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Your Morning Dump… Where Rondo deserves to be benched for his bad habits?

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“Part of this thing is, Rondo has developed bad habits from playing with Doc Rivers’ team. That was an experienced, elderly team. They weren’t pressing the issue. They executed plays to perfection.”

“This team has to go and find opportunities without plays. They’ve got to be aggressive without plays because they don’t execute that well yet.”

Heinsohn continued, “One of the things you do, and it’s tough to do with a guy like Rondo, is you pull him out and put someone else in. I don’t care [that he’s the captain]. That’s what you have to do. You’ve got to pull him aside and talk to him. It’s a bad habit that he has from playing with different types of players. He has to play the style that brings out the best in these current teammates.”


Not sure how I missed this scathing criticism from Tommy Heinsohn. Oh I know, I watch little of the games and even less of the post game analysis these days.

Generally Tommy goes overboard with his demands for more fast-break basketball. He expects the Celtics to “run” on baseline inbound plays after a timeout.

But he’s right in this case. Rondo needs to push the tempo whenever possible.

The benching talk is a bit much. Brad Stevens can continue to drill the message into Rondo’s head, but in the end, you have to trust Rondo’s feel for the game.

I always thought Paul Pierce settled for deep jumpers in the final seconds of games. Should Doc have benched him for not going to the hoop more?

Meanwhile, RR is looking forward to the summer:

“Next year will be fun, it will be a fresh start,” he said. “I’ll be able to go through training camp and my conditioning will be better than ever and I’ll have a full summer to train at full speed, at full strength. [Last] summer I wasn’t able to train. This summer will be a fun summer, probably the best summer of my career. I’m looking forward to it, something to take out of it. Not making the playoffs, I’ll have a lot more time to train and get better.”

“That’s how it is, you know?” Rondo said. “It’s not going to be perfect every year. It’s not going to be 60 wins every year. It’s part of the process. [Paul Pierce] went through a similar process, and I talked to ‘P’ a couple of times. I kind of knew what to expect and this is part of it.”

I’m really hoping for some fireworks this summer. I can’t take another lottery season.

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On Page 2, Bill Russell has one question for gay athletes:

“It seems to me, a lot of questions about gay athletes, were the same questions they used to ask about us,” Russell said during a panel discussion at the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library in Austin, which is hosting a summit celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act.

Russell said he would have only one question about a gay teammate: Can he play?

Huff Post

Once an iconic civil rights leader, always an iconic civil rights leader.

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  • bill_nair

    Pushing the pace is fine and all but who do we have to finish on the break? Green can’t finish anywhere but on the right side, Rondo has been awful at the rim this year, Bradley can’t make a layup. KO may be our best player to have finish on the break.

    • eddysamson

      KO + Humph can finish with a dunk, Chris Johnson is good here but not always available, other than that it would be Vitor but he’s out.

      • Curt Hays

        I love all three of those guys, but idk about Humph dunking. He has failed on too many of them this season…hahaha

  • jason benn

    Tommy is right they should run. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Pass the ball quick find an open guy score pick up your man play defense basket made or missed you get that ball and take off! Look at defense’s now people are super lazy if you push it non stop while they turn their back on us Rondo goes flying by with green a blur on the side how you gonna stop that!?!? Your not you are in poor position and already two steps behind. That’s textbook simple basic basketball. Happens to be celtics way of playing thus 17 banners all of which came from teams that ran hell of a lot more often then now or last couple years. Tommy just wants to see Rondo get it together and since he now is a captain in a long line of great tommy expects more. Other then red tommy more or less had a hand in every banner we have, sure some of them from commentate but he travels with the team well did more then now.

    BILL RUSSELL IS THE TRUE OG, that’s all we as fans should be asking about our gay athletes so you like men and your a man you like women and your a woman great good for you but if there is five seconds left in a game seven finals and you have the open shot can you hit it for us? Orientation has nothing to do with skill, Collins bust his butt every time he’s out there, he doesn’t stop to admire pierces cute mouse like face lol he balls.

    I digress but look how well d wade and Lebron play, 😉 they just haven’t come out yet. (Just a zing on them relax ppl it a joke don’t go pc crazy on me)

  • Vinny Coppolla

    The only problem is gay rights are not civil rights.

    • LA Flake

      It’s all just a side show to keep people divided & distracted. Talk about fringe issues..

    • Yeah, they are civil rights. They’re the definition of civil rights. Civil right aren’t black rights or women’s rights. Civil right’s are a PERSON’S rights to live free of discrimination based on who they are.

      • Vinny Coppolla

        Civil rights are based on something you can’t change, such as skin color. Homosexuals can change and they often do. If you want to debate me on that point, I can produce several people who have “changed” their orientation … including myself.

    • RedsLoveChild

      Let Freedom Ring!….{as in Bill Russell`s 11 Rings}

  • KGino

    Tommy is mostly right about the running tho… It is the best way to run your offense. I like to use the terms “motion & momentum” rather than “running” when it comes to the NBA. The Spurs use a lot of motion and always keep their momentum going forward, and are one of the best offenses in the league no matter who their players.

    What I mean by motion and momentum is, if you watch NBA games closely, any player who doesn’t halt their momentum once they have space is pretty much rewarded with a layup, free throws, or kick out assists. The only downfall can be an offensive charge. Once you have space on offense, that means the defense is behind. If you keep the ball in motion and maintain the momentum of the play, the defense should never catch up. This is why guys like Bass who seem to have glue on their hands drive me insane.

    Watch for this! I can often tell if a play will result in a bucket moments before the ball goes thru the hoop, all based off offensive players motion and momentum. Friends who watch the game with me have asked how I know to say “NICE!” 2 seconds before a monster dunk, or how I know how to groan 3 seconds before an opposing team kicks out for a wide open 3. It’s because I know its about to happen based on their momentum and spacing. Either that or watching every C’s game for the past 15 years has given me ESP.