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Don’t believe the media – Danny Ainge knows exactly what he’s doing


In this week’s Tank Rank column (Insider), ESPN’s Chad Ford examines which lower tier teams are making moves at the deadline. Here’s his take on the Celtics:

4. Boston Celtics | Status: ??? | Record: 19-35 (1-1)

No one can figure out exactly what GM Danny Ainge is trying to do right now. The two names most attached to the Celtics trade talk are Jeff Green and Brandon Bass, with Kris Humphries also being a possibility. It sounds less and less likely, however, that the Celtics will make a bigger move by the deadline. While Ainge can be unpredictable and may certainly alter his stance if a great offer comes in by Thursday, it looks like Rajon Rondoappears to be safely staying in Boston unless the Celtics can get multiple first-round picks for him. While Rondo certainly has value around the league, the price appears a bit too high at the moment.

The Celtics situation isn’t as fluid as everyone wants you to believe. Danny Ainge has 2 plans: 1) continue the tank and 2) make a blockbuster deal.

Tanking (or the status quo) remains the most likely option because there isn’t a blockbuster deal to be had.  As John stated earlier, Rondo isn’t going anywhere unless Ainge gets a marquee player, 2 draft picks, and a unicorn in return. It’s the pie in the sky scenario.

Ainge can sit back and demand obscene packages for Rondo because he still has the draft lottery to fall back on. If the Celtics fail to secure a top 3 pick, then you can brace yourself for the Trader Danny show.

As for the other tankers, Milwaukee isn’t likely to tinker with it’s losing formula. Philly and Orlando have multiple players on the market. The Lakers are trying to dump Pau Gasol and Chris Kaman.

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  • LA Flake

    The price (for Rondo) appears a bit too high at the moment??? I say the price is just right.

    • bill_nair

      Id say so too. Rondo has far more value to the Celtics than most other teams. He would be better off going to a contender (or team on the cusp of true contention) and no package from any of those teams at the moment is enough. Unfortunately, I think our draft position come July will determine Rondos value.

  • Rich Jensen

    Ainge likes gaps between perception and reality, which means he is probably content to have a reputation for being a lucky but brainless doof with an itchy trigger finger.

  • Jester00

    Got a gut feeling we may stay pat on this one. By the way where all you who said Jeff Green would be an ALL-STAR?????????? This whole crap storm started ever since the Perk trade Dam just pi$$es me off!!!!!! resigning bass why SMH

    • tvor03

      Do you seriously only come around here to complain about jeff green?

      • Jester00

        No, I have Lot of opinions Just click on the link up top that say RedsArmy HOF!!!!!!!!

        i would take this

        plus we might have to give up a draft pick or 3

        • bill_nair

          FYI, the link you posted is just the home page for the trade machine.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Ainge wants 2 first round picks for Rondo???

    What an insult to Rondo….that`s only ONE more first-round pick than DA was able to get for a 53 year old Doc Rivers!!!

    • Alex Costa

      Has anyone even confirmed that Danny Ainge actually said he wanted two first round picks for Rondo… Seriously, people, don’t believe everything you read on the Internet. RedsLoveChild, stop jumping to conclusions. You already an annoying commenter; are you planning to grow up anytime soon?

      • RedsLoveChild

        Try reading Chuck`s post above {green lettering}, assuming you can read.

        • Rich Jensen

          I read it. It does not attribute the ‘two draft picks’ to anyone in the Celtics organization. The source of that rumor could have been anyone from the Rockets’ assistant towel boy to the golfing buddy of Paul Allen’s brother-in-law.

          • RedsLoveChild

            It was Mark Cuban`s chauffeur

      • KGino


        • RedsLoveChild

          I gave you an up-vote so you can feel good about yourself!

    • bill_nair

      Come on Red your better than that. I think you know what Danny really wants for Rondo. I hate how everyone has taken it as Danny will get rid of rondo for a lunchables and 2 picks in the 20s. Not specifically you, but having to deal with the idiots on twitter all day yesterday its gotten annoying. Danny values Rondo much higher than he probably should, thinking he wants less than 2 lotto picks is an insult to Danny.