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Celtkicks: New Rajon Rondo Anta shoe

While scanning Anta’s homepage for new kicks during my bus ride home tonight, I came across a new addition to the Rajon Rondo collection. These high top Rondo “all star” shoes have Rajon’s logo on the tongue and similar to the KG team shoe that came out over the summer, they feature bright, vibrant color, and Anta’s patented “jelly” sole. According to Hi Basketball’s website, these shoes were originally designed for Rajon to wear at this year’s NBA all-star game. The three colorways featured on Anta’s site are sliver & aqua, fluorescent yellow & black and sun orange & blue.

As of right now, these kicks are only available in China,via Anta’s website or over at Hi BasketBall shoes. Check out some more pics below.


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  • Rajon P. Rondo

    I really hope that the next big C’s star signs with Nike or Adidas – these are nice shoes, but it’d be great to have a big sponsorship for one of our guys.

    • Curt Hays

      I love the Anta shoes, but have you any idea how tough it is to find a size 11 in the USA?!! 🙂

  • omitasub

    I like the design but the Rondo silhouette throws me off, would have been cooler if it was something simple like just “RR” or just Rondo’s signature.