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Recap: Celtics suck less than Bucks, run away in the 4th

milwaukee's bestThree quarters of this game were abysmal.  It was a choppy, ugly, soul-sucking bore of a game that no one should have intentionally watched.

But the Celtics found another gear in the fourth quarter, fueled by Jeff Green and Kelly Olynyk’s combined 21 points.  They helped the Celtics to a 32-18 fourth quarter edge.. and a 102-86 win.

The Green

Let’s start with Jeff Green, who was 11-22 on the night, but 8-13 in the second half and 5-8 in the 4th quarter. He was aggressive, and he took advantage of a young, inexperienced Bucks team and kept defenders guessing whether he was going to pull up or drive.  When Green has his jumper going, he can be a real match up problem and he had it going tonight.

Kelly Olynyk finished with his first career double-double with 14 points and 11 rebounds. 10 and 5 of that came down the stretch, which is a nice sign even though the Celtics were barely facing an NBA team.

And what can you say about NBA Eastern Conference Player of the Week Jared Sullinger.  Another double-double (13 points, 10 rebounds) … 7 of those rebounds came in the 4th.

The Gross

Look, it’s late, and I don’t really feel like going through it all.  Let’s just leave it at this:  For 3 quarters, everyone watching and sharing their experiences online were figuring out which alcohol was best to drink to forget what they saw.

The Greenlights

simpsons technical difficulties

The Grid

  • Celtics shooting:  1st half: 39.6% … 2nd half: 57.5%
  • Brandon Bass:  1st quarter: 12 points (5-8 fg), 4 rebounds, 1 block …  2nd-4th quarters:  0 points (0-2 fg), 3 rebounds, 1 steal
  • Second Chance Points: Celtics 15, Bucks 8
  • Celtics:  32 points off 21 Bucks turnovers

I know a lot of you are upset that the Celtics won.  I’m sorry.  They really had no choice.  No team is as bad as this Bucks team.  And remember… they wanted to win this season.

Box Score

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  • CoachAJ

    We gonna lock ourselves into that 5 spot. Dante Exum!!!!!

  • GranTur

    Please go to the comments section of last night’s game’s recap to see your viewers’ responses on how the mobile site is broken. Thanks.

    • We are trying to address some of those things. The landscape issue has been relayed, but will not be changing immediately.

      What kind of phone are you using? That could help us figure out how to iron out some issues.

      There are people who have said they love the new mobile site.. so clearly different people are having different experiences. We’re trying to nail down why there’s such a difference

      • GranTur

        iPhone 5s. It’s buggy and much harder to read,

        It doesn’t look as good either, but I don’t care about that.

  • P Funk

    Does anybody else really love Jackie Mac running the color commentary? She’s great!

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