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Your Morning Dump… Where everyone <3 Brad Stevens

brad stevens helps rondo up

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump

“What I love, love, love about him is that he has not changed his approach or his tenacity — the way he approaches every game,” [Stevens’ wife Tracy] said. “He’s attacking these games the same way he attacked them in November, in that he has no way given up in that quest to win every game.”

Several Celtics players say the same.

“Throughout the whole year, he’s had a great mind-set,” said Brandon Bass. “Every day, he has a great plan for us to take a positive approach, to try to improve, day in, day out. I think he’s handled it with great poise, really not like a first-year guy.”

[…] [Danny Ainge says] “I think he’s going to be a great coach and have a long NBA career and I think he’s really going to enjoy his career. But he’s sort of like that rookie great player that you get — there’s a learning curve. Pretty soon, Brad will be taking care of me and telling me about the game. But like this year, I sort of need to encourage him along.”

Globe: Stevens stays focused as losses mount for young team

I give Brad Stevens a lot of credit for how he’s handled this season.  I’m sure there have been bumps along the way, but we haven’t seen any.

Think of how easy it would have been for things to fall apart when Gerald Wallace was bitching.  Instead, Wallace has become a key to keeping that locker room together.

We’ve got a guy Gerald Wallace, who is now out for the season and he’s around our guys every chance he gets. He’s at the games — he doesn’t travel because we need him to stay here to do his rehab after ankle and knee surgery a couple weeks ago — but we’ve got a nice dynamic there.

Guys have played and then haven’t and then played again… and barely a peep can be heard about that.  Rondo’s birthday mess was a big talker, but that faded into the background.  Even Keith Bogans, who decided he couldn’t handle the situation, was handled swiftly and calmly.

It’s been a rough season.  Most of these guys know they might not be here next year.  But they’re all playing hard, and they’re all sticking together.  It’s a testament to their professionalism, and to Stevens’ ability to hold a team together.

Some of the credit belongs to Danny Ainge and the owners, too.  They have made it clear that Brad is their guy.  There’s no hint of weakness here.  Brad’s in charge, and that’s that.  It’s so important for a new coach to have that level of commitment from above.  The Celtics have given Stevens every chance to succeed, and in my mind, he has.

The wins will come when better players join the team.  But this season has done nothing to sway me from my early belief that Stevens is the right guy for this job.  In fact, this season has only solidified it.

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And Finally…

party cat

You are all invited to join us on Saturday April 5th (a week from tomorrow) for our annual Red’s Army party.  It’s being held at Market, on 21 Broad Street, right in the heart of Boston’s Financial District.  We start at 6pm, there will be food, drink specials, and we’ll raffle off some prizes (which I’m in the process of stealing from Chuck’s house while he’s at work), and we’ll have them pumping up the Celtics/Pistons game starting at 7:30.

Join us and help us count down the final few games of the season.  Bring lots of friends!

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