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Report: Warriors, Bobcats looking at Brandon Bass

The underrated Sean Devaney of the Sporting News reports on trade interest in Brandon Bass:

“He is a good fit in a lot of places,” one league executive said. “He can start, he can come off the bench, he can make shots, he can play center against small lineups. A lot of teams need a guy like that.”

Among the teams interested in Bass, sources told Sporting News, are the Warriors, who still have trade exceptions from the summer deal that sent Richard Jefferson and Andris Biedrins to Utah. Backup forward Marreese Speights has been a disappointment this season, averaging 5.7 points on just 40.8 percent shooting, and the team misses the production it got from Carl Landry off the bench last year.

The Warriors don’t have a pick in this year’s draft to offer Boston, but could absorb his contract and do have a combination of young players that includes injured center Festus Ezeli, as well as rookies Nemanja Nedovic and Ognjen Kuzmic.

Also potentially in the mix for Bass are the Bobcats, who are desperate to add depth at power forward as they attempt to make a run to just their second playoff berth in franchise history. Charlotte owes its own draft pick to Chicago, if it winds up landing outside the Top 10, but does have Detroit’s pick, if it lands outside the Top 8.

The Bobcats own Portland’s pick, which will wind up late in the first round because of the way Portland has played, and that’s the pick that would most likely wind up with Boston in a Bass deal.

I have no knowledge of Ezeli, Nedovic or Kuzmic. I’d be happy if Danny Ainge could secure a late 1st round pick for Bass.

But some fans have higher expectations:


Don’t kill Blake on Twitter, he was just kidding around.

The silliest thing about the trade proposal? The trade machine doesn’t think Harrison Barnes and Klay Thompson would impact Boston’s winning percentage.

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  • Frank Aziza

    Do it!!! I personal like Bass and would love him to Houston for Asik. Anyway that could come back to life?

  • Curt Hays

    Thompson and Barnes would THRIVE under the tutelage of Brad Stevens. Of course GSW wouldn’t it, but it’d be awesome. Hollinger’s stats aren’t all that great…after all, Memphis isn’t undefeated.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Trading Bass for a late first round pick?
    No problem here with the “trading Bass” part.

    However, the overwhelming majority of all late first rounders wind up in the D-League….then they become so obscure they might as well have joined the “Federal Witness Protection Program”!!

    • swissflix

      Monta Ellis was the 40th pick, Sully was nr.22…just to name a couple of nice players. You can always draft talent.

      • RedsLoveChild

        I said the “overwhelming majority” wind up in obscurity.

        The extreme rare exception will always exist…just don`t count on being the lucky one to grab it.

        • swissflix

          I agree partially 😉 Just a quick look at 2013:
          Giannis at 15, Schroder at 17, Hardaway Jr at 24 and Rice Jr at 35. Not franchise players but talented, young players. That’s how you build.
          As for 2012, Terrence Jones was nr. 18, Perry Jones III at 28. Kenneth Faried was nr.22 in 2011. Reggie Jackson nr.24 in the same year.
          Therefore, I would definitely want a mid first round pick at least.

          • RedsLoveChild

            I agree when you say—“I would definitely want a mid first round pick at least”—that basically implies the 15th pick or better.

            “Late first round” basically means that Bass was traded away in exchange for minimal, token compensation.

  • bill_nair

    Wouldnt mind Fetus Ezeli coming to Boston. I had hoped Danny grabbed him in the draft instead of Melo. I expect Bass to be gone soon.

  • adam

    So Danny does manage to trade bass and green. he gets a bunch of contracts that expire this year. what do we do then? give rondo a max deal? bradley a good deal and have not a lot of people on the team?

  • swissflix

    Why do we have to trade him now? Bass is a very solid player with a great contract. We can still do something in the off season or maybe next season. We are not in a hurry!

  • KGino

    I was looking at Jeff Green for Demarre Carroll and extras earlier… Not a bad trade.

  • Brad P

    Possible Bass deal for small contracts? Am I dreaming?

  • ivanfears

    imo Danny is playing this dead right. Bring rondo back, make sure he and Brad work well together going forward or showcase him as best we can now, thats a nice luxury to have. And while he’s at it, loose as many ’14 games as possible w/o going full tank mode and shed as many long term guys who were strictly complimentary pieces brought in to “take one last shot” with the old team. At the same time somehow continue to turn them into future assets. Frankly, its pretty impressive. If he gets rid of Bass (I actually think green fits the plan, he plays 2 positions both ways at 6-9 and hits the corner 3’s, just don’t call him Lebron and he looks a lot better) I’ll be impressed. Looking at this team going forward, with space and picks they can assemble a young “playoff frisky” team next yr and a possible contender the next. Danny might be the best GM in the game. It might not even be that close…