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Your Morning Dump… Wee!!! The Celtics continue to slide down the standings

Celtics slide

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump. 

If the regular season ended today, the Celtics and Magic would split the probability between the third and fourth positions, leaving each team a roughly 42.5 percent chance at a top 3 pick (and a 13.7 percent chance at the top overall selection). If there’s separation between the two teams before the end of the season, the difference between the two spots is noticeable. A sole third-place finish ups the chances of a top 3 pick to 46.9 percent and of the No. 1 pick to 15.6 percent (while the fourth-place finisher falls to 37.8 percent for top 3 and 11.9 percent for No. 1).

Just keep in mind that, unlike playoff position, lottery ties see teams split the available number of ping-pong ball combinations (with any odd-number leftovers determined via coin flip, leaving slight differences in the two teams’ probabilities).

What’s more, the Celtics are set to receive Brooklyn’s first-round pick, which is just about locked into the 17th spot at this point after Wednesday’s loss.

And a look at the remaining schedules for Boston, Orlando, and Utah:


ESPN Boston

Milwaukee and Philadelphia are getting all the attention for their respective tank jobs this season, but let’s not underestimate the Celtics.

The C’s were 12-14 and in 1st place in the Atlantic division back on December 16. They’ve gone 11-41 since.

Note some of these streaks:

  • Over the last 15, they are 1-14
  • From Dec 16 through Jan 29, they went 3-19

And don’t get discouraged by Orlando’s softer schedule down the stretch, because as Chris Forsberg points out in his article, playoff teams without anything to gain are likely to rest their key players.

On Page 2, Danny Ainge says Paul Pierce and KG struggled just like Jeff Green.

Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge joined Mike Gorman, and former Celtic guard Chris Herren, as analysts on CSNNE’s telecast of the C’s game at Atlanta on Wednesday night.

One of the players Ainge talked about is the much-talked-about Jeff Green, who Ainge said “can’t be the No. 1 guy on a championship team, but he can be an important piece on a championship team.

“We’ve tried to expand Jeff’s game, have him take shots with more efficiency, shoot more 3s off the dribble, which aren’t as high percentage as he’s used to,” Ainge said “So, his percentages have gone down a little bit, but we like that he’s taking those shots.

“People forget that KG, Paul [Pierce] and [Ray] Allen all strugged when they were on non-playoff teams before they got to Boston,” Ainge said in comparing them to Green. “Even though they had good numbers here and there, they didn’t have consistently good numbers until they got back together. Jeff needs help.”


Danny Ainge didn’t pull any punches last night as color commentator. He routinely blasted the Celtics, collectively and individually, during last night’s loss to Atlanta.

I’m not buying these comments about Jeff Green. We are constantly making excuses for this guy.

When Green was playing with PP and KG, the excuse was that he was deferring too much. That Green would thrive without any restraints.

Not Danny is saying he needs help?

The rest of the links:

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  • Evan Murphy

    Hey Chuck who do you think the Celts should eye with the second (17th) pick? I’m a fan of TJ Warren. All the mock boards show hell be available at that point. Kid can flat score has good size and speed at 6’8.

    • bill_nair

      Wouldn’t mind him with that second pick but his play late in the season may pull him into the lotto. I’d like to see Aaron Harrison or PJ Hairston with that second pick. or Latrell Hazrel (forgot his last name) from Louisville.

      • Evan Murphy

        I like Hairston too, I think he will be a solid NBA player

  • Paul Yee

    Can you post a hi res of that photoshop so I can make it my desktop?

  • Curt Hays

    11-41 after starting 12-14…WOW.

  • RedsLoveChild

    KG, Pierce, Allen all “struggled” before becoming teammates???

    Their teams might`ve struggled, but they weren`t struggling….each was averaging 23-25 PPG.

    Jeff Green is a shiny, new Ferrari in a showroom window…with no engine under the hood!

    • eddysamson

      yep totally agree

    • LA Flake

      23-25PPG while being the focal point of defensive schemes from 29 other teams. But I agree with Danny’s sentiment. Green would be a fantastic #3 guy especially if this team had a dominant big. And I believe he’s going to have 1 or 2 years in his career where he’s going to blossom and dominate from his position. The problem with Jeff right now is that unlike Pierce & KG, he doesn’t hate enough. PP and KG hated everyone they played against. Green lacks that. And he needs to get that.

      • RedsLoveChild

        You CANNOT change who you are.

        It`s “hard-wired” in Jeff Green`s DNA….he is passive & lethargic.

  • CFH

    Look at Rondo not smiling on the slide. He obviously wants to be traded, is a pain to be around, and is completely out of sync with his teammates.

    Revoke the captaincy!!


