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Punk Sacramento kid shows up Gerald Wallace

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) February 23, 2014 Gerald Wallace, Humor 3 Comments

kid sticks his tongue out at Wallace

Via Chris Forsberg

If you think that’s bad, here’s a shot of that kid’s little brother.

kid middle finger

Nice parenting.


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  • vitamin d

    is he really his brother? lol

    • Dutchgreen

      Sorry to disappoint you, he’s not. This is the kind of degenerate behavior that’s common among football (soccer for most of you) fans in Europe. At least, he’s wearing the jersey of one of the major clubs from where I’m from. And trust me, fans of different teams sitting together like I’ve seen at the Garden is a recipe for disaster there…

  • omitasub

    That little kid doesnt know that his team drafted gerald wallace. lol