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Boston Celtics to grant wish of 12-year-old New Zealand C’s fan


File under: A heartwarming story on a cold winter day. Boston Celtics’ owner Wyc Grousbeck and wife Corinne are offering to fly Louis Corbett, a Celtics fan from New Zealand to Boston, to catch a game before he loses his vision.

Top US basketball team the Boston Celtics have reached out to a young Kiwi fan whose one wish is to see them play live before he goes blind.

Louis Corbett, 12, has a genetic eye disease called retinitus pigmentosa.

It causes severe vision impairment and Louis – and two other siblings – will eventually lose his sight. …

Co-owners of the team Wycliffe and Corrine Grousbeck have a son, Campbell, who is blind and attends the Perkins School for the Blind in Massachusetts.

In a joint statement to the Herald yesterday, they said: “We found out about Louis through the magic of social media and the fact that some of our followers knew about our connection to Perkins and tweeted the article to us.”

They have offered to pay for Louis to travel to the US to watch a game.


An awesome gesture from a family who can certainly relate to the Corbett’s. Here’s a quote from Louis’ father, Tim:

“It’s just out of this world stuff. To have someone care for a 12-year-old kid on the other side of the world is just amazing. We’ve been stunned by the generosity of people.”

NZ Herald News – Celtics’ fan scores slam dunk with wish

Great find by our very own guys, especially Jay (@MrTrpleDouble10), who first sent this story to the Celtics’ official Twitter account. And a collective thanks to Wyc and Corinne Grousbeck for making this all a reality. Go C’s!


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  • Curt Hays

    Jay, good move with the tweet.
    Chris, thanks for the post and letting us know about Jay’s impact.
    Celtics, win the game for this young man.
    Science, please find a way for children to stop going blind.

    • Jay O

      Thanks Curt, means a lot. Feels good to know we’re fans of a great organization run by great ownership!

      • Curt Hays

        I realize my comment was very bland and basic, (and not to be all sappy) but the fact that you posted that and something happened is just admirable all around. I will be telling my friends about this guy from Red’s Army who made an awesome post on twitter. You guys use your exposure for good, and I am glad to be part of your website. I really do think it says a lot about you and the Celtics both.
        It shows that it’s an organization (the Celtics) that you’d expect to pick up on something like this, so you were compelled to post it in the first place.
        Enough with the sappiness now.

        • Jay O

          No hardly bland at all and if there is any time to be sappy, it’s for a story like this. I cannot express enough thanks to you for your incredibly kind words. Green truly runs deep, especially with the fans and the great ownership.

  • Thatguy

    This is so cool… I’m really happy this kid will get his wish. Amazing stuff, from an amazing organization.

  • eddysamson

    I just hope he still has enough of his vision to get the full experience but I’m sure either way he will be there and more than likely meet some players!

  • CelticMaclean

    First Class organization

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