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Video: Kelly Olynyk’s attempt at dancing is… well…

The NBA put out its own “Happy” video after All Star weekend… which caught Kelly Olynyk a little off guard, apparently.  Let’s just say it’s good that he’s playing basketball.

Go ahead and skip to the :37 and 1:35 marks if you dare.

Oh Kelly.

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  • eddysamson

    LOL did no one tell him what was going on? Literally everyone in the video looks like they were told what part of the song they had and they get into it and Kelly is like…’wait they’re dancing, I don’t want to but I think I’m supposed to…’

    He looks a little more natural in the part where he’s volunteering.

  • imshak

    I know people say it’s going to be racist when you preface a statement by saying it’s not racist, but anyway…

    Kelly is not only tall… he is a white Canadian, what were you expecting? 0.0 LOL