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ESPN says the Celtics have the 6th best front office in NBA

ESPN’s panel of basketball experts have ranked the front offices of all 30 teams in the NBA. They rated “each team’s front-office management on its guidance and leadership in terms of how it affects overall on-court success, both in the short and long term.”



Impossible to argue with San Antonio’s dominance, the consistency in Dallas or what Legend has created on a shoestring budget in Indiana.

But… how much credit should Pat Riley get because LeBron James was scared to go at it alone in his home state and ran off to play with his boo, Dwyane Wade?

I’d also put the Celtics ahead of the Bulls, a team that’s been to one conference finals in the past 15 years.

I almost forgot, the Lakers are 16th and the Knicks 30th.

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  • eddysamson

    Heat and Celtics should be switched…maybe Dallas #2 Celtics #3. Hell Heat maybe shouldn’t even be on there. OKC over Miami?

    • tvor03

      OKC should definitely be higher.

  • swissflix

    Ainge is doing a great job. Those Nets’ first round picks are going to be absolutely invaluable – could be top three in both years as the Nets are a year away from falling apart and having no assets left. DWill is getting old very quickly…

    • tvor03

      NBA Draft night 2016-2018 is going to be soooooo sweet! We could have a top 10 pick all three years and yet still be in the playoffs.

    • RedsLoveChild

      The Nets trade was outstanding

      The OKC/Jeff Green trade was, is, and always will be a disaster

      • bill_nair


      • Rich Jensen

        Yeah, because if they hadn’t traded Perkins, Rondo would’ve escaped that D-Wade cheap shot in the 2nd round.

      • Kahnstantine

        The Perk trade did, and still does, make sense.

        • RedsLoveChild

          On what planet?

          • Kahnstantine

            Perk is an overpaid albatross that wouldn’t have made a difference that season. Jeff is a solid piece for a contender.
            Ask OKC fans how much they like Perk and his salary. We were either going to lose him for nothing or overpay.

            To answer your question: earth.

          • RedsLoveChild

            So true…..OKC fans must feel miserable about the awful W-L records they`ve suffered through since acquiring Perk in Feb., 2011.

            On the other hand, we`ve been kicking everyone`s ass!

          • Kahnstantine

            Oh come now RLC stop trolling. I shouldn’t have to point out that Perk has almost, if not entirely, nothing to do with any of that.

            C’mon you’re better than that.

          • RedsLoveChild

            Obviously, Durant and Westbrook do the “heavy lifting”.

            At the same time, compare OKC`s success and winning % since acquiring Perk to what it was in the 2+ years prior to it.
            Compare Boston`s instant & dramatic decline since that Feb., 2011 trade.

            Perk and Green eventually signed identical contracts of $9M per for 4 years. Perk gives his team a big, defensive anchor in the paint, toughness, boards, etc.

            What, again, has Jeff Green given us???

          • Kahnstantine

            OKC’s ascension has more to do with their stars plus Ibaka emerging, growing, growing together.
            Boston did not experience an immediate, drastic decline. Hell we almost made the Finals in ’12.

            C’mon man….

          • RedsLoveChild

            You`re either his agent or you`re related to him.

            After 3 calendar years, after all we`ve seen, after all the uninspired/lackadaisical performances we`ve witnessed….how is it even remotely possible to find anything good to say about Jeff Green?!?

            I know you`re doing your best not to mention Green. I know you`re determined to keep the focus on Perk not being an all-time great that can rival Kareem Abdul-Jabbar of the 1970`s.

            Still, C`mon man….

          • Kahnstantine

            Rather than go back and copy/paste any of the lengthy entries I’ve posted here or on other sites about Jeff Green, about the trade (which shocked and horrified me initially) and about, despite your coy use of “3 calendar years,” all the obvious hurdles JG has jumped in that time, I will just post the most simple (and possibly enraging) thing I can think of: Jeff Green is better than Perk, and makes more sense for us as we go forward.
            Look, I love Perk too. I wore my Perk is a Beast T–shirt until it was threadbare. But we have to deal in reality. The reality was, Perk, a big who had already peaked, was going to ask for A LOT of money, money that OKC currently regrets giving him. I’m glad Danny was able to at least get us Jeff Green for him. Green will be a good complimentary piece for a championship run, or a nice chip to trade. How many teams would trade for Perk right now? Far fewer than Green, and we both know that.

