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Report: Rondo isn’t going anywhere

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) February 18, 2014 Celtics News, Rajon Rondo, Rumors 13 Comments on Report: Rondo isn’t going anywhere

rondo warming up

Sean Deveney of the Sporting News is dumping cold water on the Rondo talk: 

“It really is the same thing, teams call about him but the Celtics want him and he wants to be the leader of that team,” one source said. “It has always been his intention to establish himself in that role, to be part of the rebuilding and to stay in Boston for a long time. Nothing has changed.”

And for the millionth time, we have to be the ones that clarify what’s really going on here.

Many teams are going to ask about Rajon Rondo.  Many GM’s, knowing that Danny Ainge is willing to talk to them, will ask about Rondo, express an interest in Rondo, and maybe even get Danny Ainge to lay down a baseline price for even beginning to entertain the notion of dealing Rondo.  To wit:

The Toronto Sun reported that the Raptors also inquired about Rondo, but a source told Sporting News that, unless there is a multi-team deal, Toronto does not have the assets to land Rondo. Which has been typical of the conversations involving Rondo for the last two years — teams call and ask, the Celtics give an idea of what it will take to make a deal happen, and the conversation ends there.

But, despite what some lazy people out there might say, that’s not “shopping” Rondo.  “Shopping” begins when Ainge calls other teams and asks them “what can I get for this guy?”  When teams ask “what will it take” and Ainge answers, that’s just him doing his job.  However, this all might still not be enough to convince you guys.  Maybe this will help:

Of course, none of this is the final word on Rondo until the deadline passes.  We all know that.  But when you look at the reliable sources, there is a constant refrain:  The Celtics are happy to move forward with Rondo, and Rondo wants to prove that he can be the leader of this team.  Other GM’s, agents, owners, and even members of the media will have agendas and leak details of discussions here and there, but when we shake this magic 8-ball and ask “will Rondo stay a Celtic?” the little blue triangle continues to answer “all signs point to yes.”

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  • Stiemsma4Life

    Twitter is filled with Knicks fans who are so sure they’re going to get Rondo. It’s going to be funny to see them complain once the trade deadline passes.

    • KGino

      haha knicks fans are the most delusional of all

  • Arnold Darkschner

    Rondo and Jeff Green for Westbrook, Reggie Jackson and Perry Ellis should do it

    • Curt Hays

      So you’re cheering for OKC to win the title this year?

      • Arnold Darkschner

        no, Curt Hays

        • Curt Hays

          Well adding Rondo and Jeff Green to OKC would surely get them there. Westbrook can’t even play. Are those expiring contracts, or what?

          • Joe Khoory

            Westbrook is playing against the heat on thursday, according to KD. Both are coming off knee injuries, so in my mind that cancels out.

            But OKC wont make that deal because a) it puts them over the luxury tax, which they are adamant about staying under (see James Harden), and b) westbrook’s contract runs twice as long as rondo’s.

            I would love to have either player leading my team with sully, and getting out of green’s contract is a win on many counts, but that trade would in all likelihood need to be changed up.

          • LA Flake

            Hmm…Westbrook…A guy who doesn’t know how to defer to his better teammate who happens to be the best scorer in the league…No thanks.

  • LA Flake

    Sounds to me like Sean Deveney’s “source” is in a full damage control mode. Well, after sifting through all these rumors, I feel good knowing that Danny’s not going to settle for anything less than a bonafide stud or two for Rondo. In Danny I trust!

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    If Rondo wants to be a leader, he has some work to do. In my opinion, as a leader on a team that isn’t doing too well, you don’t publicly say “its something I want to go through” when asked about free agency. I am sure his teammates love hearing their ‘leader’ may bail if the price is right. When RR is asked, he should simply say “I am focused on my teammates, focused on winning, and focused on getting myself back to where I was pre-injury. We’ll talk about free agency at the end of the ’14-’15 season”. Period, end of discussion. Sometimes being a leader means keeping your mouth shut. And of course when Danny hears RR talk about exploring free agency, one of his franchise protection reactions is “hey, maybe I need to trade this guy, and MAYBE on the cheap, so he doesn’t just up and leave us. And we’re standing here with nothing to show for it.”.

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