8 guys, on the road I don’t see them winning.

    • KWAPT

      I certainly hope not..can still fight for that 3rd best spot for draft night.

      • Astarot

        For Cs it’s all about the odds (though I’m not sure how much it really matters) and if I’m not wrong Cavs are still in the mix for playoff spot so they wanna get this one for sure.

  • GreenbirdCro

    I would teleport right now if I knew I would have me some PT! lol 🙂 I would be at least good for 6 hard fouls lmfao (& some trash talk too) I’m sure that with me in the lineup we would have bigger chances getting one of top 3 draft prospects!

  • CFH

    Danny: (sinister) Brad, you won even without Rondo.

    Brad: (oblivious) Yeah, it’s been a hard year with all the losing but the way Phil has come along is one of the bright spots. Great story, you know? Undrafted kid not even six feet tall catches on with the team he used to watch as a teenager, gets the start unexpectedly, puts up a double-double–

    Danny: That’s all very nice. Just hypothetically, how many players would have to sit before this team would lose?

    Brad: Don’t joke about that. We’ve still only won one of our last ten. We needed this for our sanity.

    Danny: Of course. I love how hard you have the guys competing and how well they hang together even with three games left. But hypothetically–

    Brad: If you sat down half the team–


    Sully: But after last year it’s really important to me to play as much as–

    Danny: I’ll call your father.

    Sully: Hmph.

    • jason benn

      Aww was hoping there was more lol nice oone

    • Curt Hays

      if you’re going to post something this awesome, you have to tag me. This was almost lost for all time!