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Reds Army presents Fan Friday #55 “Olivia-Green Runs Deep”

I had the pleasure of meeting this week’s featured fan at Pierce and Garnett’s return game back in January. Olivia K. is a dedicated young fan from right here in Massachusetts. She’s been following the Celtics she since was about 11 years old, and writes for the Celtics site “GreenRunsDeep“. She tells me that her cousin was the person who got her interested in the Celtics, but that cousin’s loyalty has since faded…

I’ve been a diehard Celtics fan for 4 seasons now. My cousin Kristina met Ray Allen in the fall of 2010, and when she became obsessed, she dragged me with her. I remember for the first two seasons we would watch Celtics games every Friday together. She would have her Ray Allen jersey on, and I would have my Pierce jersey on. Sometimes we would even paint each other’s faces green (even for regular season games) she became a Heat fan when Ray left in the summer of 2012. With that said, let’s just say we aren’t very close anymore.


Despite losing Paul Pierce to the Brooklyn Nets this past summer, Celtics fans still have nothing but love for the man known as “The Truth”. Pierce is Olivia’s favorite Celtic ever, and she was moved to tears the night he was saluted on the TD Garden jumbotron. Paul holds a big place in her heart.

My favorite player of all time is without a doubt Paul Pierce. I remember my Uncle getting me a Pierce shirt in 2008 (because I was about to go to my first C’s game), even though I did not know much about Paul. During my first season as a huge fan, I went to my second Celtics game. This happened to be Paul’s 20,000th point game. I remember seeing him cry and experiencing the crowd’s recognition towards him, and I began to wonder how special this guy really was. Since then, having the ability to witness him play showed me just that. Paul has so much class, a great personality, and not to mention a gene that one would call clutch. He’s the kind of player and person I’ll tell my future kids about. Even though he is now a Nets player, I still go to Celtics games donned in the same Pierce jersey I have experienced many incredible moments with, and I am just as proud to wear it as I have ever been.

Olivia calls the Celtics’ 2012 playoff run her favorite “Celtics moment” of all-time. Most notably, Paul Pierce’s big three over Lebron James.

If I had to pick one favorite Celtics moment it would have to be the 2012 playoff run. Our roster was so depleted and they still proved so many wrong. By the time the Eastern Conference Finals rolled around against Miami, the Heat were obviously the favorites. But, to many peoples astonishment, we took the series to seven games. It could have been Rondo’s game 2 heroics, which made this this series so special. Or, Kevin Garnett’s inspiring knuckle pushups. It also could have been easily my favorite “Paul Pierce moment”- the three over LeBron. Even though we did not make it to the finals, that team showed me what having the heart of a champion looks like.

Olivia calls CelticNation a “family” and says the color green runs “through our veins”. Please be sure to follow her on Twitter and big thanks to her for participating in “Fan Friday”. Thank you all for reading! -KWAPT

 It’s hard to explain, why the Celtics are so important to me. I mean these guys are my role models. They’re representing my city. I’ve been more than privileged to grow up around players that love their fans just as much as we love them. They’ve taken us along for the ride. When I think Celtics, I think family. The color green runs through our veins, we’re all here for the same reason, and so on.  It’s incredible. I hope all diehard sports fans can one day experience what I have with my franchise. They have me hooked. There’s no looking back now.

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