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Your Morning Dump… Where Rondo wants us all to mind our own business

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

The four time All-Star has heard the talk and speculation as to what happened that weekend, but says, “nobody knows the story. You [media] guys keep making up every story you guys possibly can.”

When asked what is the story, Rondo added, “It’s my business. It’s my choice.”

Stevens said he and Rondo have discussed the situation.

“All that we’re handling internally,” Stevens said. “But we’ve sat down and talked and we did that Monday. In my mind, I’m moving forward and then when Danny [Ainge, the celtics president of basketball operations] gets back in town, they can meet and go from there.”



For those of us praying this story would end, forget about it. Rajon Rondo just doused the media firestorm with gasoline.

All Rondo had to do was artfully dodge the question like Brad Stevens. Instead, he defiantly held his ground. He could have softened his message with a wry smile, but instead he purposefully stared down the reporter who asked the follow up question.

This is where Rondo loses me. He’s putting himself first, not the team.

I wanted to write about his masterful 22 point, 11 assist performance last night vs Atlanta. Instead, I find myself doubting this guy’s maturity (again).

For those who want details on exactly what happened, the Herald’s Mark Murphy has insight:

The problem, according to a source, is that Rondo didn’t ask for permission to stay. His family had flown to Los Angeles for a celebration, and Rondo informed Stevens that he was staying.

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On Page 2, injuries, injuries and more injuries.

Chris Forsberg goes in depth on each of the injuries plaguing the Celtics rotation players.

Here’s a summary:

Avery Bradley: Ankle sprain, no timetable for return

Jared Sullinger: Concussion, hopeful for Saturday

Kelly Olynyk: Sprained big toe, doubtful for Saturday

Vitor Faverani: Swollen knee, no timetable for return

Rajon Rondo: Chronic stubborness, uncurable

When’s the draft lottery?

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  • cupcakesofprovidence

    rondo had two choices. celebrate his birthday with his beloved family who flew to los angeles just to be with him. versus being forced to watch a game where he wouldn’t play. basically being forced to watch his team lose when he knows very well that he could play and maybe lead his team to victory. rondo is a family man. his family traveled from coast-to-coast for… nothing? no way, rondo won’t allow that. himself first? its the media that needs to shut up. its his business, its not about basketball, its about family, family is private.

    • Curt Hays

      Rondo is my favorite player, and I’m not mad that he did this. Nor am I mad about the way he’s handling it with the press. The press is relentless and ruthless.

      That being said, he had two choices:

      1. “celebrate his birthday with his beloved family who flew to los angeles just to be with him”, and

      2. Honor the contract he signed in return for millions of American dollars from Wyc by fulfilling his duties as an employee of the Celtics organization.

      In so doing, he avoids spitting in the eye of Brad, Danny, and the owners. If disciplinary actions aren’t taken, even if only as a charade, it also probably will bother some of his teammates since it would appear that he has privileges that others do not. Rondo caused all this when he decided to ask for forgiveness instead of permission. I make nowhere near what he makes (obviously), but my salary is still worth that level of respect for those who sign my checks and work next to me.

  • Herman Bubbert

    I will give you props, author, for finally stopping the endless trail of inane Rondo excuses, as the below post – and other Celtics blogs – seem intent on perpetuating. Beginning to think the guy could knock over a bank and Celtics Fan would blame the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

    • It’s quite the opposite. Even Steve Bulpett, who wrote the original story, says this is no big deal, and that Rondo had no reason to believe what he did was an issue. This was a miscommunication that has been addressed internally and that’s it.

      The bigger issue is how this has been blown out of proportion by some outlets. A minor misstep has been turned into ‘HE SHOULDN’T BE CAPTAIN! HE’S A POISON IN THIS LOCKER ROOM.’

      Treat the story appropriately.

      • Bruce Wayne

        I swear John, these hyperbolic reactions to a minor mis-communication are ridiculous. I’d like to know if people like Herman Bubbert where all over the post you made about the community award Rondo received, or all the positives since the turnover. WAIT, I already know the answer. NO THEY WERE NOT. People like Herman Bubbert, and people like him have been waiting for this moment where they could say “AH HA!” this is why we shouldn’t build around him. It’s ridiculous. It’s not about making excuses for Rondo. I haven’t seen a single person say that Rondo was right to do what he did. Infact they are just saying why don’t we stop with the character assassination, over something so minor. Calling him a petulant child, a piece of sh*t, selfish, a bad leader, that he could rob a bank etc, is an OVERREACTION. People like Herman Bubbert can’t see how their hyperbolic reactions aren’t really justified. He didn’t call out of work, but he also didn’t point a gun at anybody.He deserves a slap on the wrist. Not to be removed as an option to build around.

        • Curt Hays

          You WOULD say that, Bruce Wayne, after all the bad things you’ve done to people. You vigilante! We know you’re the Batman…

          • Bruce Wayne

            You phony, you two-faced friend, you sycophantic suck-up who smiles through your avatar at me, please leave me in peace. Please go. Stop staring. It’s not a joke. Please leave. The party’s over. Get out!

          • Curt Hays

            I’m taking Rondo with me!

          • Bruce Wayne

            First you drink my booze, now this! …Ok, but you have to take Gerald Wallace’s contract with you…

  • Step

    Aww the media’s mad he told ya’ll to mind your He doesn’t owe an apology to the media or the fans. He should give that to his teammates and the coach. What he owes the fans is exactly what he did last night, playing a complete game and giving his all. That’s what we pay to watch…I don’t give a crap about him not addressing the media the way they feel he should as long as he’s addressing his team the right way.

