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Robert Parish thought his wife talked too much

parish5I’ve been wanting to post this tale for a couple weeks now. It’s another great excerpt from the Lakers book Showtime, courtesy Pro Basketball Talk:

“The Lakers used to have a PR guy named Josh Rosenfeld. I think it was after the game where Kurt Rambis got clotheslined by Kevin McHale (Game 4 of the 1984 NBA Finals) and after that game everything was really heated. They are at the Boston Garden and I guess Kurt Rambis handed him a towel after the game and the fans are yelling stuff and they are calling Kareem ‘Lew’ for Lew Alcindor and all this stuff.

“So Rosenfeld has this towel and he just chucks it toward the Boston fans and he ends up hitting Robert Parish’s wife in the face. And all of the Celtics are really pissed and some of the Celtics are knocking on the Lakers locker room door, guys like M.L. Carr are really mad and took this as a real thing. So Pat Riley was very upset with Josh Rosenfeld. This was a peripheral opponent (a favorite term of Riley’s), this was something that wasn’t necessary, and he demanded that Josh Rosenfeld apologize.

“The next day it’s an off day, and he goes to the Celtics’ practice. When he sees Robert Parish he says ‘Hey can I talk to you for a minute’ and they sit in the stands and he’s almost getting teary, Josh is, saying ‘I’ve got nothing but respect for you, I certainly didn’t mean to disrespect you. I’m so sorry, really I’m so sorry.’

“And Parish, the Chief, kind of a quiet guy, pauses for a minute and he says, in not so many words, ‘I’ve been waiting for somebody to get that lady to shut up forever. So I have no problem with you.’”

Just goes to show you that despite being superstar athletes, these guys also yearn for the little things in life.

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  • Jester00

    spit my beer out on that one

  • LA Flake

    Oh, man…CHIEF!!!

  • Chief_00

    Thanks for the story, I’d never heard that one before.

  • Gregg Futch

    It’s not funny at all if you know the context.

    “According to Nancy Saad, Parish abused her for years, beginning when they were dating in 1981 and culminating in a severe beating during the ’87 NBA playoffs that left her hospitalized with head injuries for a week.”