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Speculation about Bradley and Humphries’ future in Boston


Jared Zwerling of Bleacher Report has some insight into the Celtics future plans with Kris Humphries and Avery Bradley. Unfortunately, it revolves around a trade with the New York Knicks.

My other thought for the Knicks is to continue to aggressively work the phone with the Boston Celtics, who are not a lock to keep Rajon Rondo after this season. Rondo is the one top point guard who’s up for grabs and needs a premier scoring option around him. That’s Anthony.

The Celtics are interested in signing and trading Kris Humphries this summer, so perhaps the Knicks could spark a three-team deal to get Rondo by giving up Stoudemire, Iman Shumpert and a future second-round selection (the Knicks’ 2018 first-round pick is too important at this point). Humphries would have to go to a third team because, according to Hamilton, “Any team receiving a player in a sign-and-trade deal must be no more than $4 million above the luxury tax threshold after the trade is complete, and the Knicks may not be if they do re-sign Melo.”

Avery Bradley’s future in Boston is cloudy—he could be too pricey for them—and Shumpert would be a valuable two-guard in his place. But, most importantly, the Celtics would likely need to receive a first-round pick or a standout point guard in return from that third team. While GM Danny Ainge would prefer to keep Rondo, if an offer blows him away, he would consider it. The same goes for Jeff Green, a power forward the Knicks should also inquire about who doesn’t have an untradeable tag in Boston.

So… the Celtics would move Rondo and Hump for Stoudemire’s expiring deal, Iman Shumpert, a 2nd rounder and some sort of mystery player/1st round pick.

File under: I’m highly suspect of this scenario

At least we’re not talking about Rondo’s unexcused absence.

I am getting concerned Avery Bradley’s future in Boston. With his name popping up in multiple trade rumors, I’m afraid Danny Ainge and Bradley might not be in the same ballpark regarding compensation.

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  • Curt Hays

    What I’m afraid of is Avery Bradley being overvalued. Boston won’t keep him if he is.

    It also doesn’t make sense for NYK to be trying so hard for so many players from a team that “sucks”. I guess that’s the influence of James Dolan.

  • DJ Woods

    this would be an awful trade. you talk about getting shumpert back for a valuable 2 guard.. What good is a 2 guard with no LEGIT PG? you talk about getting that awful contract left on stoudamire who has 1 year an $22million left. Why do that when all our players are gone after next season anyways so its the same thing so they are actually in effect getting nothing out of this while losing the best player and not getting anything of importance back. not to mention NO top free agent will wnt to be here since there is nothing here for them that would entice them to come and knowing there is absolutely no loyalty from danny ainge to the players, there is no reason to bother even listening to any celtic offer.

  • Brian Girolamo

    Uhhh… why the Hell-m-n-o would the C’s do this? I realize there’s absolutely no depth to this fictional trade so I’m not one to buy into it, but seriously. Neither Green’s contract or Crash’s contract are going with Rondo and Kardashian, so where’s the win for Boston in this? So they get yet another power forward that happens to be overpaid and broken, a multi-injured SG that is miles worse than the multi-injured SG they currently have in AB and a lame 2nd round pick? SERIOUSLY? What team is going to throw Boston a 1st round pick for Kardashian?! Rondo would pull much more than this. I firmly believe the Hawks send Teague to NY if anything, but they’d have to get back something significant. Melo would be a fool to stay in that crap heap. If he had any brains in his head, instead of opting out this summer and opting into a new 5 year bloated contract with an organization that continually proves to be a joke, why not just opt into next season and see what NY can do for him? If they are truly able to land some of that 2015 talent THEN Melo should sign that next big contract, but doing it now would be a ridiculous mistake, one I’d love to see since I’m not a fan of him or the Knicks, but from a logical standpoint? Ehh…
    Rondo needs to stay in Boston or be sent to Utah with Green for Hayward and Burke.

  • Herman Bubbert

    Nah. Move Rondo to the T-Wolves in the off-season with some of our other assets for Love and Rubio.

  • Mencius

    So… the Celtics would move Rondo and Hump for Stoudemire’s expiring deal, Iman Shumpert, a 2nd rounder and some sort of mystery player/1st round pick.

    File under: I’m highly suspect of this scenario.

