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Your Morning Dump…Where Sully is proving Stephen A. Smith wrong


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Jared Sullinger knows what it’s like when fortunes rise and fall during the NCAA tournament.

The second-year Celtics forward went 5-for-19 from the floor on the way to 13 points in his last college game, an Ohio State loss to Kansas in the 2012 Final Four.

“In the back of my phone,” Sullinger said yesterday, referencing a bit of motivation he’s retained, “Chad Fordwas on (ESPN’s) ‘First Take’ and Stephen A. Smith said, ‘I don’t know if he’s a first-rounder yet. I might not even draft him.’ It kind of reminds myself why I’m out here, what I need to do. It kind of puts fuel to the fire, so I remember two years ago when everybody said I couldn’t play in the NBA. I was too small. I wouldn’t be able to score. All that stuff. I look at those guys and I kind of laugh, but I’ve still got to prove people wrong.”

Boston Herald – Celtics Notebook: Jared Sullinger schools doubters

After having to miss the end of last season, one could only imagine Sully’s frustration, seeing his doubter’s assumptions manifested. He played small, efficient minutes his rookie year, but his injury and surgery proved guys like Steven A. Smith right. Fast forward one year, and we’ve taken a complete 180, to the point where Sullinger is considered perhaps the team’s most “untouchable” player. The only name I’ve heard that would entice C’s fans into maybe trading Sully is the guy he draws comparison too nowadays — Kevin Love. If that doesn’t put the transcendence of his game into perspective, not much will. That said, he’s still improving:

He’s averaging 12.8 points and 8.2 rebounds in 65 games this season — and he still has room for improvement.

“We started talking about that a while ago,” coach Brad Stevens said of the offseason blueprint for Sullinger. “He’s got a game plan of what he wants to do from a strength, conditioning and playing standpoint, and we’re all on board with that. We’ve already discussed that in pretty good detail with him. I think it’s most about conditioning. It’s mostly about being able to play longer stretches as effectively as possible.

I’m excited for guys like Olynyk and Sullinger to have a long summer to digest their first full NBA seasons.  Playoff experience would likely benefit them greater, but for these two guys in particular — they’ll know where they need to improve at, and it’ll be addressed to a fine detail by Brad Stevens and his guys. It’d be nice to see both of them lose a little weight and gain some stamina. Although I don’t think it’s impossible to improve conditioning while maintaining size, Danny Ainge was right when admitting this team lacks a rim protector. By losing some unnecessary pounds, Sully would probably be able to add more lateral quickness and better jumping ability, though vertically, I’m not sure he’ll ever become a real defensive threat in the paint.


Page 2: Coach Scal is in Mark Jackson’s doghouse

In what’s become an increasingly dysfunctional atmosphere, Golden State Warriors coach Mark Jacksonhas forced a reassignment of assistant coach Brian Scalabrine, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

Ownership and management have been strong advocates of Scalabrine and his performance on the job, sources told Yahoo Sports. Nevertheless, Warriors officials decided that as long as Jackson is the head coach, he’ll have control of his coaching staff.

Scalabrine, who joined the staff in July, was Jackson’s choice as an assistant coach. For two straight years, Jackson has had issues with assistant coaches that he hired. Michael Malone and Jackson would go weeks without speaking to each other a year ago, league sources said. Malone left Golden State to become the head coach of the Sacramento Kings.

Yahoo Sports – Mark Jackson forces reassignment of assistant Brian Scalabrine

I suggest reading the full Yahoo article. It explains an awkward situation in Golden State (one I wasn’t aware existed). There aren’t any specific details as to why Scal was reassigned, but the article would suggest that the issue starts and ends with Jackson’s controlling coaching style. It’s mentioned that the Warriors have no intention of letting Scal leave the team, but whenever that contract ends, who wouldn’t want to finally see him come back to Boston in an assistant coaching role? Especially if Walter McCarty was to land the B.C. head coaching job, the C’s would be looking for another player-coach type guy. On top of that, Scal would be largely familiar with the system after playing for and coaching with Ron Adams in Chicago.

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  • NE_Celt

    I really want to see KO and Sully put some work in this summer and come back to tear it up next season. Sully lose a little weight, gain some speed and hops…and KO work on his strength so he can block out a bit more. I want to see KO come back a beast next season!!

    • bill_nair

      I cant wait to watch KO in summer league next year. He dominated last year, imagine a year of NBA experience under his belt.

    • zippittyay

      KO should hire Hump’s trainer for the off season.

      • eddysamson

        Seriously. Hump’s arms are insane this season.

  • RedsLoveChild

    “It`d be nice to see both of them lose a little weight…”

    Kelly Olynyk? You actually believe Kelly needs to lose some weight?!?

    • bill_nair

      He’d weigh all of 200lbs and would float on the court.

      • RedsLoveChild

        Yeah, at 7`0″, 235 lbs…..Kelly better watch his “ballooning weight”, before he eats himself out of the league like Michael Sweetney!

      • Chris Jones

        Yea Dirk actually weighs 7 or 8 pounds more than him. Not sure what I was shooting for there…(Need more sleep before writing these!)

        • adam

          You could say, loose some of the college fat and gain professional muscle. I’m still trying to lose some of the college fat 12 years later….

    • ian

      Id like to see Kelly get to 250 and Sully be at 260. if Kelly can gain muscle and Sully can lose fat, that would be great.

      • RedsLoveChild

        Kelly “bulking up” seems unlikely, given his body type. He`s just naturally lean, somewhat like Dirk or Pau Gasol. If he can turn out to be like them, awesome!

        It`s more important for Sully to change his body. Right now, he`s young and his body can handle the 280 pounds. It won`t for long. Losing 20-25 pounds will give him quickness, stamina, make him an All-Star, and give him a long career.

  • bill_nair

    When does Scal’s contract end? Definitely would like him on the bench. Actually, Id like Scal anywhere in Boston!

    Its crazy to think Sully is improving. 12 & 8 is a ceiling for alot of guys. Hell, I didnt even think Sully was averaging that. Lets hope hes in better shape to start the season. Anyone know if he will play summer league this year?

    • KGino

      he won’t play in summer league I’d assume

      • bill_nair

        Didnt Brad mention getting Sully and KO reps in the summer league? Maybe I read too into it but im more curious if 3rd year players CAN play in the summer league? Whats the restrictions?

        • eddysamson

          I think anyone can?

  • Guest
  • MattAukett