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Report: C’s focused on 2015 free agents

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) February 12, 2014 Celtics News, Rumors 24 Comments on Report: C’s focused on 2015 free agents

lamarcus aldridge

Sean Deveney of The Sporting News was on The Sports Hub this morning to talk about what the Celtics might be looking at between now and next summer.   After reiterating the interest around the league in Brandon Bass, he said Danny Ainge is really focused on making a big splash in the Summer of 2015.

While the draft picks are key to Danny Ainge’s rebuilding process, so is freeing up cap space. Deveney said Ainge may be open to taking on a bad contact, as long as the money comes off the books before the summer of 2015, when big names like LaMarcus Aldridge and Kevin Love are set to hit the free agent market.

“For them, it’s more about length than it is size. They don’t want anything that goes after 2015; they’re very focused on that 2015 free agent class. There should be some good players, and that’s when they’d have to re-up with Rondo should both sides choose to do that,” said Deveney. “That summer is when they expect to complete this turnaround and sign a big free agent, keep Rondo and with whoever they get in the draft this year, they should be in pretty good position to put those pieces together in the summer of 2015.”

Aldridge is an unrestricted free agent that summer, and should be a huge focus for the Celtics (or basically every NBA team, really).  A core of Rondo (assuming he’s re-signed), Aldridge, and hopefully a great, young wing player acquired in this June’s draft would be a very, very fine start to the next era of Celtics title contention.

Love has a player option that year, which I would expect he’d decline, so he’d also be in the mix.  Roy Hibbert also has a player option, but he’s making max money, so he might just take the money and march into free agency in 2016.  Klay Thompson is a restricted free agent.  I can’t imagine Golden State would let him go, but the Celtics could give it a shot.  Same for Kyrie Irving in Cleveland.  There’s no way they let him go.

Depending on your opinion of Marc Gasol, he’s unrestricted next year as well.  I put him along with Paul Milsap in the next tier of free agents in 2015 that also includes Al Jefferson (player option),  Tyson Chandler, DeAndre Jordan, Tony Parker, Omer Asik, Jeremy Lin, and Anderson Varejao are among the other names available.

There are no real impact players in the 2014 class unless LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony exercise their early termination options.  Pau Gasol is available this year, but I’m not sure how “impact” he is anymore.  Danny Granger is available if anyone wants to take a risk on an injury prone guy who could, if healthy, really help.  Dirk Nowitzki is available this year, but there’s no way Dallas lets him go.  And of course…. Paul Pierce is a free agent this year.

So unless the Celtics win the draft lottery and convince LeBron to come to Boston to play with Rondo & a young phenom, Ainge is smart to focus on 2015.

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  • eddysamson

    Call me crazy and downvote or whatever but I could actually see Lebron on the Celtics. He’s someone who deeply respects the Celtics and Rondo (and Pierce/KG) he knows of the city’s winning tradition, loves how the fans are so passionate (even though they throw a TON of hate his way), and knows the Celtics have a front office with the ability to put together a winning team.

    • vitamin d

      Lol downvoted, I don’t want him here haha

    • People really hate LeBron.. I get it.. but he’s the best player in the NBA. I know Durant exists and is having an MVP season.. I know who plays in the NBA. LeBron is the best player in the NBA. You never not want that guy.

      • eddysamson

        Yeah that’s exactly where I’m at. You can hate him for The Decision, you can hate him for flopping, and you can hate him for whining about calls, but you can’t deny that he is the best all around player in the league.

        I hate him for those 3 things, but I wouldn’t hate him being on the team. That’s just silly since there is no denying he improves our chances to win MASSIVELY.

        • Curt Hays

          Massively? You mean CERTAINLY!

      • Frank Aziza

        I’m old school , I don’t want him. I live to beat him.

      • KGino

        I wouldn’t take Lebron if they gave us 20mil a year to take him… He would be disgrace to a Celtics uniform from what I’ve seen throughout his career

      • zippittyay

        If you guys create a photoshopped LeBron in a C’s uniform, I swear I’ll puke all over my keyboard.

    • James

      dont get me wrong I WOULD LOVE LEBRON ON THE CELTICS… but I want to smoke the shyt your smoking if you think Lebron would come play for the Men in Green… Boston has historically been a place where we HAVE NOT been able to land top-tier FA’s and most of our top players have to either be drafted or acquired via trade…

      • eddysamson

        Lebron isn’t some limelight lovin’ star looking for the best nightlife and weather at his destination (despite Miami being Miami). He’s a dude who puts winning above all else. He’s a dude who knows respect and he knows a winning organization when he see’s one. I already laid out 4 reasons why he would consider us in my previous post. He’s shown he’s willing to take less money to win. If he would do that when he’s already the best player (who should demand the best money) than why wouldn’t he take Boston weather to win? He knows with Rondo, Sully, Green, AB, and our (hopefully) lottery player that Boston will be in a strong position to win ESPECIALLY with someone like him to go alongside all that.

