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Recap: The worst thing happened, so that’s good, I guess. Whatever.

rondo hands on head vs philly

The Celtics and Sixers gathered tonight to set the game of basketball at least 3o or 40 years.  They did that for a large portion of the first quarter.  But in the second quarter, we actually saw something that resembled the sport we all know and love.  Jerryd Bayless’ monster 12 point on 4-6 shooting (2-3 from 3) quarter carried the Celtics who otherwise shot 6-20 in the 2nd.  The 3 point barrage helped the C’s put up 34 in the second and take a 51-49 halftime lead.

And then…. the second half happened.  The Celtics were outscored 61-51 in the second half.  They gave up 61 points to a team that is so blatantly tanking, they just bought 5 discarded Abrams tanks from the US government in which to travel to road games.   Probably.

Anyway.  The Celtics gave up an 11-2 run that spanned the third and fourth quarters.  Despite cutting the game to 3 at one point, they never really recovered.  In a game where Rondo had his first triple-double of the season and Phil Pressey had a 2-handed dunk (NO, REALLY!!!), I can’t wash the stink of a tank-tastic loss at home to the blatantly tanking 76’ers off my person.

The Green

Well, no one got hurt.  So that’s a good thing.

Rondo somehow managed 16 assists in an 11/16/11 triple double, his first of the season.

Kelly Olynyk had a very nice stretch in the second quarter where he showed there is definitely something to be positive about in the future.  He’s going to be a solid part of our future.

Bayless’ second quarter was fantastic.  Overall, though…. 8/20 shooting is kind of a slightly less than ok night.

The Gross

The Celtics lost.  At home. To the Sixers.  Yeah, yeah, yeah… I know… but AT HOME??  C’mon.

The Celtics had 22 turnovers, giving up 23 points off those turnovers to the Sixers

The Greenlights

pressey dunk disclaimer

The Grid

  • The Celtics were outscored 54-38 in the paint.
  • Bayless: 23 points, 6 turnovers.

I know this loss helps “the cause.”  I just… I can’t stand a loss like this at home.  To me, it just shows that the team is where I am… done with the season.  I don’t think they care anymore.  As admirable as this effort has been this year, I think this team is cooked.  Done.  I used to think they’d finish strong.  Now…

They might not win again this season.

Box Score

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  • Mike C

    Not much left to say at this point! They should give Chris Johnson 40 plus minutes each game from here on out. Let him develop his game. While we’re at it, send Rondo home for the rest of the season, no reason to risk another injury.

  • zippittyay

    is it too late to get Jordan Crawford and Courtney Lee back and trade Rondo?

  • Lee in Oregon

    I’m not taking this too hard, they’re not going anywhere so they’re bound to have some nights like this. They actually had me scared a couple times that they’d get a W……the most painful thing of the evening was hearing Chris Herren say “Jeff Green needs to be more aggressive”……

  • RedsLoveChild

    Good News—-Celts lost a game we never thought they would

    Bad News—–Celts may be way worse than we ever thought they were

  • Frank Aziza

    It’s basketball, the sixers could go into Miami and win on an given night. The players on the court never try and tank… Even if management puts 8 d-league players out there they can still win a game.

  • GreenbirdCro

    Phil Pressey dunk vs 76ers 4/4/2014:
    Whoop, there it is! lol
    Cmon folks! It’s REBUILDING!
    I know that hurts but it can easily be the same story the whole next season…

  • NE_Celt

    Perfectly put…can’t wash the stink off from this one…the only thing I look forward to now are the highlights, like a Phil Pressey DUNK!! He had a nice little sequence there with some good play. And KO was looking kind of beast like getting rebounds tonight…that kid with some more muscle and more know how of the NBA game…I likey. I think Stevens was showing the season getting to him tonight…he didn’t look like a happy camper on the sidelines…not one bit.

  • Skibum

    LOSE THEM ALL! It doesn’t matter at this point. Lets lock up the 4 spot in the draft lottery and let the rebuild begin!

  • Nick Ault

    So after that loss..If the celts lose their last 6 games, and Philly wins their last 6, we could take over the #2 spot in the tank standings. Nobody can catch the bucks.

  • bill_nair

    Haven’t we lost every game against the Sixers this year? I dont know why people are taking this one hard. The 76ers historically play us tough. Its always been like that. Theres no guarantees when it comes to division rival games.

    This year has been rather annoying. People started off claiming a playoff berth and were pissed when anyone told them otherwise. Then they hoped on the tank wagon and hoped off when Rondo came back because we would be too good to not win. Than we were” guaranteed” to go .500 to end the season and that didn’t work out. Now losses are “bad”? I just want the season over.