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Your Morning Dump… Where the Tupac impersonator was the highlight of last night’s game


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

But by the third quarter Wednesday night, fans at the TD Garden were reduced to cheering for a Tupac lookalike and an opposing assistant coach. In all fairness, the assistant coach was Brian Scalabrine, who became a legend of sorts during his Celtics tenure and should forever be loved in Boston.

But a fake Tupac? Well, I guess chanting for him beat cheering for a home team that exhibited a poor habit of passing the ball to the wrong team, committing 22 turnovers during a 108-88 blowout loss to Golden State.

Seriously, the crowd chanted for a fake Tupac.

Mass Live

One of the best decisions I’ve made recently was bailing on the 2nd half of this game to watch House of Cards. The crowd did the same, turning to Fake Tupac and Brian Scalabrine as means of entertainment.

There’s no sense over-analyzing what transpired last night. The lack of effort was an aberration and not the norm in this miserable season.

Stevens has found ways to inject positive reinforcement into his team, but even he was stupefied by the effort after he said the team had a productive practice Tuesday. The Celtics have spent the season making a favorable impression on NBA observers by playing hard for Stevens most every night, but these types of games are becoming more prevalent, especially after there were no trades at the deadline.

“I don’t think this is indicative of our mind-set,” Stevens said. “I thought we played really poorly. I see nothing but recognition that we didn’t play well with pride that we will play better and the expectation that we are gonna come to work and be better and that is the expectation, period. I’ve heard people say that when our record is what it is, you’re playing for pride. Well that’s a lot. To me, that is a lot. It’s important that we show ourselves a lot different than we did today.”

Keep ya head up, ooh, child, things are gonna get easier.

Keep ya head up, ooh, child, things’ll get brighter.

(Fake Tupac photo courtesy Jared Weiss)

On Page 2, old friend Jermaine O’Neal looks like a new man

Jermaine O’Neal, in his 18th season and on his seventh team in Golden State, was asked last night for his thoughts about No. 5 on the list: the Celtics.

“Two of the hardest years,” the Warriors center said of a period in his career marred by injury. “When you come in and the team is expected to compete, and with the knee injury and wrist injury, it was hard. The (Warriors) guys asked me what I did here, and I said that aside from after-game meals, I can’t remember coming out much in two years. That’s where I was mentally.”

But O’Neal, who has had a renaissance during the past two years thanks to the same blood treatment (experimental medical procedure knows an Regenokine) used by Kobe Bryant to great effect, got to live on.


Ah, the ole experimental blood treatment seems to be working well for lazy-ass Jermaine.

He was a disaster during his two years in Boston. He couldn’t shoot, rebound or defend. He made excuses regularly and was disliked by most of his teammates.

His signing was one of the biggest mistakes made by Danny Ainge.

And let’s end on a positive note…

Louis Corbett didn’t see the Celtics win but I guarantee the kid has a heckuva night.

Check out this Facebook page for great photos from Louis’ night.

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  • Dutchgreen

    Thanks for posting the video with the kid. Just awesome to see what the Cs did for him – makes me proud to be rooting for the Celtics. Just a great organization.

    • Lee in Oregon

      Couldn’t agree more…..the C’s are the classiest organization in sports and it all started with Red. I’m sure any team would do this, but of course the team the kid wanted to see was the C’s. Too bad the young man wasn’t in town for the Indy game…..this was the worst effort of the year, I rarely turn away from a C’s game but that was unwatchable.

      JO was certainly one of DA’s worst signings……but then again so was Scalabrine…

  • dk

    God I hate JO–loser who will never win anything and is just hanging around to collect checks. To think Danny almost completely absolved his sins for acquiring JO by trading him for David West—s&%* if only that trade had gone through in 2012 definitely would have gone back to the finals.

  • KGino

    Nets are 6th seed, Hawks are 8th… That pick is looking pretty good!!

  • Roy Sanchez

    The team has definitely taken a step back and a unit. Individually speaking you gotta like what KO is doing he is growing as a player