    So, the first rounder is coming from some third team? And, what, exactly, would the third team be receiving to give up the first, since both Rondo and Hump’s salaries would be required to offset Stoudemire’s? Avery, presumably?

    All these scenarios that involve NY are always so stupid. They generally give up practically nothing of value, because they have nothing of value to give (outside of Anthony, of course). I could see Rondo and/or Avery getting traded, but not for garbage like Stoudemire, Shumpert and a second. That’s absurd.

    Avery is fast approaching Delonte-like brittleness. If Ainge offered him 6M per, that’s MORE than fair. If he wants more than that, it’s time to move him.

    • KGino

      Yep… File under: Another day in Knicks Fantasy Dreamland.

      I love avery to death… Easily my 2nd or 1st favorite player on the team right now… And as much as I want to keep him, if he can get 8-9 mil elsewhere so be it. He’s too fragile for the $. But he will always be one of my favorite players in the league, no matter who he plays for.

  • tvor03

    I thought this New York/Rondo delusion was over. What is up with people associated with that franchise?

  • KGino

    I’ve been defending Rondo for that constantly the last 48 hours against all these stupid surface Celtics fans who don’t follow the team at all then finally want to chime in at the first negative thing Rondo’s done all season… And half of them don’t even realize he already had the night off. People always wanna ignore the positive and focus on the negative, a major fault of our society and media.

    “When you do something right, people won’t be sure you’ve done anything at all.” – Anonymous

  • RedsLoveChild

    Hate saying it, but Bradley`s career “peaked” PRIOR to his double shoulder surgery…Humphries has a 0% chance of being a Celtic next year…NY has nothing of value to offer {including Melo} to any trading partner….Rondo`s future as a Celtic is “cloudy” at best

    • bill_nair

      Not a huge AB fan but it does suck to think what we see is what we get. Him and Rondo did look good together but relying on them to ever play together for more than a week at a time is unrealistic.

      • RedsLoveChild

        AB deserves a “fair” contract offer from Boston…not an exorbitant one.

        He`s a little bit small, a bit fragile, and a bit disappointing since the surgeries to warrant anything more than a “fair” offer.

  • CelticMaclean

    I really think that unless bradley accepts the QO he is outta here. And only reason why he would accept it is if no one else offers him what hes looking for. It’s too bad really. Im on the Bradley support team

  • bill_nair

    “Jared Zwerling of Bleacher Report”

    Thats where all credibility ends.

    • CelticMaclean

      that comment 3 years ago would of been justified, but they’ve gotten some good insiders to write for them now. Just saying

      • bill_nair

        While your right, I still don’t “forgive and forget”. There history has left there impression. It is what it is. Unfortunate for guys like Jared who seem to have done some legit work and has a good resume.

        They do have very good draft related articles though. I frequent the site around that time for that stuff specifically.

    • dk

      Totally agree–notwithstanding the comments below, I still get angry at myself everytime I get fooled into reading one of their stupid “lists.” I still believe most of the articles are written by 12th graders

  • jason benn

    file under dumb crap

  • jason benn

    I like me some rondo bradley back court as im sure lots of people do as well but, he is starting to cross into that when is he gonna be healthy to play more then 30 games territory and losing what value his defense gives him when they are much better two guard options out there. i dont mean necessarily for defense because ab is the best at that but with his health i doubt this report highly but this year i think if he wants to get paid he might be doing that somewhere else just because of his health which sucks for him. dont be shocked if the knicks are the team to over pay for him and then him eat up the contract while he sits their bench injured. im all for ab and more defense in the lineup but your main two competition are lebron and durant. having a dominate undersized defender at the two doesnt help with those two guys. id like to see us really get back to a traditional lineup with a bigger two guard and center get us some size!

  • pierce Hart

    I would like to bring up Bill Simmons mailbag about Klove and how we are his best fit then Chicago. He said if we finish outside the top 3 picks we would try package for him our 2 2014 first round picks 2015 LA Brandon Bass Avery Bradley. That would leave us with both Sully and Olynyk along with our Brooklyn picks to acquire a top defensive centre. Someone like Jokahim Noah could be up for grabs if DRose flops again. 3 guys like that would leave some nice money for a wing for Rondo.

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