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Rondo is catching hell for this non-charge call

Rajon Rondo with an Epic Flop Against Hawks

Basketball bloggers across the universe are busting on Rajon Rondo for this play where he tries to draw a charge on Jeff Teague.

I think the call could have gone either way.

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(GIF courtesy Bleacher Report)

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  • eddysamson

    He looks like a little bitch with how slow he gets up, thats probably why hes catching so much flak. To me that was just end of the season tank effort, you’d never see such little effort as that in any game where we aren’t trying to lose.

    • BIG_HITTA1

      No worries. Danny is trading RR as soon as a decent offer crosses his desk.

  • tvor03

    Does Teague even touch him here?

  • Sean

    I was in top left corner. That was just a bad angle. From behind you could see the contact.

    • ComputerSnacks

      Interesting, I was there as well, and it looked like a huge flop to me. There was glancing contact, at best. but* it really looked like a bad dive to me. I was on the side behind the coaches.

      • Sean

        I was directly next to the away tunnel so your view was closer, but I still feel like Rondo took the hit, just on his left shoulder. Either way, that play with the Korver 3 was game shot. Most of the Celtics stopped playing hard after.

  • Looks like a flop to me. Worst part is how he just lays on the floor and casually gets up. I know these games matter more as losses than wins, but that is pretty lame.

  • bill_nair

    Trade him

  • Astarot

    Good note at the end of the post considering Rondo’s reputation across the NBA and even among Cs fans.

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