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Your Morning Dump..Where Rondo Takes The Blame

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“We keep coming up short,” Rondo told reporters following Sunday’s loss, which extended their road losing streak against Western Conference teams to 19. “I have to do a better job of finishing plays. I pretty much blame this on myself again.”

Rondo Again Takes Blame For Celtics Loss-A. Sherrod Blakely

2Since being named Celtics captain, Rajon Rondo has had his ups & downs. But one thing that has remained consistent is his ability to shoulder the blame. Whether it’s been his “fault” or not, he has taken responsibility for some of the Celtics losses. Especially of late.  After last night’s tough one-point loss to NOLA, Rondo again targeted himself.

“My floaters aren’t there,” Rondo said. “My touches around the rim aren’t there. But I’ll keep shooting them. I’ll continue to be aggressive.”

When Rajon first came back,  one thing fans, media & his competition noticed right away was that his jumper, something that has always come up in discussion, had improved drastically. He was even draining his treys. But in his last two games, Rajon is just 7 of 29 from the field. Is this something to be concerned about? Hardly. Rondo is still nowhere near 100% physically and is also still getting used to an almost completely new team. And not to mention the losing. This will only be the second time in Rondo’s eight year career that he does not participate in playoff basketball. Knowing him, he will use the extra time to continue his rehab and work on his game.  Two things he admittedly would like to work on are his “touch” and “timing”.

“I don’t know,” Rondo said when asked about possibly not having his usual explosiveness back just yet. “I don’t try to make an excuse. I wasn’t always explosive when I was playing (before the injury). I still had a lot of trick shots around the rim. It’s just my touch. I have to continue to work on my touch and my timing.”

On Page 2 Happy St. Patrick’s Day

If you’re lucky enough to have the day off, have one for me. Happy St. Pat’s, and here’s some Slaine and Dropkicks to get you in the mood…

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  • bill_nair

    Good friends with Slaine, nice to see New England artists getting spotlight on this site. Very dope!

    • KGino

      if you enjoy hip hop and aren’t already familiar, check out this song on youtube: 7L & Esoteric – Boston Garden Rap

      • bill_nair

        Good song. I actually am very familiar with the local talent in the area. Not enough recognition going on but theres so much talent. You follow Boston/New England rap KGino?

        • KGino

          I do a little bit, not as much as I should though. I know quite a few but you’re right, there’s tons of underground talent out there. My boy actually used to tour with Das Efx & Keith Murray (their name was Radix, doubt ud know em)… Some of my favs are Termanology, 7L & Eso, Edo G, Akrobatik, Daniel Laurent and of course one of my all time favs Guru rip

          • bill_nair

            DL has always been a favorite of mine. As well as all the others you listed. You ever hear Akrobatiks sports recaps he used to do? He would rap whatever happened the week in New england sports on JAMN 94.5. It was dope.

            If you havent check out Reks and N.B.S. My personal favorites right there (Reks is the most underrated Artist from MA)

          • KGino

            Yea one of my acquaintances during college told me she grew up with Akro and still smokes with him from time to time so very familiar with him (and that was prolly the LAST time i listened to JAMN lol).

            I forgot about Reks, he is nasty (especially his tracks with DJ premiere/statik selektah). NBS i’ve never heard, def will check them out tho! Good sh. bill

          • Curt Hays

            I didn’t realize there was such an underground scene up there. Nice. I’m totally going to check out these guys. Here I was thinking Texas was cool because KRS One lives in Austin…haha.

    • KWAPT

      Thanks Bill. Slaine was also nice enough to give me an interview last year. Very cool dude:

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    the author (above) dramatically overstates Rondo’s improved jump shooting. Few observers were drawing any conclusions about RR having a few good shooting nights to mean that his career-long inability to hit jumpers (and FT’s) was behind him. In his last four games, RR is shooting a horrendous 27%!! (16 for 59). We need to face the facts: at 28 yrs of age, RR will not be improving his jump shot. At 28 you are what you are. And RR is a poor shooter. And this is one of several reasons Danny will not be re-signing RR to a max contract. In the half court, teams play 5 on 4 defense against the C’s, causing the C’s half court offense to stagnate while they leave RR unguarded and dare him to shoot.

    • Mannie

      Tell that to Jason Kidd who improved his shot at a much later age than rondo is now.