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Your Morning Dump..Where Ainge Is Willing To Deal

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump. 

 “Are they going to trade Rondo?”

The answer remains that Danny Ainge is open to anything, but, particularly in the case of Rajon Rondo, it’s going to cost you.

The Celtics president of basketball operations is still a big believer in his All-Star point guard, but in this rebuilding situation, nothing can be off the table. Sources continue to insist, however, that Ainge has to get something certain in return (see: the bid he made for Chris Paul 21⁄2 years ago). Word is the C’s would take draft picks, but they’d have to be guaranteed in the top few — even if they came in separate years — and it’s hard to see anyone meeting that price.

Ainge Willing To Deal If C’s Can Land Top Player-Steve Bulpett

make a dealCeltics fans on Twitter have given C’s president of basketball operations Danny Ainge the nickname “Trader Dan”. It sticks, simply because it’s common knowledge that D.A. will entertain any & every possible move that could improve his team. As we approach Thursday’s NBA trade deadline, Ainge and his brain trust are undoubtedly exploring many possible deals to move expiring contracts, get proven talent or (more) future draft picks & open up cap space for big name signings down the road. Names like Green, Humphries & Bass have been tossed around, but would Ainge move the team’s captain and budding superstar Rajon Rondo? If the price is right, he very well could. But as of now, nothing seems imminent. In order for Ainge to part with Rajon, he would have to get someone/something of at the very least equal value.

I personally believe that Ainge will not move Rajon Rondo before the deadline or this season at all for that matter. With Rondo and emerging stud Jared Sullinger, Danny has two very nice pieces that he could build a championship caliber team around. Between last summer’s heartbreaking but shrewd Pierce & Garnett deal and his various dealings this year & over the recent past, Ainge has put himself and the organization in a great position for not only the upcoming trade deadline, but also this June’s NBA Draft and future draft nights.

We spoke about this and other possible deadline moves last night on Celtics Stuff Live. Jon Duke and I were joined by friend and MassLive Celtics reporter Jay King. We took calls from Celtics fans across the country and discussed possible trade scenarios for this year and some of Ainge’s most memorable moves from past seasons. Jay gave us some fantastic insight on rookie head coach Brad Stevens and how Stevens has already started to build great relationships with his players. You can listen to the show over at the CSL site, or by using the player below.

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Page 2: Rondo Would Not Sign Extension With Kings

Marc Spears of Yahoo Sports reported in his latest NBA Power Rankings that a deal between the Celtics and Kings fell through due to Rajon Rondo’s refusal to sign a contract extension with Sacramento. As Jay King noted on last night’s CSL, this could undoubtedly be due to Rajon’s desire to test the waters on the free agent market. This will obviously not be the last trade talk involving the Celts’ star PG as Thursday comes closer. So put your seatbelts and helmets on CelticNation-these next 48 hours could be a bumpy ride.

Source said Kings and C’s discussed a deal involving Isaiah Thomas, Ben McLemore and a pick for Rajon Rondo, but Rondo wasn’t interested in re-signing with Sacramento and the Kings strongly value McLemore.

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  • Brad P

    Don’t worry Red’s Army readers, going through all of these annoying rumors will be somewhat worth it in the end when Danny unloads somebody’s hefty contract(like Anthony, Bass, Green)

  • pierce Hart

    I think Ainge would want a similar deal to what the hornets got for CP3 when Gordon was valued at the time. Also listening to your Celtics live, does k love really merit a KG type offer when we already have a good young player in his position plus he hasn’t exactly got the KG defensive factor. Would we improve that much with him. Why does no one value Melo as much as him apart from his age he’s a very similar player but in a position we need? Scores rebounds no def. I can’t see a big move until we know our draft position. If you miss out on wiggins Parker and Embiid do you trade up trade the pick or trade Bradley and take someone like Exum? I think for the deadline we should stick with rondo

    • Curt Hays

      Totally agree with you. We have Sully. K Love isn’t worth the money unless signing him brings in someone else similar to Ray Allen bringing KG.

      Also, if we signed KLove and won the title…Minneapolis would hate Boston forever.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Ainge won 2 rings…and he`s well aware that the 3 biggest reasons he has them is because of Bird {6`9″} and a pair of 7-footers {Chief & McHale}.

    Talented “Bigs” = Rings

    He`ll trade Rondo….but only if Rondo can assist him in fetching a talented big!

    • BIG_HITTA1

      Red, couldn’t agree more on “bigs” being difference makers. Look what KG (7′) did for our C’s. Somewhat recently, look at what Dirk, Shaq, and Duncan have done for their teams. They were in a class of their own. Imagine if Chief or Akeem played in the NBA today!!! I wouldn’t hesitate to trade RR (especially for bigs) as he is not a center-piece max contract guy. He needs a superstar or two (e.g. Pierce and KG) around him to excel. He is not a cornerstone like a Kobe or a Lebron. Danny knows RR is strictly an open court/fast break guy if he has average to below average talent around him. In the half court, RR is average at best (sorry, the guy can’t shoot, its a fact).

      • RedsLoveChild

        You`re 100% correct.

        Basketball is exactly like Boxing….a “good big man” demolishes a “good little man” every effin` day of the week!