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Gerald Wallace’s season might be over

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) February 28, 2014 Gerald Wallace, Injuries 27 Comments on Gerald Wallace’s season might be over

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For all the consternation over his fairly frequent calling out of teammates and all the money he’s owed, Gerald Wallace has never gone out there and coasted.  He is still “Crash” Wallace, going 100% all of the time.  Which makes this news disappointing:

The ankle surgery would be to remove bone spurs which have developed. 

The bottom line here is that Gerald Wallace’s season is probably over, and if you care to look at from the business perspective, so are the chances of someone taking Wallace in any kind of trade.  Who’s going to take a guy owed $20 million for two more years who is fresh off knee and ankle surgery?

In other injury news relayed by the Celtics today:  Avery Bradley is improving and will be re-evaluated next week.  Jared Sullinger’s return from a mild concussion is now in the hands of the medical staff, so he might play tomorrow. Vitor Faverani might also need surgery to repair his knee.

The good news?  Tomorrow is March first, which begins the final full month of the NBA season.  After that it’s 8 games in April and we will toss some dirt on this season.

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  • Rajon P. Rondo

    The answer is nobody’s going to take Wallace, unless packaged to make a deal for a star (to fill out salary).

  • pierce Hart

    Hopefully he’ll be fit and ready to go for next season. Lol jk plz retire

  • bill_nair

    Everyone seems to be going down. Seems like we’ll only be suiting up 7 guys during march. Im sure Danny doesnt mind. Sure helps the tank.

    • Curt Hays

      If I try out for the team and make it, will you guys buy my jersey?

      • bill_nair

        I say we go try out and see if we can form the front court of the future!

        Hays and Nair jerseys for all of Redsarmy!

        Side note: Interesting article regarding Rondo’s improvement at the line.

        Small sample but its still encouraging. Short but good read. I know youll appreciate it Curt.

        • Curt Hays

          Hahahaha, nice.

          That’s awesome about Rondo though. I didn’t notice the improvement. Suck it, haters.

          • bill_nair

            Me neither I was shocked. I haven’t watched a game since the last SAC game but just from the eye test I hadn’t thought he improved. Guess I was wrong.

      • Christopher Jones

        When we’re at the game next month, we ought to go ask Brad if he’d mind if we suit up and go for it.

        • Curt Hays

          Thanks for the reminder. Hit me up on bookface. Should be able to find me. Name is more rare than yours. Only one other Curt Hays in Texas. I’m not the one with a six pack

          • Christopher Jones

            Messaged you on it…

      • jrleftfoot

        what size?

        • Curt Hays

          No no, the Celtics jersey with my name on it! Lol

  • Jason

    Why can’t the Celtics just amnesty him?

    • Austin LM

      Amnesty clause only applies to players who were on the Celtics roster when it was passed as part of the CBA. Crash was still on the Nets then, and therefore ineligible

      • Chris Gerarde

        no it doesn’t matter what team he was on. the amnesty clause only applies to contracts that were signed before the current cba was passed.

  • Rajon P. Rondo

    Ainge sits in a dark chamber atop a throne of skulls. Arranged in a ritualistic alter in frames of gnarled metal sit pictures with all faces on the roster. Red X’s are over the pictures of Bogans, Faverani, Bradley, Sullinger, and Olynyk. Ainge begins chanting in and ancient and forbidden tongue cutting the tip of his finger with a knife, when he finishes, he slowly and deliberately uses his blood to draw another red X over Wallace.


    Mike Zarren slinks in in a cult robe, face shrouded and voice reduced to low hisses.

    “Yessss, Dark Princcccce”

    “Bring me the Achilles of the one they call ‘Bayless: Eviscerator of Hawks’.”

    “Yesss, my liege. ALL HAIL EMBIID.”

    Ainge smirks a dark smirk of a thousand evils.

    “All hail Embiid.”

    • david



    Despite all the sh*t he talked, which sometimes was justified, others a bit much, the guy gives it all most every night. And that’s a huge part of being “a Celtic.”

  • RedsLoveChild

    Rasheed, Gerald….please, enough with guys named Wallace, no more!!

    • Curt Hays

      Watch Danny go and sign Ben Wallace next week. Tank tank city, bish, ten ten ten twenties and them fifties bish

  • wil

    well he should get some rest, might do him good for next year, since he is mostlikely stuck with us

  • zippittyay
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