          • RedsLoveChild

            The Celtics are shelling out $9M per year for a “complimentary piece”. What a bargain!!! We can only hope Danny Ainge can somehow find a sucker willing to take our non-productive, lethargic, $9M per year, complimentary piece.

            “Coy use of 3 calendar years”???
            Ok, you want details, here they are :

            2010-11 : OKC had a .621 winning percentage before unloading Green on 2/27/11….they were .792 from that point on. Boston had a .732 winning percentage on 2/27/11, then went .577 from that point on.

            2011-12 : OKC {.712}…Boston {.591}
            2012-13 : OKC {.732}…Boston {.506}
            2013-14 : OKC {.743}…Boston {.311}

          • Kahnstantine

            Sorry, by “calendar years” I meant the fact that Green had OPEN HEART SURGERY and then had to get back into professional basketball shape. It’s not an apples-to-apples comparison.
            Also, Danny didn’t have to pay Green 9mil per year; he overpaid at the time but a lot of of players are overpaid, Perk included.
            As far as winning percentages, yes, OKC needed a Perk, that’s why they traded for him. Our team was unfortunately emotionally devastated by the trade which to me seemed understandable but still unprofessional. And yet still we made the conference Finals the next year. I would argue that OKC was on an upward trend and Boshon was on a downward trend, and therefore you get those numbers, having almost nothing to do with Perk.

            Look hindsight is 20/20. Was the trade a steal for us? No. And there was no way of knowing that Jeff would need surgery. But then again Perk hasn’t been the model of health either. All things being equal, Danny has to pull the trigger on that trade. I’m still glad we are not paying an oft-injured Perk $8mil a year for negligible defensive impact and no offensive impact.

          • RedsLoveChild

            You`re obviously entitled to your opinion.

            At all times I could live with the fact Boston traded Perk. His short-comings were no secret. It`s only what they got in return that bothers me.

            Ainge traded away his starting center, on a team that is destroying the EC, 70% into the season…for a guy who could serve as a “back-up” to Paul Pierce??? At least go with what`s working so well. With a second ring, Perk might be willing to stay here for less.

            Yes, hindsight is 20/20. If DA had a crystal ball in 2011, do I think he`d make that same trade? Not in 10 million years!

            We all know the 2012 playoff run was a “mirage”. If Derrick Rose hadn`t blown out his knee…Chicago would have blown out Philly in the playoffs, followed by Chicago crushing us without breaking a sweat! We never would have seen Miami, who played Games 1-5 against us without Bosh.

          • Kahnstantine

            Yeah I can’t argue with most of that. One thing I can say with utmost certainty: you share my passion for Celtics basketball, which regardless of our difference of opinion practically makes you a saint in my book.

          • RedsLoveChild

            Ditto….stay cool, bro!

  • Rich Jensen

    Why, again, should Dallas be ranked ahead of the Celtics? Because Mark Cuban’s a good quote?

  • bill_nair

    OKC deserves to be on that list. I dont know where the Magic landed but they’ve done a great job rebounding since the Dwight fiasco. Miami is not number 2 no way no how. Thats not my absolute disdain for them speaking its just facts. The past 3 years have completely clouded peoples judgement on them.

    And props to Indy and Dallas but better than Boston? Dirk has kept Cuban in business and his failed plans the past few offseasons dont give me much confidence for life after Dirk. Indy is slowly falling apart before our eyes (hopefully they come back refreshed next year but theirs some serious locker room issues at a bad time).

  • Brad

    It’s ESPN…they showed an incredible amount of restraint not ranking Miami #1.

  • Chris Jones

    No idea how being located in sunny South Beach lands you higher than flawless drafting and building a team ground-up in Oklahoma of all places…

  • Kahnstantine

    Here’s to the Lakers and their fans getting used to the number 16.

    • RedsLoveChild

      I hope so….but, I doubt LA will spend 22 years being stuck on 16 like we did.

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