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Your Morning Dump… Where Paul Pierce busts Rondo’s balls about the birthday flap


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“Yeah, I mean, me and Rondo share a special bond,” Pierce said. “We’ll always be friends. We’ll always have something in common with our championship. Our kids, you know, they still hang out together. They hung out for his birthday actually.”

He followed that line with eight full seconds of laughter (yeah, we ran the recorder back and timed it).

The birthday to which he referred was Rondo’s 28th, an event that took place in Los Angeles while the Celtics were playing in Sacramento — and which led to much consternation in these parts.

(Earlier in the day, Pierce had said, “I thought it was great that he enjoyed his birthday. He wasn’t playing anyway. I enjoy my birthday every year, but mine is in the preseason. I don’t see what the big deal is. Everyone is making a big deal of it. Happy birthday, Rondo.”)

“You know, Rondo, I respect him moving forward with this franchise, and it’ll always be that way,” the postgame Pierce added.

There was an interesting set of scenes playing out concurrently. As Rondo chose to skip his league-required chat with the media, Pierce was speaking up on his former mate’s behalf.

Boston Herald

Thank you, Paul Pierce for bringing some common sense and levity to the situation.

Note the reference to Rondo skipping his post game media obligation. I’m not sure it has anything to do with this story.

The Truth was asked (again) if Boston is in his future plans:

“Yeah, why not? Maybe play for them, maybe work for them,”

Unless Brooklyn makes a run to the Eastern conference finals, I doubt Pierce returns to the Nets. Doc Rivers and the Clippers remain a possibility.

I’m still holding out hope that Paul signs a one year deal with the Celtics and returns to mentor Jabari Parker. In this ESPN Insider story, Pierce’s value is placed at $5.4 million, a reasonable number.

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On Page 2, Vitor is done for the season

Celtics rookie center Vitor Faverani is known as “El Hombre Indestructible” (“The Indestructible Man”), but he isn’t invincible.

Faverani will be sidelined for the rest of the season after having arthroscopic left knee surgery at New England Baptist Hospital to repair a torn lateral meniscus, the team announced Friday.

The 6-foot-11-inch Faverani, 25, the only true center on the Celtics roster, averaged 4.4 points, 3.5 rebounds, and 0.73 blocks in 13.2 minutes per game over 37 appearances.

Though raw and new to the NBA game, Faverani excelled in spots this season, especially when he grabbed 18 rebounds and blocked 6 shots against Milwaukee Nov. 1.


Good luck with rehab, Vitor. Hope to see you back in training camp.

I’m still not sure what to make of Vitor’s potential in this league. I completely forgot about that 18 rebounds-6 blocked shots game against Milwaukee.

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  • pierce Hart

    Would love for pierce to work with Parker or any rookie we get. My concern with last night was actually Rondo and Olynyk. Great boxscore until you look at turnovers. 7&6. Rondo seems to be turning the ball over quite a bit

    • Alex Costa

      Rondo is still trying to get used to his new team so it does not surprise me that he is turning the ball over.

      • pierce Hart

        Guess your right

  • bill_nair

    I really hope Pierce is back in some capacity in the next few years.

    Rondo has looked really good on offense the past few weeks. Im surprised actually. I didnt think he’d be this good yet.

    Sucks about Vitor. Crazy how he started the year off dominating and just completely fell out of rotation. With his skill set he can be a very good backup in this league. Hopefully hes ready by camp.

  • Jake Gruber

    That is common sense? Do you guys take the day off of work for your birthday?

    • tvor03

      Not every year, but a lot of times, yeah.