    • GreenbirdCro

      Love you, Step! You ma’ gurl 😉

      • Step


  • Brad P

    I think some(most) of his frustration could be still lingering from the trade deadline that just passed by. The emotions build up and he can’t help but be snarky with the media

  • CFH

    And this year’s Young Paul Pierce Award for Shooting Oneself in the Foot goes to… Rajon Rondo.

    Don’t smile at the media and give smart-sounding answers that say nothing because the media deserves it.

    Smile at the media and give smart-sounding answers that say nothing because otherwise your teammates and coaches will have to keep listening to this nonsense.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Danny Ainge is the only one who matters here.

    Ainge is the GM, he`s the President of Basketball Operations, he determines who gets to wear a Celtic uniform. Is “Birthday-Gate” significant?

    UNTIL Ainge says—“I`ve met with Rondo, there was an innocent miscommunication, he will not be fined or disciplined in any way, it`s time to put this behind us and move forward”—it IS definitely significant.

    • Curt Hays

      Totally agree, as you can see in my response to the top comment. I am jealous that I didn’t think of #birthdaygate.

      • RedsLoveChild

        As the real DA…I decided to speak in the “third person” today.

        • Curt Hays

          Thanks for clarifying. Third person made it a tough read, Danny.

      • GreenbirdCro
        • Curt Hays

          Hahaha, well he did put it in quotes, so that lets him off the hook for plagiarism.

        • RedsLoveChild

          Granted, nothing could possibly be less important…but, seriously, I never saw that until you pointed it out. Reds Army is the only Celtic site I ever visit. Ever.

          My only surprise is that it wasn`t turned into a “gate” by yesterday afternoon!

          • GreenbirdCro

            Oh, such an intellectual crime, it truly is…
            to be robbed of many great articles for the sake of illogical devotion to only one blog (all kudos to John and Chuck and the rest of the guys, but my allegiance lies only with the Cs. Highly recommend Jeff’s & Co. work as well)

          • GreenbirdCro

            Just forgot to add that RA was my first and remains my favourite Celtics blog… 🙂 the usual story about the first ones, I guess… lol

          • RedsLoveChild

            Thanks….but, I`ll pass on that much inferior blog you`re referring to.

            In 2014, I have no desire to visit an internet sports blog that applies 1950 FCC censorship standards!

          • GreenbirdCro

            Wow, you really can see through them and their evil green web of lies… From this day forth I shall call you… Neo!

  • pierce Hart

    That’s not a maturity issue at all that’s a complete F U to the media. Happens in soccer all the time. If you think that’s immature open up google and type in Mario Balotelli.

    • Mannie

      Balotelli is king at trolling the media!

  • bill_nair

    So hes not mature because he doesn’t want to discuss internal problems with the media!? The problem is the media nitpicks everything he does and we just watched Chuck do it first hand. He is not the same person as Brad, hes Rajon, why hold him to that standard? Hes always disliked the media and its unfair to him to think making up stories and questioning him wouldn’t piss him off and warrant that type of response. Whether right or wrong, whether you like it or not or agree or disagree, you’d be an absolute moron to think this wouldn’t be how Rondo would handle it.

    Funny how the truth got praised for similar behavior.

  • Step

    In the interviews Brad said that it was being handled internally didn’t really divulge too much information for a, nothing to really write about. Rondo didn’t divulge anything of importance either, but the big difference is he told you guys to go “Fcuk yourself” in the

    You got the same amount of information from Brad and Rondo, it’s just that you didn’t like the package that Rondo’s came in. So now every beat writer that didn’t get the exclusive on the story anyways wants to beat their chest behind the keyboard..oh well.

    • bill_nair

      Thank you! Brad says nothing and he handled it the right way. Rondo tells them “ITS MY BUSINESS” (notice how the headline says mind our own business?) and now hes immature (he was calm about it and did everything but say FU).

      Im more disappointed everyone is all of a sudden in shock like this isnt the same old song and dance for the past 6 years. He dislikes the media what do you think is going to happen when you question him? You stick your hand in fire you get burnt.

      • Step

        Exactly…I watched the interview as well. As soon as they talked about something else he loosened up a bit, but they got their feelings hurt that Rondo was being Rondo…..WOW what a surprise.

      • Bruce Wayne

        But it’s my business is not all that he said.

  • bill_nair

    “…While im a Celtic”

    Youd think that would be the story. Im sure it will be twisted tomorrow into “Rondos headed out of town”.

  • CallingBatman

    My understanding is that when Doc was coach, it was permissible for players who were not scheduled to play to skip a game. I wonder if the much analyzed “internal discussion” isn’t so much Rondo-Ainge as it is Ainge writing up a formal policy for these situations? I have a severe case of “meh” over this.

    • Curt Hays

      @disqus_v6SeiDtlEP:disqus…this guys is looking for you.

  • Bayern

    a guy travelled with the team when he was rehabbing. why would he doubt him ? he just missed a protocol. the team is concerned coz they don’t want this to set a bad precedent for other players. other than that i don’t think it is a big deal.

    • Dustin Chapman

      Exactly. People question his character for this one small thing, yet nobody ever talks about all those times he did the opposite.

      • Bayern

        these are the people who will always talk about no matter who the person is. do u think they will stop after getting rid of rondo ? No . Why is there a need to put him under microscope all the time.

  • Dustin Chapman

    People are overreacting like crazy about Rondo. All this “this is where Rondo puts himself over the team” nonsense is…. ugh. He’s not any less of a leader or Celtic because he didn’t show up to sit on the bench, for a game he was not going to play in, on ONE special occasion. We’re not talkin’ about practice like this is Allen Iverson skipping practice after practice. This was one game. Rondo has a family too. It’s unfair and ridiculous to “question his maturity” because of this.

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