    Boston Sports Radio

  • Astarot

    I’ve been searching through the draft predictions/mock drafts.
    First thing that surprised me a bit was that most of the analysts had Cs selecting no. 4 (ok that the most probable right now) but those same ‘experts’ had Boston selecting Exum at no. 4 maybe that’s cuz’ he’d be the best left at no. 4 (I doubt it). He’d be a big gamble and Cs don’t need to look for a PG in the draft (even though they need a back up PG) they have more needs to go with in the draft. I sense a little bit of conspiracy theory here (trading Rondo and they’d have young PG with a bright future). If they’d get a no. 4 pick I’d go with Parker (if he stays that long) or with Randle (they have a lot of PF but he’d be the best option in that scenario) or Gordon (‘worst’ scenario for no 4 pick and probably the best for no 5 or lower). Almost every ‘expert’ has 76ters selecting Embiid with no. 2. Again maybe it’s “pick the best player available but I think (or I want to belief) they will approach it different way and they will take someone they need (they don’t need C cuz’ they already have Noel) Orlando don’t need 5 spot player they have Vucevic so if Embiid slips to the Cs I’d take him in a heartbeat. Those selections depends on the other moves Ainge makes. If he trades Green then he’d look for a scorer with one of those picks. Personally I’d go for a scorer with BKN pick. Someone who can shoot the ball and has as big upside as possible (pick the name I’m not that much into college basketball in the recent years). Now let’s pretend Cs. have the top overall pick. For me it’s between Wiggins and Embiid. Why? Well draft it’s a big gamble anyway, you just never know with those young guys so Parker may be the most NBA ready right now but I think the potential, and an upside should be your priorities in the draft especially when you’re in a rebuilding mode. In my opinion Embiid would be better choice even if Ainge trades Green and they don’t have starting SF I’d still say their need for a proper C is much more important so no matter no 1 pick or lower if he’s still there I’d go with Embiid in the same time I understand why some people would take Wiggins if Cs. got the top pick. And I just wanna say that Parker’d still be a great choice and I’d take him before Randle, Exum or Gordon of course.
    Sure I might be completely wrong about all of this. Parker might surprise everyone with his potential, Wiggins might not live up to all the hype and Embiid might slip cuz’ of his back issues or might go with top pick to the Bucks. At the end of the day we all gotta wait at least 2-3 years to see what will turn out to be truth with this year’s draft class.

    • eddysamson

      Why would the 76ers take Embiid when they have Noel AND Sims? Sims has been playing excellent lately and will be a perfect backup to Noel, they are set there.

      • CFH

        Agreed. I would expect the Sixers to want Wiggins or Parker, and then consider Embiid more for his value as an asset so many teams want. If they would up third, I could see them taking Embiid and then immediately trading down for maybe Randle. But if the Sixers do get #2 (which I doubt because I think the NBA will punish them for blatant tanking by making sure they get leapfrogged). Embiid would be a really weird choice.

      • Astarot

        I said that. I don’t know what gaps they need to fill but they have good frontcourt players for sure.

      • swissflix

        So they have even more assets to move around? Like Sims for example? That way they keep Noel and Embiid in this scenario and get some value for Sims.

    • bill_nair

      I think Exum is more of a SG, depending what team drafts him. Everyone looks at Exum as “oh we don’t need a PG we got Rondo” or “Bye bye Rondo” but his skills really would work perfect next to him. Just cause he’s listed PG doesn’t mean he will be one.

      Just how I see it.

      • Astarot

        Possible, I don’t know the guy. So he may be some sort of the combo guard. In that case drafting him has more sense but still they have Bradley (I hope he’ll stay) so Exum as a back up SG maybe backup or third PG. It might work. As I said, all depends on other moves.

  • Rich Jensen

    *Ainge* never said that Green was deferring too much. Green is a good $9M player on a team with one or two players who will draw double-teams. Green can’t create working against a double-team, and when he routinely draws them, his play is just terrible whether he’s facing double teams or not.

    And let’s see. What have we seen of Green? Barely anything after the trade, a whole year lost to heart surgery, a year when Doc Rivers phoned it in and the whole team underachieved–and when he was still recovering from surgery, and a year when he’s being expected to play beyond his competence—please, let’s rag on Sully and Olynyk for failing to provide proper rim protection while we’re at it.

  • Sean

    Also, when I was at the game last night, Sully looked nice but he REALLY needs a legit big guy. Kelly O is cool but he was getting knocked around by Mike Scott and Lou Williams

  • art

    From the top of the mountain to the slide to near bottom, it all started with the Jeff Green-Perkins trade. Danny has had plenty of fine moments, but that trade still ranks as his worst move as Celts GM. Danny should use Green as a trade bait and salvage what he can three years after the trade that shook our world.