        • James

          You are so delusional bro.. Ill give you 15 to 1 odds this won’t happen whatever money you wanna bet…. Danny Ainge is trying to clear cap for the 2015 Free Agent summer because thats the class where he believes he could possibly lure a Kevin Love, Lamarcus Aldrige, Big Al, Roy Hibbert, Omark Asik, Marc Gasol, david west, aaron afflalo… those are the types of FAs (the summer of 2015) that Danny actually believes he can sign and THAT’s why he’s positioning himself to be able to sign at least one of those player’s in that period… Danny does not think Lebron, Melo, wade, Bosh, etc will come to Boston next year… we might be able to sign a second tier FA but most likely if we did get a star player before 2015 it would be through a trade… BUT ONCE AGAIN I TELL YOU LEBRON IS NOT COMING to BOSTON and if you think he is then i feel sorry for you because you will only end up being disappointed in the end lol…

          • eddysamson

            I don’t know where you got the idea that I was 100% sure this was going to happen. If you go back to my original post you will see I say “I could actually see Lebron in Boston” that is me pointing out that the possibility is there. There’s a possibility the Houston Texans will pick Clowney or Bridgewater and if I were to say “I could see why they would pick Clowney” it doesn’t mean I think its going to happen, it means I could see why they would. Sorry to change sports.

          • James

            lol you realize your examples have nothing to do with NBA FREE AGENCY… at least you could have picked NFL FREE AGENCY… you think Clowney or Bridgewater or Manziel gets to decide where they go??? lolololool THE VARIABLES AT PLAY ARE TOTALLY DIFFERENT….. the % chance that Danny Ainge has of signing Lebron this summer is probably around 0.05% the % chance the Texans have of picking the player they feel is the best available (whether its Jonny football or CLowney or whatever ) is 100% haha cuz they have the #1 pick…but to go further… the % chance the Celtics have of singing Lebron is so minute its laughable for someone pathetic enough like you to contemplate and preach as to why it could happen… just to further prove my point and show how delusional you are here are current VEGAS ODDS on where Lebron will sign in 2014… You should go put your $ where your mouth is and bet 20 on the Celtics and rake in some big bucks and stop clownin’ on here haha….

            Miami Heat -400
            Cleveland Cavaliers +375
            Los Angeles Lakers +550
            Chicago Bulls +700
            Dallas Mavericks +1,300
            Los Angeles Clippers +4,900
            New York Knicks +7,400
            San Antonio Spurs +9,900
            Boston Celtics +9,900
            Brooklyn Nets +14,900
            Oklahoma City Thunder +19,900

  • Paul

    Focusing on 2015 free agents is great and all but we’ve seen teams get screwed pinning their hopes on free agents (see Dallas, Brooklyn, etc). If any of those players are seemingly available, Celtics should do everything in their power to trade for one of them this offseason and hope to resign them with Rondo come 2015.

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  • Red’s Cigar

    Kevin love and rondo would be a solid duo but without drafting well it wouldnt matter. it starts with the draft. OKC is a prime example of that. Durant, ibaka, westbrook, harden (got a pick for him), reggie jackson, jeremy lamb. theyve built a championship team through the draft. pretty impressive really.

  • LA Flake

    I don’t really care for that 2015 class. We don’t need Love (soft) since we have Sully (tough). LMA will be 30 and, well, I don’t want another 3-4 year window.

    • Curt Hays

      I disagree that KLove is soft, but I’d rather keep Sully and save the money. LMA and KLove are both more injury prone than Sully.

      • Suarez

        What makes Sullinger less injury prone? He has a surgically repaired back and a weight problem.

        • Curt Hays

          His surgically repaired back and weight problem are just rumors.

          You’re right, he had back surgery, has a torn ligament in his finger, and his weight could shorten his career. I was wrong to say that they are more prone to injury than Sully. I should’ve said: We KNOW KLove and LMA have spent a decent portion of their careers on the sidelines. Sully has been succeeding despite various aches and pains and he hasn’t missed large parts of this season since his surgery healed

          It is too early to say he is less injury prone, but I’m ignoring that and making the statement nonetheless. I reserve the right to irrationality towards players I’m a big fan of.

      • LA Flake

        KLove is soft. KG absolutely ate him alive when we faced him. You could see Love literally melting down before KG’s intensity whereas guys like Joakim Noah at least put up a fight. I’m not a fan of Love. He’s soft and plays no D. But if it came down to those two (Love & LMA), I’ll take LMA all day.

        • Curt Hays

          I won’t argue that. I have always thought LMA was one of the top players though. Besides that, he’s from my hood.

          However, KLove…52 consecutive double-doubles…hard to argue.

  • bill_nair

    That’s a pretty crappy class of FA to be focused on. Wouldn’t mind LMA but as LA mentioned he’ll e 30, and hes never been known as a good defender. KLove is completely useless if we have Sully and id take Sully any day of the week over Love. Don’t get the infatuation.

    It seems like we need this draft more than we should and that I dont like.

  • Brian Pahlm

    hmmm not concerned about dollars as long as they are off the books in 2015? With the Trade exemption it sure sounds like wallace for 2 years at 10.3 for amarie for 1 year and 20mill is the kinda deal they are talking about. I still think the draft and trades is the way for this team to rebuild. I don’t see aldridge or hibbert coming here as FA’s With Bass, and green and humpries probably getting dealt, I think we are going to have a few extra pics to make something happen.