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Your Morning Dump…Where the Celtics worked out Rodrigue Beaubois


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump

The Boston Celtics privately worked out free agent point guard Rodrigue Beaubois Tuesday in Boston, a league source informed

According to the source, Beaubois, 26, is said to have had a “strong showing,” despite having not played in a NBA regular season game in over 10 months.

The 6-2 speedy guard has recovered from hand surgery, a procedure that repaired a fractured metacarpal in his left hand. It was the third time he’s had the operation and it was the sole reason why he was unable to latch on with an NBA team in the summer of 2013.

Beaubois is regarded as one of the top backup points guards in the league when healthy. In four career NBA seasons, he has an average of 7.1 points, 1.9 rebounds and 2.1 assists in 15.9 minutes per game.

CSNNE – Beaubois worked out for Celtics

Kind of forgot about Beabois as an NBA player, but he was a solid backup PG while in Dallas for a few years. Although he (technically) won a championship with the Mav’s in 2011, a left foot injury kept him from playing in the playoffs that year. He’s still young, already proven to be a capable backup in the league, and maybe could have even been a starter by now if he didn’t have recurring foot issues. All I can remember from watching him play is that he’s extremely quick, so hopefully the injuries haven’t taken that away from him. If the C’s are looking to get good again this summer and make a playoff push next year somehow, it wouldn’t hurt to go out and get a guy like Beaubois, a great backup while Pressey’s development continues to grow or stalls out.

Page 2: Our young fan from New Zealand is coming to Boston

Despite being just 12, he knows all about Larry Bird. Louis has been playing the game since he was five, and knows all of the players and all the stats from the NBA.

But he’s never seen an NBA game in person, and his parents want to make sure he does just that before it’s too late.

Louis, like two of his four brothers, has a rare genetic eye disease called retinitis pigmentosa, which leaves most patients blind by age 40.

“It’s going that way quickly,” Louis’s father, Tim, said.

In fact, Louis doesn’t expect to have his sight for much longer.

With the Boston Garden on the other side of the planet, neighbors started raising money to send Louis to Boston. The story spread on social media and eventually made its way to Corinne Grousbeck, the wife of Celtics’ owner Wyc Grousbeck. Their son, Campbell, is blind and a student at The Perkins School for the Blind in Watertown.

“The Boston Celtics got a hold us and said if you are coming over we’d love to see you, what can we do,” said Catherine.

So the team and other companies are bringing Louis and his father to Boston next week. He’ll watch his favorite team take on the Golden State Warriors, live from a luxury box donated by Bank of America.

CBS Boston – Young fan from New Zealand ready for trip to Boston

We originally shared this story with you guys about two weeks ago, but the article hadn’t made any mention of a set date for Louis Corbett’s trip to Boston. Well, not long after we now know that he’s coming soon — next week. It’s purely awesome that Louis gets the chance to check his  favorite team out, especially against the Warriors, another great team to watch. I’m not entirely sure what the climate in New Zealand is like, but chances are that Louis and his family are also going to get the wonderful experience of feeling the blistering cold at some point during their stay, so that should be interesting (two for one!). I suggest checking out the original article, it’s a quick read, but a very hearwarming one (and John got a shout out). Hopefully we’ll get to hear more about the little man’s trip, and we’ll be sure to share it with you all when we do.

And finally, C’s would be best 4-point shooters?

 from Basketball Reference’s shot finder, here’s a look at Boston’s success rate from 28 to 35 feet:

Jeff Green – 4-14, 28.6 percent
Jordan Crawford – 4-13, 30.8 percent
Jared Sullinger – 1-4, 25 percent
Brandon Bass – 0-1, 0 percent
Phil Pressey – 0-3, 0 percent
Jerryd Bayless – 0-1, 0 percent
Team totals: 9-36, 25 percent

Terrible you say? Well, keep in mind that a 25-percent 4-point shooter is just as good as a 50-percent 2-point shooter.

ESPN Boston – C’s best 4-point shooters?

Antoine Walker is somewhere dark and lonely, weeping gently.


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  • vitamin d

    “Terrible you say? Well, keep in mind that a 25-percent 4-point shooter is just as good as a 50-percent 2-point shooter.”

    When I read this, i went (O.O) lol

  • zippittyay

    In a couple years, our team will look a lot better…. especially to the kid from New Zealand.

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  • bill_nair

    I’ve always liked Beaubois. Wouldnt mind seeing him here for a 10-day.

    • Curt Hays

      For a 10-day, sure. He was back and forth here as an immature guy and a hustler. He reminded me of Steez, but as a PG as opposed to a SG style player.

      • Mighty Tom

        Hi guys, being french I can give u one insights about rodrigue : he has the PERFECT mindset to play in green. He just had so much bad luck during his nba career. Oh, and don’t forget he technically is an NBA Champ.. I wouldnt say he is more of a PG than a SG, but if you compare him to Steez.. well yeah definitely 😉

        • Curt Hays

          Thanks for the perspective!

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  • tvor03

    I’ve never really cared for ESPN’s Michael Wallace, but after reading his chat wrap from yesterday, can anyone explain where he got this – “But I just get the sense the Celtics want a completely fresh start for new coach Brad Stevens. The current situation around the Celtics seems to be turning toxic quite quickly.”

    Sure the players don’t like losing, but in no way would I consider our team toxic.