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Jeff Green’s stats in March are hideous


In Sherrod Blakely’s new column about Chris Johnson, we noticed an alarming stat about Jeff Green:

In fact, Johnson has played more in the fourth quarter (41 minutes, 28 seconds) of Boston’s last four games, than the team’s leading scorer Jeff Green who has logged just 15 minutes, 21 seconds over the same period of time.

Why is Chris Johnson playing more 4th quarter minutes than Jeff Green? The simple answer is… Green isn’t playing well. At all.

NBAStats (4)

He’s been shooting under 40% for three straight months. And look at those plus/minus numbers. LOOK AT THEM!

Because we enjoy pain, let’s dig deeper in the 4th quarter. Focus on March:

NBAStats (5)

If I was Brad Stevens, I would also be giving more minutes to Chris Johnson. I’d play Bryan Doo more than Jeff Green.

Excuse me while I put my head back in the sand. Pull me up when the regular season ends.

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