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Your Morning Dump…Where the C’s draft position could determine Rondo’s future


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump. 

The Celtics are, indeed, willing to entertain offers for Rondo, but unless another club puts something truly amazing to Ainge’s head, it’s hard to see him pulling the trigger on such a trade at this time.

In trying to figure out the time coordinates of his rebuilding project, you’d have to think the knowledge of where the Celts will be drafting this June is a critical piece of information.

If things don’t pan out in the lottery and the project seems as if it will be delayed, it makes sense to look hard into moving Rondo, who turns 28 on Saturday. If the shamrocks align on May 20, then you could be accelerating the process. The Celts could then be looking to package assets to find solid components to put around Rondo and a high draftee.

In other words, with the aforementioned unrefusable offer exception, it would behoove Ainge to wait.

Boston Herald – Lotto luck key to Rondo decision

Whether you want to see Rondo traded by tomorrow or see him resigned for five years with a no-trade clause thrown in, most fans are anxious to see what his future is in Boston. Unfortunately for the concerned fan, the Herald’s Steve Bulpett explains that it makes far less sense to seriously consider moving Rondo now, unless the trade being offered is something dream worthy. If the C’s somehow managed to pull off a top-three pick this year, it’d likely mean adding either Embiid, Parker, or Wiggins. Having Rondo available, besides being a winner of an NBA championship an all, would help accelerate the growth of any of those three players. It’d make the C’s much closer to returning to an elite status, provided our draft pick doesn’t turn out to be a bust.

But say Embiid and Parker decide to stick in school, and the Celtics land the eighth pick. How long would it delay the rebuild? And would it be worth extending Rondo through age 32 or 33, or would it benefit the C’s to move him to a team that could use him now? If Ainge tried seriously to move Rondo, it would likely be before this year’s draft, with the intention of landing more picks, and with the idea that Rondo wouldn’t agree to an extension anywhere, so trading him would have to give another team enough time to prove themselves a worthy destination. The whole thing must be annoying for Rondo, a guy who’s clearly saying he wants to stay in Boston, but we all know Danny isn’t afraid to part with fan favorites.


Page 2: Bradley and Faverani staying home on road trip

he Celtics will be a bit short-handed when they face the Suns on Wednesday, and it has nothing to do with the upcoming trade deadline.

Both Avery Bradley (ankle) and Vitor Faverani (knee) did not travel with the team for their four-game West coast trip which kicks off against the Suns.

Bradley underwent an MRI recently that confirmed his current injury is a re-aggravation of a previous sprained ankle that had sidelined him for five straight games. It is unclear when Bradley who has missed eight of Boston’s last 11 games due to the injury, will resume playing.

CSNNE – Bradley, Faverani don’t travel with Celtics

This means the Celtics will be without their starting shooting guard for at least the next four games (Suns, Lakers, Kings, Jazz). If you’re the type of fan who wants to see the team lose, we’ll be going head-to-head with some of the league’s worst teams pretty soon. According to ESPN’s Lottery Mock Draft Machine, Los Angeles and Sacramento are two “seeds” ahead of us for the top pick, while Utah is one behind. Losing Bradley should increase our chances of losing, (again, if you’re into that type of thing). Additionally, Rondo confirmed he still isn’t ready to play back-to-backs, meaning our entire starting backcourt will be out of service against the Kings this Saturday. Of course all of this could be completely different depending on how the trade deadline pans out, so stay tuned.


And finally, the C’s get to reunite with Gerald Green tonight

Boston plays Phoenix tonight, a team who should be dead tired after hanging on to beat the Nuggets in overtime late last night. Old friend Gerald Green just happened to mess around and post a career high 36 points in the process (11-22 from the field). One would assume the Suns will be zonked after last night, but this team is still pretty young and usually full of energy. It’ll be fun to see what Gerald cooks up for an encore performance, particularly without Bradley available to guard him.

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  • bill_nair

    I feel Danny wants to draft one of the studs in this draft and put them through the fire next year (similar to Rondos growth). One or two trades and were easily a top 4 seed. If we cant land a top 5 pick I dont see Rondo lasting in Boston. I hope im wrong but who knows with Danny.

    Glad Gerald has found his niche in the league. Hes always been exciting to watch.

    • LA Flake

      I disagree. If we can’t land a top 5 pick, Rondo will stay. I see this as sort of a repeat of 2007. Had we gotten one of the top two picks, PP was going to be traded. But because we fell out of the top 2, we ended up trading the pick for Ray Allen and the rest is history.

      Speaking of Ray Allen, I really hope Danny goes out and gets Gordon Hayward. He’s very underrated and has a lot of Paul Pierce in his game. ANNNNNNNNND he wears #20 which is DEFINITELY AVAILABLE.

      • bill_nair

        But what stars are out there? Love? Melo? LMA? Id bet every single foil pokemon card I have none of those guys are enough to get us to #18. After watching 3 HOF for half a decade im nto ready to settle for mediocrity in good but not franchise players. If he swings a trade and it works towards banner 18 i wont complain. But I dont think there are any players half as good as the 3 that helped us get to the championship.

        I may be setting a high precedent for those who come in (well the Celtics organization will be, not just me as a fan) but we need banner 18. Not a 6 yr run going to the ECF.

      • Celtics4492

        I agree with you. They still have the trade exception and I think they’ll be able to pull off a deal

    • KGino

      I hope we keep him… While there are plenty of other good PG’s in the league, I believe only a select few have the balls and the fire Rondo does… He doesn’t back down from anyone. That type of fire is what you need to win.

      That and he makes some of the most amazing plays i’ve ever seen anyone make in a Celtics uniform haha. Def one of the most exciting i’ve ever watched, especially when he used to dunk.

      • bill_nair

        Im a huge Rondo supporter. No one gives the kid credit for his will and toughness. He has the mental makeup of a champ and the fire of a killer. He might not have the same jumpshot that you need from a go to guy to win you games, but he has the same instincts that MJ and Kobe and others have. Adding a couple young pieces (mainly a scorer) next to him will set us up pretty for the future.

        My fear is we miss out on one of the “franchise” players in this draft and get stuck with the choices of some overrated all-stars (Love,Melo), or we get stuck with the choices of moving Rondo for assets or prolong the rebuild by keeping him and waiting (see how its worked for Dirk and Dallas).

        To me, so much is riding on this draft; id hate to have Dannys job. I wouldnt know what direction to go in if I couldnt land a top 5 pick. i trust Danny makes the right choice whether I like it or not.

        • Hugo

          I have nightmares every night about the celtics ending up with the 9th pick and the Lakers with the 1st

          • bill_nair

            I recommend you dont mess around with the ESPN mock lottery machine. Celtics seem to stay put EVERY TIME, while the Lakers seem to constantly shift around.