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Your Morning Dump..Where Rondo Gets Insightful

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

It started awkwardly. Rajon Rondo looked the part of a first-time color analyst before Monday night’s Celtics-Bulls game. Someone on Comcast’s staff must have told Rondo to look at the camera, because the Celtics point guard didn’t disappoint in that department. If you wanted Rondo to smile more, you got plenty of cheese in the first 45 seconds of the broadcast.

Rajon Rondo Starts Awkwardly Gets Insightful As Celtics Color Analyst-Gary Dzen

rrrIt may have started off awkwardly, but after the first commercial break, during which Mike Gorman most certainly gave Rajon some coaching, things started to go a lot better for the first time color commentator. As Dzen put in his piece, “as the game went on and the Celtics started playing better, Rondo also improved. He offered honest takes on several plays, just like your buddy would sitting next to you in a bar.”

He let out a “gah..” when his teammates made a sloppy turnover, offered up a “No comment” when asked by Gorman if he wanted to speak on a bad call by the refs and even took the Bulls’ mascot dumping popcorn on him with a smile. Which by the way Tommy Heinsohn thoroughly enjoyed.

He had compliments for former Celts assistant coach Tom Thibodeau, calling him a “workaholic” when it comes to doing whatever it takes to give his team an edge. Speaking on Bulls’ star Joakim Noah, Rajon quipped in that perfect, dry Rondo fashion: “he’s a guy that very much fills up the stat sheet-reminds me a little bit of myself.”

All in all, Rondo’s appearance  alongside Mike Gorman made last night’s Celtics game much more tolerable. The Celtics do have two more back-to-backs left, so who knows-maybe we get to hear Rajon on color again before this season mercifully ends. If you didn’t catch Rondo during the first-half, CSNNE has the highlights below. They also spoke to Rondo after the game and got his thoughts on how he felt things went.

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  • RedsLoveChild

    Winning percentages of remaining opponents :

    Sac Kings remaining opponents—-.592%
    LA Lakers remaining opponents—-.585%
    Utah Jazz remaining opponents—-.508%

    Boston Celtics remaining opponents—.394%

    • KGino

      well duh, they play in the east, they’ve been playing worse teams all year

      • RedsLoveChild

        well duh, 8 games remain, it is what it is

  • Ron Flanders

    Yes, but the Lakers play the Kings on Wednesday night. Someone has to win that game.

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  • bill_nair

    Guess its that time of the year for the Debby Downers to arise.